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Tales from the Rift Recap

In the attic of the Prevett house, Ruby tells the cocooned creature that it's almost there. Once Ash is dead, they'll go on to immortal glory. Someone comes in downstairs, and Ruby goes to see who it is. Kelly steps out and shoots Ruby repeatedly with her shotgun, blasting Ruby down the stairs. She tells Kelly to stop, but Kelly puts the gun to her head and blows it off.

Ruby crawls away, telling Kelly that she's immortal. Unimpressed, Ruby tosses away the shotgun and takes out the Dagger as Ruby's wounds heal. She stabs at Ruby, burning her neck, and Ruby throws her across the room. Kelly gets up and tells Ruby to come at her.

Brandy and Ash drive up to the Williams house and go inside as someone watches them. Ash tells her not to turn off the lights and makes toasted Poptarts, and say that she's just like him. He drinks a beer and says that the demon baby is part of Ruby's plan. Brandy says that Prevett has been good to her and nothing will change that, and goes to clean up.

Four people arrive at the door and their leader, Zoe, sees Ash's chainsaw. They kneel to him and say that they're with the Knights. Zoe says that Dalton sent for them but disappeared, and the world is in danger. Ash reluctantly invites them in and Zoe says that another Knight, Gary, came to the town long ago. When Ash shows them the lost pages of the Necronomicon, Zoe says that if they see the writing then they can end the evil once and for all. He tosses away his beer can and says that they should roll.

Kelly and Ruby fight, and Ruby snaps Kelly's leg and slams her across the room. The Dagger goes flying, and Ruby reaches for it and says that Kelly's plan was terrible. Kelly gives her the finger and tosses a grenade at her.

Ash and the Knights drive out of town and Ash says that Ruby is the Evil One. Zoe explains that Ruby used a Necromancer named Kyra to exile the Dark Ones, and only with the Book can evil be banished. Ash admits that Ruby has the Book, and the Knights figure that Gary's writing can take them to the Deadlands where the Dark Ones are imprisoned.

In the trailer, Pablo opens the box that his uncle left him. Inside are magical artifacts and the mask. Brandy realizes that Ahs has gone and goes into the trailer. He apologizes for the craziness earlier, and Pablo sees the hardware flyer and has a vision of Ash in trouble. He tells Brandy to stay in the trailer while he goes help Ash.

Ash and the Knights go to the cellar and show them Gary's corpse. They find the writing and Zoe figures that Gary found a way to open the rift. It's a mystic passage between the human realm and the Deadlands, and if Ash enters the Deadlands then he can lead them in eternal battle. Pablo arrives and sees the writing.

Once the smoke clears, Ruby realizes that her legs and one of her arms have blown off. The limbs cross across the floor to Ruby, and she reattaches them. Ruby draws the Dagger as Kelly hobbles over, and tells Kelly that if she lives then she might let her live. Kelly refuses, explaining that she wants revenge.

Pablo touches the writing and chants in tongues. The Knights realize that he's deciphering the incantations, and a rift opens. Ash tells Pablo to stop, and when Pablo backs away the rift closes. Zoe tells the others that they're going in and they hand out weapons. Ash says that they're not going to try a Hail Mary move, and another Knight Marcus offers to go first. Pablo reopens the rift and Marcus is sucked in when he approaches it. After a minute Marcus shoots back out and Ash stares at him suspiciously.

Kelly attacks Ruby with a curtain rod, but Ruby shrugs off her blows and pins her to the wall by her throat. The younger woman stabs Ruby in the neck with a pencil, and then tackles her to the floor. The Dagger goes into Kelly's stomach, and Ruby tells her that she hated her least of all. After a moment, Kelly dies.

Pablo warns that something isn't right, and Ash draws his shotgun. Marcus tells one of the Knights, Peter, to help him up. Their arms merge as Marcus' flesh bubbles, and Marcus uses him as a shield as Ash shoots at him. The Deadite pulls Peter into his body, and spits black bile on Zoe. The last Knight shoots at Marcus, who shrugs off the shots and pulls off the Knights' head. Ash opens fire and Marcus comes after him. Pablo swings at Marcus with a pole, and Marcus shrugs it off and pins Ash to the wall like in Pablo's vision.

Ruby picks up the Book and opens it. Kaya tells her that the rift has been opened, and Ruby looks at Kelly's body and says that she has a vessel with the Darkness in it. She grabs the Dagger and chants, and then pulls it out. Kaya's spirit enters Kelly's body and animates it, and Kaya tells Ruby that the Dark Ones know about the rift and they have to find it before they get out. Ruby says that if Kaya helps her drive Brandy over the edge then they won't have to.

Pablo grabs Ash's chainsaw and cuts off one of Marcus' arm. Marcus knocks him away, and Ash grabs the chainsaw and attacks Marcus. Pablo grabs one of the Knights' semi-automatics and opens fire, and Zoe recovers and joins in. Ash cuts Marcus' head off and Zoe stares at her dead Knights in shock. Pablo warns that more demons want to come out, and Ash says that he has to get back to Brandy.

Ash drives to the house and he finds Brandy. "Kelly" steps out and Ash smells something dying. As Brandy goes to make Poptarts, Kyra advances on Ash with the Dagger and hands it to him. He tells her that it changes everything and Kyra agrees.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 1, 2018

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