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AKA Pray for My Patsy Recap

At the hospital, Jessica and Dorothy sit with the unconscious Trish. Trish's body spasms from time to time, and Dr. Torres says that they're unexplained electrical impulses in Trish's brain. They don't know when Trish will come out of her coma or if. Once Torres leaves, Jessica tells Dorothy to say that it's her fault. Dorothy says that it's not her fault and Trish possibly dying gives her perspective. She figures that Trish is unstoppable when she wants something, and blaming themselves is pointless. Costa calls Jessica and says that something has happened and they need to talk.

The next morning, a driver hears something moving in a Tri-Boro Charities truck. Alisa slams the doors open, knocking him back, and walks past him as he begs her not to hurt him. As he runs off, Alisa gets some donated clothing to replace her prison garb and then walks down the street. People bump into her and she glares at them, trying to maintain control. Alisa sees a poster for Trish Talk and remembers being with Malus, and walks off.

Costa and Sunday meet with Jessica and tell her that she escaped, and ask where Alisa would go if she was upset. Sunday says that whoever hurts Alisa next is on Jessica, and Jessica insists that she wants to bring her in. She takes out Malus' journal and reads his entry abut Alisa's fixation on a single objet or person.

Alisa arrives at the Trish Talk studio and Ian tries to escort her out. She shoves him through the studio window and confronts the host: a blonde who isn't Trish.

Jessica tells the detectives that Alisa will probably go after Trish because she blames Trish for getting Malus killed. The detectives tell her to stay put, but Jessica figures that Alisa will eventually find Trish at the hospital.

Thembi Wallace approaches Dorothy as she goes into the hospital and asks if her if Trish had a relapse. When Dorothy denies it, Thembi goes off the record and suggests that Dorothy take control of the narrative.

Alisa goes to the motel and cries over Malus' clothing. The TV is on the news, and it shows Dorothy giving a statement that Trish will recover and a charlatan took advantage of her when she went to him for treatment. Alisa leaves as Dorothy asks Trish's vans to pray for her Patsy. Outside, Alisa steals a camper and drives off.

The detectives take Jessica to the hospital, and they receive a report of Alisa's attack at the radio station. Jessica warns that if Alisa sees the police, she'll go berserk. She offers to talk her mother down, but Sunday refuses and calls SWAT. The car is caught in traffic, and Jessica kicks the back card door off and runs to the hospital.

Jeri calls pawnshops trying to find where Inez sold her stolen items. She gets increasingly frustrated until she finally finds the pawnbroker who bought her things.

At the hospital, Alisa grabs a male nurse eating in the alley and demands to know where Trish is.

Jessica runs into the hospital and goes to Trish's room. Alisa is crawling through the window and tells Jessica to get out. The woman says that Trish took everything from her, and Jessica takes out one of Malus' syringes and tells Alisa to wake up from her fantasy. They struggle and Alisa chokes Trish with Jessica's arm. Trish flatlines and throws Jessica away when Jessica tries to interfere. Jessica begs her not to take her family again, and Alisa gets control of herself. Costa and Sunday come in, holding guns, and when Alisa runs for the window they shoot her in the leg. Sunday moves in and Alisa grabs her as a shield. Sunday tells Costa to take the shot, and Jessica begs Alisa to let Sunday go. Alisa shrugs and falls backward out the window, and they look down to see Sunday's body on the sidewalk and Alisa's bloody footprints leading away. Costa tells Jessica to stay there and goes to call for reinforcements.

Jeri goes to the pawnshop and asks the owner, Frankie, for any information she has. Jeri offers her $30,000 for her things and whatever information Frankie can give her. Frankie wonders what Jeri's interest is, and Jeri says that she lost time and she doesn't know how much she has. Frankie asks for Jeri's Cartier watch in return for her information. When Jeri hands it over, Frankie says that Shane isn't the first lawyer that he's conned and gives Jeri his address.

Dorothy stops Jessica from seeing Trish, blaming her for what happened. The mother says that Trish's brand is her loyalty, and says that Jessica is just like her mother. Costa comes out and asks to talk to Jessica privately. Dorothy says that Jessica is a menace and walks off, and Costa lets Jessica see Trish. He tells her that they'll take it from there, and Jessica can either go with a police escort or she'll go on her own. Jessica insists that she's the only one who can handle Alisa, and Costa points out that she failed to protect Sunday. Jessica figures that the police will shoot to kill, and Costa says that Jessica doesn't need to see it. He tells her not to be a hero because that's not her.

Jessica goes into the morgue where the police are keeping Trish under guard. She tells her comatose friend that she was jealous of Trish having her mother. Jessica says that she doesn't know what to do, and Trish calls her an asshole. She tells Jessica that she stopped the surgery, and Jessica explains that Alisa tried to kill Trish so they're stashing her there. When Trish learns that Malus is dead, she breaks into tears and says that she could have been like Jessica. Jessica points out that her biggest expense is booze, and Trish tells her that she pisses away her powers while she would help people if she had them. Furious, Jessica says that she's tired of being the focus of Trish's insecurity, and all she does is save Trish's ass. In return, Trish raises her expectations and makes Jessica feel worthless.

Alisa calls from Jessica from the camper and apologizes for trying to kill Trish. She asks to meet her alone, and Trish overhears them and suggests her apartment. Jessica agrees and she tells her mother that she can't let Alisa hurt anyone agree. Alisa agrees and hangs up, and Jessica asks Trish what the right move is. Trish tells her that she has to put Alisa down because she's the only one powerful enough to do it. She asks how many other people will die trying if Jessica doesn't do it, and tells her to use Simpson's clear in her closet.

Jeri meets with Turk, who pulls up in a Porsche. He hands her a sack with what she requested and assures her that it's untraceable. Turk figures that he'll need her again someday, takes his payment in future services, and drives off. Jeri gets in her car and checks the gun that Turk got her.

On her way out, Jessica stops in the restroom. The officers insist on going in with her until Jessica claims that there's an old lady inside. Once they agree to stay outside, Jessica turns on the hand dryer, rips a door off of a stall to barricade the door, and climbs out the window. Maury is removing bodies to make room for the police, and Jessica reluctantly gets into one of the body vans. Once the mortuary driver leaves and halts at a stop light, Jessica gets out of the bag and tells the driver to keep going. He tries to get out and Jessica yanks the door handle off.

Jeri watches Shane in his apartment, and sees Inez walk up. The lawyer gets out and approaches her, and says that she didn't call the cops. Jeri says that she just wants to talk, and Inez gets in the car with her. The lawyer asks why, and Inez says the healer thing was Shane's idea and she loves him. Jeri says that Shane is feeling both of them, and that Inez crushed her. When Jeri wonders why Inez had sex her, Inez says that it wasn't part of the plan. The lawyer tells Inez that she doesn't deserve what Shane is doing behind her back. In prison, he was getting letters from someone he was flattering. Inez doesn't believe it, but Jeri says that Shane has thousands of dollars stashed somewhere. She warns Inez that eventually Shane will skip out on her and any other woman he's played, and claims that she doesn't that to happen to Inez. Inez says that Shane is going to play, and Jeri gives her the gun and tells her that she needs to protect herself. Inez takes the gun and goes inside.

Jessica tells the driver to pull over and takes his card, threatening to find him if he goes to the police. She goes into Trish's apartment and takes out Simpson's weapons.,

Jeri watches through the window as Inez and Shane fight. Finally there's a gunshot, and Inez breaks into tear. Jeri takes out the folder with the supposed letters, which are actually legal reports, and tosses them to the side. She then calls 911 and reports a shooting.

In the morgue, Dorothy is trying to book a suite in the hospital. Once she hangs up, Trish tells her that it doesn't matter and says that she thinks that she's dying. Dorothy tells her that it will work out and her fans are rooting for her, and Trish asks her mother to hold her hand. When Dorothy does, Trish goes into convulsions and flatlines. Torres and the nurse come in and ask for help.

Alisa, bleeding from her gunshot wound, limps out of the elevator and finds the door to Trish's apartment open. She goes in and Jessica steps out aiming a gun at her. Jessica tells Alisa to turn around, and Alisa does so. She says that losing Malus took her over to the edge, and Jessica brought her back. Jessica tells her that she doesn't care anymore, even when Alisa says that they could own it. Her daughter says that there's always a choice but Alisa's brain is broken. If Alisa doesn't go to the Raft then one of them dies. Jessica begs Alisa not to make her do it, and Alisa tells her to pull the trigger preferring that her daughter kill her. When Jessica can't do it, Alisa grabs the gun and knocks her unconscious.

Later, Alisa drives down the highway in her stolen camper. Jessica is unconscious in the back.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 22, 2018

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