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Séance and Sensibility Recap

In DC in 2019, the Legends approach the Heywood home where Hank's wake is being held, and Ray wonders what he should say to Nate.

In his room, Zari adjusts Nate's tie and they hesitantly talk about their fake relationship. Nate starts to kill Zari, and she quickly backs away. They join the others and Dorothy asks Nate to have him make the toast for Hank. She thanks Zari for being there. Meanwhile, Ray tells Sara that he can't be near Nate. He goes to the coffin and eats, and Constantine advises him not to stress-eat. He says that there's wakes are supernatural soft spots where spirits can get in, and points out that Nate's aunt is praying to ward off evil spirits and the mirrors are covered to prevent spirits from getting in.

Ray walks out and bumps into Nate, and Nate admits that they were both wrong: Ray about Nora and Nate about Hank not torturing magical creatures. When Ray goes into the bathroom, he hears a cracking noise from a covered mirror. He removes the cloth and sees Nora in the mirror. She explains that it's a reflection spell and she can't hold it long, and insists that she didn't kill Hank. Ray asks to talk to her in person.

On Waverider, Charlie offers Mona a steak. Mona points out that she's a vegetarian, and Charlie says that now she's a monster and it's cool. Charlie says that she figures Koname would want her to embrace her Kaupe nature. The names on Mona's shirts are of her favorite Jane Austen characters, and they start to fade. Gideon explains that they're experiencing the effects of a magical fugitive. Mona calls Sara and says that her favorite author Jane Austen never wrote her novels because a fugitive got to Austen. Sara tells the others and Nate says that they should go. Sara and Ray leave, and Zari awkwardly hugs Nate.

The Legends return to Waverider and Charlie says that Gideon traced the new fugitive to a wedding that Jane attended in 1802.Mona wants to go with them, and Nate retires to his bedroom. Mona sniffs at Zari and says that Zari smells like Nate. Zari insists that she doesn't, and Mona confirms that she also smells like arousal. Sara points out that Nate admitted that he likes Zari and assures her that it's okay, and Mona suggests that Zari talk to Nate. Sara warns that it's a bad idea and Zari walks off.

The Legends arrive in Bath in 1802, and Mona's bonnet blows off. Zari is almost run over by a carriage, and the coachman helps her up. His employer Lord Remington says that they have to go, and the coachman goes back to the carriage.

Sara, Mona, Zari, and Charlie go into the church Sara notes that the groom, Dockerty, is not attractive. Jane hears her and says that Dockerty's fortunes are prodigious, and her sister Cassandra tells her not to be rude. The ceremony begins and the father brings in the bride, Miss Sinclair. She says that she can't marry Dockerty because her heart yearns for another, the scullery maid Ellen. Ellen pops up and says that she loves him, and they kiss as everyone gasps. Dockerty declares his love for Miss Sinclair's mother, and they kiss. People embrace throughout the church.

Later, Nora sneaks onto Waverider and tells Ray that a demon killed Hank. Ray figures that Constantine can find proof and it will be nice if Nora stays there. Charlie comes aboard and Ray quickly hides Nora in a compartment. She tells him that they need him and they go to the control room. Charlie confirms that it was the second "lust outbreak" but doesn't explain why Jane stopped writing. Mona suggests that they talk to Jane, who was a keen observer. Charlie suggests that they talk to the servants and Zari agrees to talk to the coachman.

Mona and Sara visit Jane, who is writing in the study. She says that it's just a letter and walks around the room with them to discuss what happened. Jane says that since Lord Remington arrived a week ago, the townspeople have been acting oddly. She figures that Miss Sinclair will be cut off from her fortune, and Mona says that she's learned that love will overcome any obstacle. Jane dismisses her as a fool, and Mona starts to lose her temper and wolf-out. Sara quickly distracts her, suggesting that they find Remington.

Charlie goes to the carriage house and the coachman approaches her, saying that it's a pleasure to see her again.

At the wake, Mick is eating and Nate approaches him. He says that Hank was a liar and is turning him into a liar as well. Mick says that whatever Nate says is for him, not his father, and a surprised Nate agrees.

Constantine checks out a mirror and gets a vision of Hank dying. He goes to Mick and says that they have to find Nate because Hank's spirit is still there.

Sara and Mona return to the church and talk to the local women. They're giggling over a man and Mona joins in. They say that they're talking about the coachman and walk off, and they realize that the coachman is the fugitive and run off to confront him.

The coachman is kissing Zari, and she pulls away and says that things are moving too fast. He agrees and Zari asks what he is. The coachman glows with light and says that he's Kamadeva, the Hindu God of Love. Entranced, Zari kisses him.

Sara and Mona run in and find the couple moaning in a stable. Zari leads Kamadeva out, handcuffed, and says that she's not going to sleep with a fugitive. Kamadeva is impressed because no woman has resisted his charms, and Sara and Mona take him to Waverider and put him in a cell. He says that he only sought to help people seek out their hearts' desires. Mona points out that her shirt wording hasn't reverted back, and figures that they haven't fixed history yet. Zari leaves rather than stay with Kamadeva.

Ray returns to his cabin where he hid Nora and gives her some pajamas that he had Gabriel fabricate. She says that they can share the bed and they lie down and awkwardly avoid touching each other. Nora finally reaches for Ray's hand, and he says that the ge4ntlemanly thing to do would be to sleep in the chair. He quickly dozes off and a frustrated Nora lies back down.

Constantine and Mick check on Nate, who is working on the toast. They tell him that Hank's spirit is there, and Constantine asks Nate to help them participate in the séance to send the spirit away. Nate refuses, saying that it's Hank's turn to listen to him. A record player comes on by itself, and Nate yells at his father that he doesn't scare him and walks out. The record spins off of the player and breaks against the door.

Kamadeva blows a love mist through Waverider.

Nora wakes up and finds a shirtless Ray standing by the bed. He asks if she wants him in bed with her, and Nora admits that he does. Ray lies down and kisses her, and she says that it's okay.

The mist hits Sara, who mutters Ava's name.

Zari and Kamadeva have sex in the study.

Mona lies asleep and moans in her sleep.

Charlie laughs and shouts in her sleep.

Nate joins Zari and Kamadeva, kissing Zari. She realizes that it's a dream and goes to the mess hall. The other women are there and all admit that Kamadeva got to them. Zari admits that Hank was in her dream, and Mona refuses to say that she dreamed about Koname. She moves away, crying, and Zari joins her and says that it's okay. Mona mourns Koname and Zari says that no one should give their heart away without thinking about the consequence. She dismisses romance as something to sell novels, and Mona tells her that romance will never be real for her if she doesn't take a risk. Zari says that Koname turned her into a werewolf, and Mona starts to change. She says that it's not Koname's fault and changes, slaps Charlie across the room, and runs out.

The female Kaupe, "Wolfie", goes to Jane's study and says that it's time for her to pay. She blames Jane for making her a romantic and now Koname is dead. Jane dodges around the room and W9olfie says that Jane's writing is a lie. Jane realizes that Wolfie is Mona, and says that she believes that one should only marry for love. She explains that she rejected the only man who asked for her hand: a smug simpleton who only read sermons. Wolfie reverts back to Mona.

Zari confronts Kamadeva, who says that whoever she dreamed about is someone she desires. He figures that Zari has never let herself fall in love, and Zari says that love is a liability. Kamadeva explains that his real name is Sanjay, and he gathered the ashes of the original Kamadeva when Shiva immolated him. The ashes bestow powers, and he figures that Zari yearns to be impulsive and free. She lowers the force field and invites him to give her a hit. They both breathe in the ashes and Zari's eyes turn golden.

Nate gives his toast, saying that he got to know the real Hank. The lights flicker, and Nate offers a toast to Hank's being a workaholic. Dorothy talks about how Hank and his father were never close, and describes a trip they had planned to Disneyland for Nate. Hank saw how disappointed Nate was when he had to go to the hospital, and put on a Mickey Mouse costume. She says that Hank wasn't perfect but he could make people believe in magic, and offers a toast to Hank. Nate joins in as Mick and Constantine slip out.

Jane tells Mona that her writing has been rejected by every publisher and she's decided to stop writing. Mona insists that Jane's books are timeless, and says that Jane is her favorite author. Jane says that her books advocate love based on mutual respect, not losing control.

Zari and Kamadeva dance in the garden, and Zari says that they should get married. As they sit together, Zari hears sitar music and breaks into song. She and Kamadeva dance in a musical number as the townspeople join in.

On Waverider, Gideon broadcasts the music from Zari's comm. Nora says that the music is magical and they sing their feelings to each other.

Zari and Kamadeva prepare for their Hindu wedding in a big Bollywood number. Sara and Charlie arrive and Zari blows the ashes on them, causing them to join in. Everyone dances Mona and Jane come in and tell Zari that she's making a mistake. Mona sings about grief, breaking the spell, and tells Zari to have courage to wait for something more. Kamadeva tells Zari not to listen, and Charlie figures that Kamadeva has a wife. He admits that he has a thousand wives, and Zari says that she doesn't want to marry him. She walks away with Mona and they sing about surrendering to real love, as Sara and Charlie take Kamadeva captive.

Constantine draws a containment circle around Mick and explains that the spirit will possess Mick. Mick is unable to escape the circle, and Hank's spirit possesses Mick. Hank isn't happy but explains that he made a terrible mistake.

Nate looks at Hank's body.

Hank's spirit explains that a demon approached him and offered him unlimited finances in return for Hank handing over the magical creatures.

Nate finds a hidden compartment in the room.

Constantine demands the demon's name, and Hank's spirit says that it's Neron. The spirit leaves Mick's body and he collapses.

Nate finds a hidden room with files, a one-way mirror, and a camera. He turns on the camera and a video plays of Hank showing off a picture that a childhood Nate made of a theme park for magical creatures. Hank says that he plans to create "Heyworld" and make Nate's dream a reality. Nate goes back to his father's body and realizes that Hank was training the creatures to be in a theme park. He figures it was Hank's way of making the world a better place, and admits that he was wrong about his father. Nate wishes he had a chance to know that side of his father, cries, and says that he's going to miss Hank.

As Constantine drinks, he sees "himself" in the mirror, telling him that he failed Desmond and will fail Nate because deep down, Constantine wants the world to go to Hell. Constantine punches the mirror and his reflection chuckles. Des appears in the mirror and asks Constantine if he misses him. He turns into Neron, who howls at Constantine as the mirror shatters.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 16, 2019

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