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The Zygon Inversion Recap

Within her pod, Clara dreams of waking up in her flat. She glances at the alarm clock and is surprised to see the numbers briefly reverse. She goes to the bathroom and prepares to brush her teeth, and discovers that the tube says, "This is toothpaste." As she puts the brush to her mouth, Clara discovers that the paste is black. The Doctor calls to her from the living room. When Clara goes there, she finds the TV playing the last moments of the Doctor trying to warn her and Clara-Zygon telling him that Clara is dead. Clara tries to leave her apartment, only to find another door blocking the way. The lights flicker as Clara opens the drapes only to find a blank wall. The newspaper is written in gibberish, except for the words, "It's your decision, Doctor." There's also a headline saying "Truth or Consequences," and the TV shows Clara-Zygon shooting the missile at the Presidential Airliner. Clara yanks the TV out.

Clara-Zygon fires the missiles but jerks at the last second, missing. Aboard the airliner, Osgood spots the oncoming missile as it shoots past. Clara-Zygon loads another missile and in her dreamscape apartment, Clara tries to prevent her counterpart from firing the missile. She finally bites her finger and Clara-Zygon pulls the trigger, destroying the airliner.

As street cleaners brush up human ash, a man named Etoine runs through the streets. Clara-Zygon watches Etoine go into his estate. He enters his flat and looks through the peephole. Clara-Zygon is pounding on the door, and soon breaks it down. She comes in and tells Etoine that she knows what he is and is going to set him free, and explains that he will be the first to make the humans see. Clara-Zygon touches his head and an electrical charge passes into his head. Frightened, Etoine runs out and realizes that red suckers are growing on his arms.

Clara-Zygon follows Etoine outside as more suckers spread across his body. He asks several teenagers for help, but they ignore him. Etoine transforms into a Zygon and runs off as Clara-Zygon takes video footage of him. She then calls her people, identifies herself as the Commander, says that the first one has been changed, and tells her men that she is going to UNIT to recover the Osgood Box.

In her dreamscape apartment, Clara freezes the TV image of the airliner blowing up. She sees two people parachuting away and smiles in satisfaction.

On the beach near the explosion, Osgood confirms that she's alive and calls to the Doctor. He staggers over, gives her his sonic glasses while he fixes hers, and Osgood wonders why Clara-Zygon hesitated. The Doctor admits that Clara might be dead and tells Osgood to talk about something else.

Clara secretly manipulates Clara-Zygon, having her send a text message on her phone.

As the Doctor explains that the Zygon renegades are a splinter group, the text from Clara comes in. She says that she's awake, and Osgood figures that it's from Clara rather than her duplicate. She explains that the Zygons have Clara hooked up in a pod to take her memories, but she's fighting back. The Doctor points out that it's just a theory, and claims that he isn't comforted.

Clara-Zygon goes to the UNIT safehouse and passes by a mirror. She catches a glimpse of Clara in it but it's gone when she looks back. She then removes Osgood's laptop from the safe and brings up the video the two Osgoods made. They admit that they lied about the location of the Osgood Box. The Osgoods admit that the Box can end the ceasefire, start the war, and wipe out humankind. Furious, Clara-Zygon smashes the laptop.

The Doctor finds two policemen and tries to explain about the plane crash. They just stare at him, and the Doctor realizes that something is wrong. Osgood calls Clara's phone and the Doctor asks the Zygon commander posing as Clara, which he nicknames Zygella, what its plan is. She says that her name is Bonnie and winks at him, but then denies winking at him. Bonnie asks where the Box is and winks again. The policemen move in on the Doctor and Osgood, and the Doctor realizes that Clara is trying to communicate with him. He asks where her pod is and Clara signals by blinking her eyes, while Osgood uses the sonic sunglasses to hotwire a nearby van. As they drive off, the Doctor tells Clara not to let Bonnie know where the Box is or what it is.

As they drive into London, Osgood points out the Bonnie will poke around in Clara's memories. The Doctor figures that Clara can use the probe to find her way out, and Clara gets a ping from Clara's phone at shopping center in South London. Meanwhile, Bonnie posts the video she took earlier of Etoine transforming into a Zygon. Osgood confirms it's from where Bonnie used Clara's phone.

Bonnie enters the tunnels and goes to Clara's pod. In the dreamscape, Bonnie appears on the TV screen and tries to probe Clara's memories without success. Clara concentrates and Bonnie reverts to her Zygon form for a moment. Bonnie demands the memories and warns that she can kill Clara if Clara doesn't cooperate. Clara calls her bluff and says that she'll lie if she's questioned. However, Bonnie says that she can monitor her heartbeat and know when she's lying.

The Doctor and Osgood arrive at the shopping center and go inside. It stinks of ozone and barbecues, and they realize the odor is coming from the charred human remains.

Bonnie promises to kill Clara if she doesn't truthfully answer her questions. Clara says that the Box is in the Black Archive beneath the Tower of London, and confirms that only the Osgoods and the Doctor have access. She refuses to say if anyone else has access, and Bonnie realizes that Clara has access. The Zygon demands the key code, and Clara explains that the door is keyed to her bodyprint. There's a button in the box that will unmask every Zygon on Earth for up to an hour. Bonnie smiles and says that there will be chaos and war, and Clara warns her that the humans will defeat the much lesser number of Zygons. The Zygon is happy to die rather than live in chains, whether most of her kind want to or not. Bonnie finally asks the most important question: why is it called an Osgood Box. Clara refuses to tell her because Bonnie will find out when she gets to the Black Archive, and then she'll want to talk to Clara again. Bonnie confirms that she's telling the truth and Clara turns off the TV.

The Doctor and Osgood proceed through the center and the Doctor asks whether she's the human or the Zygon. Before Osgood can answer, they hear something moving ahead. They find a Zygon in a shop, and it runs away from them. The Doctor and Osgood chase it, and it reverts to Etoine. He says that Bonnie came and turned him back, and starts to revert to his Zygon form. It fires an electric sting, temporarily stunning the Doctor, and ducks between the shelves.

The Zygon in Kate's form returns and says that North America is secure. Bonnie tells her to locate and duplicate the Doctor, and then kill him.

Etoine fires another sting at the Doctor, driving him back, and says that he was happy as a human. He insists that he can't go back, and insists that he never wanted to fight anyone. Etoine prepares to sting himself to death, warning that the others will kill him. He reduces himself to ash, and the Doctor tells Osgood that is the renegades' plan. They will unmask everyone, provoking a war. "Kate" and two UNIT soldiers arrive, and says that they know where Clara's body is in the Zygon command center. The Doctor, clearly suspicious, goes with her.

Bonnie arrives at the Black Archive, and two of her soldiers bring Clara's pod in with them. The Zygon's duplicate of Clara's body opens the door, and they go inside.

Kate-Zygon takes the Doctor and Osgood to the command center. Kate finds the empty socket where Clara's pod is, and Osgood realizes that the people with them are Zygons.

Bonnie hesitates when she enters the Box chamber. Kate-Zygon calls and Bonnie tells her not to kill the Doctor because they still need him. There are two Boxes, one red and one blue. She orders the Doctor to tell her what are in the boxes, and the Doctor says that one normalizes all of the Zygons. The other destroys them. He refuses to tell her which is which. Bonnie has her soldiers open the pod, and threatens to kill Clara unless the Doctor tells her the truth. He gives in and says that the blue Box normalizes the Zygons. Bonnie starts to open it and then hesitates, and the Doctor assures her that he's telling the truth. The Zygon commander opens the box, and there are two buttons marked Truth and Consequences. Bonnie opens the red box and finds two similar buttons. Furious, Bonnie orders the Zygons to bring the Doctor to her.

As the Zygons advance on the Doctor, Kate shoots them and tells the Doctor that she killed the Zygon in New Mexico. Bonnie, hearing her, smashes her phone. Meanwhile, Kate apologizes, admitting that she knows the Doctor doesn't approve of killing. She smashes the communicator and explains that the command center was the nearest collection of pods. Kate wonders if Osgood is human or Zygon, and she merely says that she's herself. The Doctor warns that UNIT can't fight the 20 million Zygons with soldiers, and Kate realizes that the red Box holds the Z-67 Zygon-killing gas. He wants to negotiate peace, insisting that Kate can't commit mass murder. She agreed to create two boxes to keep the peace, and two Osgoods to keep the secrets. Kate points out that the peace is failing already, and tells them to come with her.

Clara warns Bonnie that she can't win, and Bonnie says that she doesn't care. The Doctor and the others come in, and he offers to take both boxes away and let the ceasefire stand. Bonnie refuses and Kate asks which Box she opens. Bonnie echoes the question, and the Doctor tells them that one box will release the Z-67 or detonate the nuclear bomb under the Black Archive. The other Box, one button will unmask every Zygon and the other cancels their ability to change form. Bonnie says that it's wrong and that the Doctor is responsible for all of the violence and suffering. She says that it's all the Doctor's fault and it's not fair, but the Doctor points out that none of it is fair. Bonnie isn't superior to the people who were cruel to her, and the only way anyone can live in peace is if they're willing to forgive.

Bonnie wonders why they should break the cycle, and the Doctor asks her what she really wants. She finally admits that she wants war, and the Doctor wonders if she's considered what kind of world she expects after the war is over and she wins. Bonnie has no answer for him, and the Doctor says that she will eventually have to destroy any troublemakers that would threaten her regime. The Zygon commander says that she sees a box with a fifty percent chance of giving her what she wants. Kate says that she has the same, and they both ask the Doctor why he set it up. The Doctor says that it's a scale model of every war ever fought, and neither one of them know who will suffer and who will die once they fire the first shot. Bonnie refuses to change her mind, and the Doctor says that she will die stupid.

Bonnie says that UNIT will never let her walk out, and the Doctor says that he forgives her despite everything that she's done. She says that he doesn't understand and never will,. Furious, the Doctor says that he has fought in a vastly greater war and done worse things than Bonnie can imagine. Since then he has vowed, that no one will ever have to suffer the same pain.

After a moment, Kate closes her Box. The Doctor thanks her, and Kate says that she's sorry. After a moment, Bonnie figures that both Boxes are empty. She draws her hand back, and the Doctor says that she's finally thinking. Bonnie wonders how he's so sure that she's changed, and the Doctor says that he knows that face. Kate wonders what they do now that they know the Boxes are empty, and the Doctor says that she's said that fifteen times before. He activates the UNIT memory-wiping device, but doesn't wipe Bonnie's memory. She's surprised that they're protecting her, and Osgood says that she's one of them now whether Bonnie likes it or not. When Bonnie wonders how they can forgive her, the Doctor says that he's been where she is. He faced the same choice, but let Clara inside of his head... and she doesn't leave.

Bonnie goes to the Zygon command center, contacts the high command, and says that the rebels are standing down... and they are all safe.

The Doctor, Osgood, and Clara go to the TARDIS, and he invites Osgood to come with them. She admits that she does, but she has to stay to keep an eye on the Boxes and a world to keep safe. The Doctor understands and asks Clara to give them a moment alone. After Clara steps into the TARDIS, the Doctor asks Osgood if she's the human or Zygon. Osgood says that she'll answer that question one day. Another Osgood steps out and says the day that no one cares about the answer. The Doctor realizes that Bonnie has taken the dead Osgood's place, and the Osgoods say that all that matters is that Osgood lives. The Doctor says that he's a big fan and leaves.

Inside, Clara asks the Doctor what it was like to believe that she was dead. He says that it was the longest month of his life. When she points out that it was only five minutes, the Doctor says that he'll be the judge of time.

Once the TARDIS leaves, the two Osgoods go for ice creams and then back to work defending the Earth.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 8, 2015

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