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AKA I Want Your Cray Cray Recap

Alisa says that their marriage counselor suggested the Florida trip, and she lost everyone--including herself--in the car crash.

At IGH, the nurse Luanne nurse discovers realizes that Alisa is alive and says that the doctor is on his way. She tells Alisa to lie down, and Lisa looks at her burned face in a reflective surface. She panics at the sight, and the nurse sounds the alarm. Alisa runs out into the hallway and shoves the orderlies back as they try to grab her. As Alisa grabs a young girl, Malus tells her to stop, jabs her in the neck with a sedative, and tells Alisa that it's Jessica and Alisa doesn't want to hurt her.

Later, Malus talks to Leslie and points out how much progress they've made. Leslie wonders why they keep putting Alisa through it, and Malus says that once he figures out a drug protocol Alisa will be as good as new. Alisa wakes up and Malus tells her that she's been unconscious for a while. He introduces himself and Leslie, and Leslie tells Alisa that they saved her life. Alisa realizes that she's been chained to the bed, and Malus says that it's a precaution until her condition stabilizes. Malus admits that Alisa has been there for five years, and tells her that she badly hurt in an accident. Alisa screams to know where her kids are, and Malus stops Leslie from sedating Alisa.

After Leslie leaves, Malus tells Alisa that she was a goner when they got her, and they had to induce a coma after each treatment to control the side effects. He explains that they performed genetic editing to stimulate her healing, and she had severe damage throughout her body including facial trauma. Alisa demands to see her face, and Malus holds up a mirror. She asks if her kids look the same, and realizes that her husband and son died in the accident but Jessica survived. Malus says that Alisa can see Jessica when she's better, and they're still treating complications from Alisa's injuries. He asks her to trust him.

Jessica goes to a club for a private party and watches a video of Trish performing "I Want Your Cray Cray". Trish is in the club and cheers as her video finishes, and her fans say that she's a genius. She goes over and tells Jessica to pretend to like the video. Jessica says that she's heard it too long, and Trish advises her to life if she has nothing good to say. She insists that it's important, and Jessica says that she was supposed to avoid the bullshit and go to college with her. Jessica finally says that it's good, and tells Trish that she doesn't need any more champagne.

At the bar, Jessica finds Dorothy there. Dorothy asks Jessica if she did damage to her family, and insists that Trish wouldn't be where she is without her. Jessica points out that Trish is in the bathroom getting high, and Dorothy insists that Trish is fine. The woman says that she's representing her client, one of the backup dancers, and tells the bartender Stirling to pour her a better drink because she's Trish's mother. Once Dorothy leaves, Jessica tells that she's one of the assholes that have been there. The owner tells Stirling that he's pouring too much and to stick to the measurements, and Stirling glances over at Jessica and sticks up for himself. Disgusted, Stirling walks off and Jessica sarcastically congratulates Gus.

Trish says that there's a part at her place, and goes out with her entourage. Jessica goes after her and warns that her friends are sucking off of her. Trish tells her to pay her own tuition and rent instead of mooching off of her, and Jessica angrily says that she doesn't need anything from her. She rips open an ATM and takes out the money, and tells Trish not to call her when she ODs and needs a hospital. Trish and her fans drive off, and Jessica sees Stirling across the street. Jessica picks up the money, and Stirling holds up a bottle and offers to buy her a drink.

Alisa is making her up when Luanne takes her to Malus. She tells him that she's done, and figures that he's trying to perfect his procedures rather than heal her. Malus admits that they don't know what is causing her mood swings, and Alisa demands to know where Jessica is. He agrees to tell her while he does some readings, and they chain her to the chair. Alisa demands answers, and Malus says that Jessica needed a home and they arranged for another family to adopt her. He tells Alisa that Jessica didn't have any signs of special abilities when they released her, and they had Alisa declared dead because the experiments are illegal. Alisa starts to lose her temper and Malus tells her that she almost killed Jessica the day she first woke up. She snaps through the chains and Malus injects her with a sedative. As she passes out, Malus tells her that she can't see Jessica the way she is.

Jessica and Stirling are on the street kissing. He points out that he doesn't know her middle name and says that he's her boyfriend, and slips her driver's license out of her pocket and looks at it. Jessica says that her middle name is her mother's middle name, and offers to buy her a leather jacket on display behind a gate. Jessica opens it and takes the jacket.

The next morning, Jessica wakes up in bed. She hears a call and Stirling answers it. It's his mother, and Stirling argues saying that they always that his brother always treats him like shit and always calls him a loser. Once Stirling hangs up, he complains that his parents want him to become a plumber. Stirling points out that it's been a month since Jessica saw Trish, and wonders why he's never seen her. He offers to let Jessica see his parents if she introduces him to Trish.

That night, Jessica and Stirling go to the club and spot Trish drinking with her entourage. Jessica goes over and asks if she's okay. Trish insists that she's fine and rehearsing for her Cray Cray Tour. She says that she's tired from the tour schedule, and Jessica tells her that she dropped out of college. Trish wonders how many ATMs Jessica robbed to pay for the clothing she's wearing, and Jessica says that she's living with a guy. Jessica says that her boyfriend is there and waves Stirling over. He says that he digs Trish's song, and she recognizes him as a former bartender. Stirling gives her his card for his new club, Club Alias, and offers to let her invest. Jessica says that they have to go, and once they're away Jessica asks Stirling if he's trying to get to Trish through her. She says that they don't need Trish because she can steal whatever they need.

Inez and Luanne prepare to change the sleeping Alias. Luanne checks the medication and realizes that Alisa didn't take the sedative. Alias shoves Inez into a glass cabinet, questions Luanne to Jessica's location, breaks her neck to stop her from sounding the alarm, and runs out.

Jessica and Stirling return to their apartment, and there's a knock at the door. Stirling answers the door and three men barge in. Their leader, Wyatt, says that it's been a year and he wants his 50% of profits on Club Alias. Stirling admits that he's had a few snags and shows Wyatt a card, but Wyatt demands his money. Jessica tells him to back off, punches Stirling in the stomach, and calls Jessica a bitch. She shoves their takeout in his face and knocks the other two men off when they try to intervene. They run out and Jessica hugs Stirling, saying that he's her only family and she has to protect that.

The next morning, Dorothy is leaving her apartment when Arisa comes over and claims to be Jessica's high school math teacher. She says that she wanted to reconnect with Jessica and offer her condolences on what happened with her family, and Dorothy says that she doesn't know where Jessica is. Dorothy does say that Jessica is shacking up with a bartender and he's bad news, and complains that Jessica gave her grief in return for everything she gave her. Arisa plays along, saying that a daughter needs her mother, and Dorothy agrees to make a call and find out where Jessica is.

Arisa goes to Stirling's apartment and Jessica comes out. As her mother hides, Jessica kicks a nearby fire hydrant open for some neighbor kids to beat the heat, and Arisa sees her display her super strength. Arisa then follows Jessica to a nearby bar. She goes in and sees Jessica drinking at the bar. Jessica glances over at her and smiles... as Stirling comes in. They hug and sit down at the bar, and Arisa sits a few stools down. Jessica goes to the ladies room and Arisa follows her in. She hears Jessica swearing and asks if she's all right, and Jessica asks for a tampon. Jessica says that she hasn't carried a purse since she was 8 when the strap almost strangled her, and tells Arisa that she owes her a drink.

Arisa goes back to the bar and sees Wyatt and his men leading Stirling out the back. She follows them out and Wyatt says that he'll forgive Stirling's debt in return for Jessica. He asks Stirling what else Jessica can do, and Stirling asks what they have planned.

Jessica returns to the bar and realizes that Stirling isn't there.

Stirling tells Wyatt that Jessica will do anything he asks, but he gets 25% of the take. Wyatt agrees.

Jessica asks the bartender where Stirling went. He doesn't know, and Jessica walks out.

Stirling tries to go back in, and Alisa tells him that he doesn't get to screw Jessica over and walk away. She loses her temper and slams his head repeatedly into the wall, killing him. Jessica yells for him and comes back, and Arisa climbs up a nearby fire escape as Jessica finds Stirling's corpse.

That night, Jessica goes to the club and finds Trish in the bathroom. A strung-out Trish is in the bathroom giving Gus a blowjob, , and tells Jessica she was just thanking him. Jessica tries to take Trish out, and Gus calls her a bitch. She slams him into the mirror and tells him to call her bitch again, and shoves him away. Gus runs out and Jessica takes Trish to a rooftop. Trish wishes that she'd gotten a chance to know Stirling better, and Jessica tells her that she can't get the image of his body out of her brain. The cops arrested Wyatt and his friends, and Jessica blames herself for them killing Stirling. Trish tells Jessica that she won't die because she's going to live forever, and Jessica tells her that she won't if she doesn't get help. She figures that Trish was high, and Trish apologizes for not being there because she was high. Trish admits that she's an addict, and Jessica warns that she won't survive the tour to get help afterward. She tells Trish that Dorothy will take her back to rehab, and Trish asks if they can sit there for a while first.

Arisa returns to IGH and turns herself in. Leslie says that she won't be a part of it and walks off, and Arisa tells Malus that she has to stay away from Jessica. Malus says that he'll find a solution and what she's done is all on him. He promises to make her well enough to see Jessica again and a sobbing Arisa falls into his arms.


After she finishes her story, Arisa tells Jessica that she was a botched experiment. She asks if Jessica can forgive her, and Jessica slaps her across the room. Malus injects Jessica with a sedative.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 1, 2018

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