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AKA The Octopus Recap

Jessica sits in jail and figures that the killer who took out Nick was sloppy because she was acting out of emotion. Frustrated, she punches a hole in the wall.

Leslie is burning the stolen files, her hands covered in blood. She then burns her blood-covered clothing and walks away into a nearby building.

The next day, Jeri meets with Jessica and warns that they'll put her in a stronger cell. Jessica points out that Trish gave a statement and the police know she's innocent, but Jeri warns that Jessica is obstructing justice and will put her away for 18 months. The PI figures that they'll lump her in with the killer and snaps at Jeri, who angrily tells her not to do it. When Jessica points out that Jeri is the one who sent Pryce after her, Jeri tells her that she's not her biggest concern and leaves.

Trish is in the bathroom vomiting when Dorothy comes in to help her. She wonders if Trish took something, and Trish claims that she has a bug. Dorothy doesn't believe her and Trish says that isn't like last time. She thanks Dorothy for bailing her out but insists that she's okay, and Dorothy tells her that they have a big day and have to choose the right wardrobe. Trish wonders how long she's been asleep, and Dorothy says that she's been asleep for 24 hours. Dorothy tells her daughter to focus on her own life instead of Jessica's, and says that ZCN called and wants a meeting with her that day

Jessica calls Malcolm, who says that all of her files are gone. He figures that Pryce was casing the place when he came by with the job offer, and Jessica reluctantly tells him that she needs his help. She asks Malcolm to find everything he can about Inez and the people she worked for, Jessica puts him in charge of Alias until she gets out and hangs up, and the officers take her back to her cell.

In her apartment, Leslie makes tea and checks her wig. She then sits down to take a self-taught piano course, and someone knocks at the window. It's a neighbor woman, Sophie, and she says that her baby Erin calmed down when he heard Leslie playing the piano. Sophie asks if they can come in and listen, and if Leslie would like to hold him. Leslie immediately agrees and lets Sophie in, and admits that she doesn't get out much. She goes back to playing the piano, and Erin coos along with the music. Leslie hesitates and starts to lose her concentration as Erin cries, and Sophie quickly excuses herself. Once she's gone, Leslie smashes the piano in a fit of rage.

Jeri comes back and warns Jessica that it won't work. Costa and Sunday come in and Jessica agrees to give them a statement. She shows them a photo of Leslie and says that she killed Nick and Whizzer, and they were both experimental subjects at IGH. Jessica warns that they can't take her, and Sunday asks if she has any proof of what she's saying, and Jessica starts at the beginning.

Inez tells Malcolm that she doesn't know who paid her, and she keeps quiet to stay alive. Malcolm has found a picture of her dead fellow nurse, Luanne McClure. Her body was found in a man's apartment, and Malcolm asks why he's doing time for Luanne's murder. Inez hesitates and Malcolm asks her to trust him because it's what they do.

Jessica and Jeri wait for the detectives to go over what Jessica said. Jeri finally says that she's suffering side effects from her medication, and Jessica shoves her a waste basket. The detectives come back in and say that they didn't find anything on Leslie. They have photos taken from security cameras near Jessica's building, which show Leslie making a leap from a building rooftop. Sunday reluctantly frees Jessica and Costa says that there's no reason to keep Jessica if she's cooperating. Jeri quickly leaves, and Costa asks Jessica to call him if she needs help. He remembers what Kilgrave did in the precinct, and his nightmares stopped the day Jessica killed him. Jessica takes Costa's card and goes.

Outside, Jessica finds Jeri waiting. Jessica says that she'll get the evidence Jeri needs against her partners, and asks if she can get Jeri to provide her a safehouse. Jeri demands to know why, and Jessica tells her that she found a former IGH employee. Jeri agrees to handle it but refuses to say how. As they get in the car, Pryce comes over and is furious that they let Jessica out. He figures that Jessica killed Nick and says that Jeri is a shame. Jessica tells him to back off, and tells Pryce that she's going to find the actual killer.

Jessica returns to Alias and finds a computer on the desk. Malcolm explains that he bought her a new one, and sees Inez there. Jessica takes a drink and Malcolm hands her a file with the photos of Luanne and the photos of David Kawecki, the mentally-incompetent janitor at IGH accused of killing Luanne. Kawecki confessed to the murder, but Inez says that he wasn't there. Inez insists that Kawecki was no killer, and Malcolm tells her to go to his apartment and lock herself in until he can get there. Once Inez leaves, Malcolm warns Jessica that Kawecki is in Birch Psych Hospital high-security wing, and Jessica tells him to get Inez to Jeri and he's now an associate.

Malcolm goes to his apartment and discovers that Inez is gone and took his TV with him. He goes to the street and finds her selling his television at a pawnshop. Malcolm warns her that the killer will find Inez and Jessica can stop her, but Inez doesn't believe it. He says that if she isn't going to cooperate then she'll be the bait, and he'll post her location online and wait for the killer to come to them. Inez finally gives in, drops the TV on the sidewalk, and goes back to Alias.

Jessica goes to Oscar's apartment and he says that he told the cops she had nothing to down with the murder. He invites her in and points out that he owes her for saving Vido. Oscar invites her to dinner but insists that it isn't a date, and Jessica asks him to create a fake ID for her as a therapist. She admits that it's a big ask, and Oscar agrees to do it and tells her to pose for a photo.

As Jessica leaves, Griffin calls her and says that Trish needs her and texts the address.

Dorothy takes Trish to a rooftop cafe and they go to the meeting. Trish's Aunt Alice and Uncle Tim are there, and Jessica arrives and asks if Trish is okay. Griffin comes over and says that he brought their friends and family together to pressure Trish into accepting his proposal. He gets down on knee and presents the engagement ring. She accepts and they kiss as everyone applauds. Dorothy asks Jessica how jail was, and Jessica threatens to shove a plant in her mouth. Griffin comes over and admits that he didn't trust Jessica to keep the secret, and says that he just wants Trish to be happy.

Trish comes over and asks Jessica if she's okay, and Jessica tells her to just enjoy the party. They hug and Jessica walks away. Meanwhile, Trish asks Griffin if they can go somewhere and talk, and he agrees.

Malcolm takes Inez to Jeri's apartment and tells her that he just got promoted. Jeri invites Inez in, and Malcolm tells her to take care. Disgusted, Inez says that he's the worst kind of people because he just pretends to care, and Jeri sends Malcolm on his way.

Jessica goes to Oscar's apartment and Vido asks her to stay for dinner. His grandmother agrees, and Oscar comes in and gives Jessica the fake ID. Oscar invites her to stay for dinner but Jessica says that he has to work. He offers her a drink but she says that she has to go, and the family sits down to dinner.

Leslie burns the piano wreckage in her back yard.

Inez walks around Jeri's apartment and looks at her awards. Jeri offers her coffee and asks if she wants some breakfast. Inez tells her to cut the crap and asks what she wants from her. Jeri says that she wants to know everything Inez knows about IGH and their experiments.

Jeri goes to the psych hospital and presents her ID. The guard takes her badge and compliments her on her coat, and takes her to Kawecki in his cell. Jessica has the guards leave and he starts coloring. She asks him to start by telling her about Luanne, and steers the conversation to Metro-General. Kawecki says that one night he took Luanne home and held her tight, and then he killed her and put her body in the bathtub. Jessica says that she doesn't believe him and he admits that he doesn't remember killing her. She asks who he's protecting, and points out that Luanne's murderer is out there killing people. Kawecki screams that he killed Luanne, and Jessica says that she believes him. She notices that he's drawing an octopus, and Kawecki talks about octopus DNA. Kawecki says that Dr. Karl told him about the DNA, and says that Karl eats lunch at the aquarium. Sometimes they ate together, and Jessica asks him if Karl told him that he killed Luanne. Jessica asks Kawecki to draw a picture of him and Karl watching the octopuses at the aquarium, and Kawecki starts drawing.

Dorothy goes to Trish's apartment and complains that she messed up things with Griffin. Trish says that it's what she wants, and insists that she's sober. She says that all she felt that it was disappointment when she realized it wasn't a meeting with ZCN. Trish says that she wants to do what he does but she doesn't want to be him. Dorothy tells her that she's a spoiled arrogant little girl, and accuses her of crawling back to Max for a story. Trish slaps her and a shocked Dorothy walks out without a word. After a moment, Trish takes a hit of Will's inhaler.

Jessica goes to the aquarium and calls Costa, and says that Kawecki didn't kill Luanne. She says that Luanne isn't the killer and hangs up. She keeps an eye on the octopus tank over the next 24 hours, and Karl finally comes over to look at the creature. Jessica remembers Karl from her time at IGH and snaps a photo of him, and Karl meets with Leslie. The two of them walk over to another tank and kiss, and Karl notices Jessica. He calls her name, and Leslie smashes the side of the tank. As the alarm goes off, everyone runs. As Jessica goes after them, the glass starts to splinter, releasing the water.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 25, 2018

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