The Zygon Inversion

After the Presidential Airliner is destroyed, the Doctor and Osgood head back to London. Meanwhile, Clara discovers that she has been replaced, and the Zygon calling itself Bonnie sets out to recover the Osgood Box from the Black Archive.



By Gadfly on Nov 8, 2015

Within her pod, Clara dreams of waking up in her flat. She glances at the alarm clock and is surprised to see the numbers briefly reverse. She goes to the bathroom and prepares to brush her teeth, and discovers that the tube says, "This is toothpaste." As she puts the brush to her mouth, Clara discovers that the paste is black. The Doctor calls to her from the living room. When Clara goes there, she finds the TV playing the last moments of the Doctor trying to warn her and Clara-Zygon telling hi…

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petrd1 posted 3 years ago

Herrrrrrrre's Basil?

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