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AKA The Octopus

On Jeri's advice, Jessica comes clean with the cops. She then gets Oscar to help her get in to see the man who supposedly killed Luanne. Meanwhile, Trish gets an unexpected proposal.

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By Gadfly on Mar 25, 2018

Jessica sits in jail and figures that the killer who took out Nick was sloppy because she was acting out of emotion. Frustrated, she punches a hole in the wall. Leslie is burning the stolen files, her hands covered in blood. She then burns her blood-covered clothing and walks away into a nearby building. The next day, Jeri meets with Jessica and warns that they'll put her in a stronger cell. Jessica points out that Trish gave a statement and the police know she's innocent, but Jeri warns t…

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slybrook posted 4 years ago

"it's better to let things go before they drag you under"

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