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Twist and Shout Recap

At the Williams house, Kelly/Kaya is looking at the Dagger when Ash comes in and congratulates her on getting the Dagger. When she says that it's time to find Ruby, Brandi comes down in an expensive dress and says that she wants to go to a school dance. Ruby sent her a text saying that she wanted to clear the air. Brandy explains that she needs to find out if Ruby is really a sorceress, and if she is then Ash can kill her. Kelly/Kaya says that it's a great idea, much to Ash's surprise, and Ash agrees but says that they'll be close by. Brandy kisses him, much to his surprise.

In the house, Ruby chants over the cocooned baby. It breaks out of the coon and collapses to the floor, and stands up to reveal that it now has the form of the adult Ash. Ruby says that she has waited for the night for hundreds of year, and the child must do what she says. She tells the baby that to convince Ash, he has to look just like Ash and gives him a saw to cut off his chainsaw hand. The baby complains about the pain but obeys his mother's command.

In the hardware store cellar, Pablo tells Zoe that he's sorry about her friends getting killed. Zoe admits that she thought they were ready but had no idea what they were getting into. Someone calls through a portal that opens in in the wall, and Pablo realizes that it's Kelly. She says that she doesn't know where she is and explains that Ruby killed her with the Dagger. Something approaches Ruby and the portal disappears. Sobbing, Pablo tells Zoe that Ruby took Kelly.

Ash, Kelly/Kaya, and Brandy arrive at the high school, and Ash hides out of sight of Deputy Masters on guard. He tells Kelly/Kaya and Brandy that he'll go in the bath, and Kelly/Kaya promises that Brandy won't get out of her sight. In the gym, the students are dancing. Kelly/Kaya asks Brandy if Ash seemed a little strange and says that she has a bad feeling.

Two students are in the hallway smoking a joint when Demon Ash walks up. He lectures them on drug use, revs up his chainsaw, and kills them.

Ruby, posing as Prevett, gives a commemorative to Candace and Rachel. She asks the students to celebrate their deaths by joining her in a moment of silence. The students bow their heads, and Kelly/Kaya suggests to Brandy that it might be genuine. Ruby comes over and Brandy says that it's nice, and Kelly/Kaya tells her to talk. The student start dancing again and Ruby suggests that they go somewhere quiet to talk.

Ash breaks in through the security door and finds the dead students' severed body parts. He puts on his chainsaw and goes looking for the bodies, unsure if Brandy is one of them. He finds Demon-Ash eating one, and Demon-Ash turns to face him. Demon-Ash says that he's all grown up and says that Ash has gone soft, telling him that he's his own worst enemy. Masters deputy arrives and orders Ash to put his hands up, and Demon-Ash slips away before Masters can see him.

In her office, Ruby tells Brandy that they have to stick together to defeat the great evil. She explains that she's not a demon but Ash is. He opened the Necronomicon and brought the evil to Elk Grove. Kelly/Kaya agrees but Brandy doesn't believe them and walks off. Kelly/Kaya tells Ruby that Ruby might not be able to shake Brandy's faith in Ash. Ruby takes the Dagger and tells Kelly/Kaya to keep pushing. Once Ash is dead, she'll have dominion over the Prophesied One and can grant Kaya immortality.

In the hallway, brandy finds Demon-Ash, who offers to hug her. He says that he's embarrassed because he's been keeping a secret, and reveals one of the dead student's corpses. Demon-Ash says that the student didn't follow the dress code and reveals his demon face.

As Masters takes Ash away, they hear Brandy screaming as she runs. Kelly/Kaya arrives and tasers Masters unconscious, and says that Brandy took off on her own and Ruby is planning to kill her. Ash tells her to break Demon-Ash's face, while he saves his daughter and walks off. Panicking students see him and run off, and Ash finds the other students who have found the dead student.

In the gym, a student tells Ruby that there's a killer in the school. Ruby breaks the student's neck, just a Brandy comes up. The sorceress claims that Ash killed the student and everyone is in danger. Demon-Ash comes in and starts cutting apart students, yelling for Brandy to come out.

Pablo pulls up to the school and sees the students running out. He goes in and Kelly/Kaya calls to him from a room. Surprised, he asks if she's okay. Pablo explains that he thought she was in danger, and says that he never worked up the courage to kiss her. Kelly/Kaya plays along and says that they should change that, and Pablo realizes that she's an imposter and head-butts her. He points out that he kissed the real Kelly, draws his gun, and asks who she is.

Ruby gives Brandy the Dagger and tells her to protect herself, then steps out and tells Demon-Ash to come for her. Ash comes in and calls to Brandy, and Demon-Ash slips away. Ruby telekinetically seals the doors, and Brandy steps out with the Dagger and tells Ash to get away from them.

Kelly/Kaya invites Pablo to shoot her and puts her head to the gun barrel. When he starts to pull the trigger, she grabs the gun and shoots at him. Pablo tells her not to, and Kelly/Kaya prepares to finish him off only to discover the gun is out of bullets. He runs out, screaming for Ash.

Ruby tells Ash that he's a monster and steps into the blade, "dying" as the surviving students watch. Ruby laughs in triumph but no one can hear her over the noise, and holds onto the blade so that Ash can't pull himself free.

Demon-Ash is hiding outside the gym, and Pablo finds him. Pablo says that Kelly is dead and a demon took over her body, and hears Ash's chainsaws inside. Demon-Ash speaks fluent Spanish and pats Pablo on the shoulder, and Pablo gets a vision of Demon-Ash's demon face. The demon slams him into the wall and throws him across the hall.

Ruby finally pulls herself off the chainsaw and tells Brandy to stop Ash. Ash asks Brandy for the Dagger, but Brandy says that Ash is the killer and puts the knife to his throat. She remembers their time together and can't kill him, and breaks into tears. She drops the Dagger near Ruby.

Demon-Ash and Pablo stumble into the gym, fighting. Everyone sees the second Ash, and Ash draws his shotgun and advances on his doppelganger. He blow Demon-Ash's head off, and Ruby grabs the Dagger and sits up. Brandy realizes that Ash has been telling the truth, and Ruby throws the Dagger at him. Brandy steps in the way to take the blade, and Ruby walks off. Ash holds his dead daughter in his arms and weeps.

Brandy wakes up in the empty gym on the Other Side. Something chitters in the darkness, and Brandy runs out screaming.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 8, 2018

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