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Just Passing Through Recap

At the station, Nathan questions Dave about Charlotte's death. Dave insists that Croatoan was controlling him like the last time, and explains that in 1983 he woke up on the beach near the Colorado Kid. Nathan tells Dave to describe everything that he remembers, and Dave says that there was one stranger, a woman, who ran past him as he was drawn into the thinny. He doesn't know who the woman was or why she was there, and Nathan figures that there's another way into the Void.

Nathan and Audrey go to the beach where Dave said the thinny was. They need it to get into the Void to recover the controller and build a new Barn. Audrey wonders how they can build a new barn without Charlotte, and doesn't feel the thinny's presence. Nathan figures that the woman had a Trouble and created the thinny, and says that they're going back in time to identify the woman.

Later at the station, Vince makes a sketch of the mystery woman from Dave's description. Nathan is wearing a uniform from 1983 and explains that he's going to have Stuart Mosley use his time-travel Trouble to send them back to 1983 so they can find the woman. They figure that since Stuart reacts badly to Nathan, his Trouble will trigger when he sees Nathan. Audrey has the phot of Stuart's family that they used to convince him to bring Nathan back the last time. Vince figures that he should come with Nathan because he knows 1983, and Nathan agrees. Audrey advises them not to change anything in the past and stick to figuring out what the woman knows about the thinny. She gives Nathan something and says that it might help. He accepts it and Audrey warns him that he can't change what happens.

Duke is staying at a hotel when three men in suits burst in and grab him. Once they secure the room, one of the men goes through Duke's belongings and knows all about Duke's fake IDs back to 2007. Duke realizes that they shouldn't remember him due to the shroud.

Nathan sends Vince into the office first. Vince show Stuart the newspaper article on the Colorado Kid, and Stuart says that he was in the station fighting about parking tickets. Nathan comes in and Stuart sends Vince and Nathan back in time to the same spot.


A boy is standing there, sees them, and takes a photo of them. Nathan says that they're from the government and takes the photo, and asks if Garland is around. They go out into the squad room and confirm that it's May 22, 1983: the right day. A younger Stuart is arguing about parking tickets. Vince goes to find Dave while Nathan looks for the mystery woman.

Once Vince leaves, Nathan spots Garland in his office. He goes in and finds her talking to Lucy: Audrey's previous self. Nathan says that he's looking for the mystery woman and introduces himself as Nathan Butterworth. Garland tells Nathan to wait while he escorts Lucy out. As they go, Lucy says that the woman in the sketch is Barbara Colton, a Troubled resident. She says that they don't need trouble on that day, and just wants to call James and makes sure that he's out of town before she goes into the Barn. James tells her to see her son while he gets rid of Nathan.


Duke asks his captors if they have heard of Haven, but they don't respond. They finally explain that they're not from the government and knock him unconscious when he calls for help.


Garland comes back with coffee and says that he has a son named Nathan. Nathan says that what Barbara did is confidential, and Garland says that he'll put every man on it. He says that he doesn't know who Barbara is, and Nathan suggests that they talk to Dave and Vince. Garland confirms that Vince is in the hospital, and realizes that something is wrong with Nathan. He says that he has to step out and goes, and the boy comes in. The boy says that a boy in his grade, Duke Crocker, took his good camera. Nathan tells him where Duke keeps his stash and the boy goes to get it.

Lucy calls James to say her goodbyes, and she asks to go for one last walk on the beach. James agrees to meet her at 4. As Audrey hangs up, Garland approaches him and says that Nathan identified a local landmark by its nickname. He asks Audrey to stall Nathan while he makes some calls.

Vince approaches a young Dave posing as a literary agent and wearing a hat. He compliments him on his writing, and wants him to cover an inter-dude ranch rodeo in New Mexico... immediately. Young Dave, shocked, realizes that it's Vince.

Nathan goes to Garland's desk and removes a file from a hidden compartment. It has information on Barbara and Nathan memorizes it. He hides the file beneath the blotter as Lucy comes in and says that he was looking for a pen. Lucy gives him hers and Nathan jumps as she touches his hand and he can feel it. When she offers to help him find Barbara, Nathan says that he has to go. Lucy asks for her pen back, and Nathan sets it down on the shelf before going. Lucy finds the file beneath the blotter and confirms that Nathan has Barbara's address. She calls Barbara and gets her voice mail, and leaves a message that she needs to get out of town immediately.

Nathan arrives at Barbara's house and goes inside. Barbara is packing and Nathan realizes that she's wearing Charlotte's ring. The woman opens a portal and jumps through, arriving outside. Garland comes in, gun drawn, and tells Nathan to surrender. He has checked with the FBI and confirmed that there's no FBI agent named Nathan Butterworth. Nathan insists that he's there to save Haven, and finally explains that he was born Nathan Hansen but took the last name of his adopted father... Garland Wournos. He explains that Stuart sent him back in time and pricks him in the back of the neck, and Nathan doesn't feel it. Garland accepts that Nathan is his son.

Dave asks about the future, and Vince says that he's going to be in terrible danger and needs to leave Haven immediately. When Dave wants details, Vince explains that Croatoan is going to possess Dave and Vince is there to stop it. Dave agrees to pack.


Duke wakes up and hears a helicopter landing nearby. The head agent sends the other men out to help the passenger, and Duke suggests that the agent let him go. The agent refuses, and a young man comes in and tells Duke that he's been looking for him.


Lucy arrives at Barbara's home and secretly hears Nathan and Garland discussing Barbara's Trouble. Garland explains that Barbara robbed a jewelry store a year earlier, and Nathan shows Garland the ring that he has around his neck. They figure that Barbara stole the ring, and when she wears it she creates temporary thinnys. Nathan explains that they need a thinny in the future to enter the Void, and Garland says that Howard told him that the Troubles would go away forever if Lucy killed the one that she loves. He says that James is the one that Lucy loves, and hasn't told her about it to spare her the torture of making the choice.

Lucy leaves, and Nathan explains that Lucy becomes Audrey in the future. He says that Garland never gave him a break in the future, and was trying to get him ready to deal with the Troubles on his own. Nathan admits that he's ready for dealing with the Troubles and finally has the chance to thank his father. Garland says that they have to deal with the Troubles, and sees Lucy driving away. Nathan warns Garland that if Lucy deactivates the Barn then every Troubled person will die, including the two of them. They run outside but Lucy has gotten away. Nathan has Garland find Barbara while he stops Lucy, and goes to hotwire a truck.

As Dave packs, Vince assures him that he is a good writer. Lucy pulls up outside and Dave goes out to greet her. She asks him what he would sacrifice to stop the Troubles, and asks for Dave's gun. Dave reluctantly does so and goes back inside, and tells Vince what Lucy wanted. He insists that Lucy is fighting for Haven, and refuses to leave Haven because there's no way to avoid Croatoan. Vince doesn't know for sure that they can kill Croatoan, and Dave grabs a shotgun and sys that he's going to fight like Lucy. When Vince warns that Dave is doomed if they can't kill Croatoan, Dave offers him the shotgun and Vince agrees.

James approaches Lucy on the beach and assures her that he'll see her again someday and hopefully she'll remember him. As they walk, Lucy talks about how she was relieved when James found her because he made her feel connected. She hugs her son and he asks why she's shaking. Lucy says that she's cold and asks James to get her sweater from the car. As he goes, Lucy draws Dave's gun and prepares to shoot him. Nathan arrives and pulls the gun away, and says that James is their son. He leads Lucy off and says that he traveled into the past before and met Sarah. Lucy figures that Nathan came back to save James and her, and Nathan says that killing James would kill every Troubled person.

Barbara runs by with Garland following her. She creates a thinny to escape and reappears down the beach, and Garland goes after her. Nathan explains that he needs a thinny in the future, just as James returns. He doesn't see Nathan and Lucy in the woods. Vince and Dave arrive and Vince fires into the still-open thinny. It pulls Dave in and he reappears at the other thinny. Nathan realizes that Croatoan has possessed Dave, and tells Lucy that Croatoan is going to kill James and they can't stop it. He warns that they can't change the future, but now he knows that a Colton makes the thinnys and he can use it in the future. Lucy pleads with Nathan to save their son, but Nathan says that James already died. Meanwhile, "Dave" knocks James over the head and then draws his Trouble out through his eyes.

Nathan goes to Vince, who has seen the entire thing. They leave while Croatoan removes the memories of everyone coming toward the beach. He sees Lucy and leaves Dave's body, passing on into the thinny. Dave wakes up and finds himself next to James' body, and runs off. Later, the townspeople find James' body. Lucy is there looking at her son when the boy takes the photo of the crime scene.

Back at the station, Vince and Nathan find Stuart and show him the photo.


Audrey gets Nathan a drink and he explains how he had to watch Lucy see their son die again. He wishes he had lost his memories along with everyone else's, and explains that Barbara used the ring to create the thinnys. They figure that Garland got the ring back from Barbara, and Audrey points out that he might not have if he met Nathan in the past. Nathan figures that his father knew all along, and Audrey says that she wasn't able to find a single Colton in all of Haven. He knows that there haven't been any in Haven for years, but insists that his trip changed everything.

The man introduces himself to Duke as Saul Goodwin. Duke realizes is the boy into photography, and Saul says that he doesn't remember him from grade school... or remembers Haven. He explains that he has something for Duke but couldn't give it to him until that day. Saul started his own firm to keep track of Duke, but has no idea why he started watching Duke. The man gives Duke an envelope and wishes him luck. Once he leaves, Duke discovers that the envelope contains a letter from Nathan in 1983. He says that he needs Duke to find a member of the Colton family and bring him through the shroud to Haven. Duke realizes that he's talking about Hallie.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 13, 2015

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