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Séance and Sensibility

While Nate attends Hank's wake, Constantine tries to summon Hank's spirit with some help from Mick. Meanwhile, the other Legends travel to 1802 England when Jane Austen's works start disappearing from the timeline.

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By Gadfly on Apr 16, 2019

In DC in 2019, the Legends approach the Heywood home where Hank's wake is being held, and Ray wonders what he should say to Nate. In his room, Zari adjusts Nate's tie and they hesitantly talk about their fake relationship. Nate starts to kill Zari, and she quickly backs away. They join the others and Dorothy asks Nate to have him make the toast for Hank. She thanks Zari for being there. Meanwhile, Ray tells Sara that he can't be near Nate. He goes to the coffin and eats, and Constantine advis…

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Episode Discussion

GSwarthout posted a year ago

This episode was good...till they started singing...then it became awesome.

casper1701e posted 2 years ago

This episode was "ok"...till they started singing...eye roll.

Zlogorek posted 2 years ago

Bollywood episode is not for weak-nerved.

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