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Pilot, Part 2 Recap

Waverider arrives in Norway, and Gideon brings them in to land. The team confirms that they're still in 1975, and Rip goes through Aldus' notebook. Kendra suggests that they go back in time and save Aldus, and Rip warns that they can't go back and change events that they were involved with. Gideon confirms that there is a large terrorist meeting looking to buy illegal arms. The team figures that Len and Mick can earn their keep, and Rip directs them to the fabrication room to get suitable clothing.

As the team goes to the fabrication room, Ray wants to come up with an infiltration plan. Len points out that he doesn't have any experience in infiltrating criminal gatherings, and insists on calling the shots. When Rip insists that he's in charge, Mick reminds him that half of what he told them about the mission was lies, and leave with Ray and Len.

The team approaches the warehouse where the meeting is being held, and Sara points out that they don't have credentials to get in. Len secretly takes another attendees invite and presents it to the guard, and when the guard questions him, Martin bluffs him and insists that they're very important people. The guard lets them in and Len calls Jax, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl, who are outside. Len contacts them by radio and says that once they get eyes on Savage, they'll get him out when the sale is over. Among the attendees is Damien Darhk of HIVE.

Len and Mick go one way, and Martin and Sara go the other. They fail to spot Savage, and prepare to move out when the seller calls everyone's attention. Savage takes the stage and they realize that he's the seller, not a buyer. The immortal villain brings out a nuclear missile and the auctioneer starts the bidding. The bidders start shooting guns into the air to register their bid, while Savage senses Hawkman and Hawkgirl. He wonders where Len's group is from, and Martin realizes that they're attracting attention. Mick fires his gun into the air, and they end up winning the bid. Damien comes over and congratulates them, and wonders who Martin is. Savage comes over and asks if there is a problem, and the auctioneer demands payment. Martin questions whether the missile is workable, referring to "this era," and Savage notices. The professor dismisses it as a figure of speech.

Outside, Jax and the others prepare for battle and charge in. Meanwhile, Savage offers a 25% discount to the organization that brings. Mick opens fire as his teammates attack the terrorists. The guard grabs Martin, and the miniaturized Atom flies out of his pocket and attacks the guard. He fights his way through the crowd and then enlarges and knocks out more terrorists. Savage watches the fight from the stage and smiles, and Hawkman and Hawkgirl fly down at him. He warns that they can't apprehend him and stop a nuclear explosion at the same time, and triggers the missile.

As Savage runs off, Jax runs in and merges with Martin to become Firestorm. Atom enters the bomb and the timer speeds up. Sara calls Firestorm down while Atom holds off the guards, and it knocks off a piece of his suit. Meanwhile, Firestorm flies the missile away and Martin tells Jax that they'll have to absorb the nuclear explosion. The missile goes off and Firestorm pulls most of the energy into himself.

Back on Waverider, Len insists that he had everything under control until Martin screwed up. Rip sarcastically applauds them on failing to capture Savage. He tells the team that they now have bigger problems: Savage has sent a man back to the warehouse to recover the component that fell off of Atom's suit. Ray realized what happened, and Rip explains that Savage's technicians used the component to develop a weapon letting him take control of Central City in 2016. They have time before the new timeline becomes permanent: the time until the technicians develop the weapon in the present.

In their quarters, Carter looks through Aldus' belongings. He promises Kendra that they will give their son a proper burial, and shows him an article about an ancient Egyptian dagger sold to a private collection. Kendra remembers that it was the dagger that Savage used to kill them in their first lives.

Rip tries to work out a way to change the course of events, and ray says that they just have to find the piece of his suit. It shrinks and emits Alpha Particles, and Martin figures that he can track them even with the lesser technology of the 1970s... by consulting his younger self in 1975. Kendra and Carter come in and show them the newspaper clipping about the dagger, and figure that they can use it to kill Savage. An incantation has to be recited when the dagger is used, but Kendra can't read the language. Carter offers to help her remember, and Len agrees to steal the dagger from the new owner, Sasha Mahonvski. Ray offers to go with Len, and reminds him that he doesn't trust either criminal. Rip agrees but tells Ray not to take any of his future tech with him. Martin wants to go to his old lab, and Rip tells him to take Jax and Sara with him

Waverider arrives in Ivy Town and Martin warns Sara and Jax that they have to make sure not to give away that they're from the future. They spot Young Martin--Marty--talking with a girl, and Marty comes over and thinks that Martin looks familiar. Martin gives him a fake name and says that he's familiar with his work. Marty assures them that he's an expert in Alpha Particles, and Sara starts flirting with him. He leads her off to smoke a doobie and rap about physics.

On Waverider, Carter tries to get Kendra to concentrate. The language was only known to the clergy, and Carter has Kendra relax and open her mind to her previous lives. Kendra remembers the two of them making love in their first life, and shoves Carter away when he insists that it's their destiny to be together.

Savage and his aide go to a warehouse in Central City, and Savage figures that the team is from the future. The technicians are working on the technology, and the chief scientist reports that it contains a miniaturized missile guidance system. Savage gives him 24 hours to reverse engineer it, and uses the device to kill the scientist. He then tells the other scientists to get to work.

Len, Mick, and Ray approach Sasha's manor and pick out the alarms and armed guards. Ray goes forward and overrides the security system, explaining that his parents had the same system. Len points out that it's a dummy box and the armed guards arrive. Len and Mick easily knock them out.

At his dorm, Marty offers Jax and Sara marijuana, and Martin warns against the long-term health consequences. He turns the conversation to the detection of Alpha Particles, and Marty boasts that he has worked up a prototype particle tracker. Once he leaves, Martin looks for Marty's particle tracker. He complains that Sara is flirting with Marty, and points out that he soon meets his future wife.

Len and the others find the dagger in Sasha's collection. Mick breaks open all of the cases and then goes to find the safe, and Ray refuses to let Len jeopardize the mission. Len punches him and says that it's his mission, and Ray punches him back... and sets off an alarm. A cage slams down, trapping the two men.

Martin finds the tracker and Marty comes in and tells him to put it down. He insists that they shouldn't fool with it, and threatens to call the campus police if they don't tell them the truth. Martin says that they're there to profile a potential Nobel candidate, and asks to borrow the tracker for a few hours to use for a photo cover. Marty refuses to let them walk away with it, and Sara clubs him over the head. Martin sets the alarm to wake up Marty so he meets his future wife on time at a faculty mixer later that night.

Mick returns and Len sends him to trigger a system default. He then finds the control panel for the security system and goes to work, and ray points out that in another life Len could have been an electrical engineer. Len says that he doesn't want to be like Ray: a tech billionaire who can shrink and tries to save the world. He says that he's a survivor and there'll come a day when Ray wishes that he was. When Len can't override the system, Ray takes over and Ray concedes that he isn't completely useless.

Kendra apologizes to Kendra, refusing to believe that he's her future. The more he insists, the more she wants to prove him wrong. Carter assures Kendra that he's been taking her for granted and they're not destined to be together in every life. He tells Kendra that she's worth the wait and has her focus her mind again.

Khufu gives Chay-Ara the dagger as a gift, and explains that he was told only a high priestess can read the inscription. Chay-Ara is able to translate the love poem, sets it aside, and kisses Khufu.

Kendra says that the inscription is a love poem prophesizing that the two of them will be together always.

Using the tracker, Martin, Jax, and Sara trace Ray's tech to Savage's hidden warehouse lab. They sneak in and Sara jumps down to fight them. Once she takes out the guards, she grabs the tech and leaves.

Savage enters the exhibit room, holding Mick at gunpoint.

Martin and the others return to Waverider, and Martin realizes that his wedding ring has disappeared. He figures that he didn't go to the mixer after all... just as Marty enters the timeship and demands to know who they are.

Savage figures that Len and the others know that he's immortal, and Len promises to kill him anyway. The immortal realizes that they've come after him for something he'll do in the future, and knocks Mick out. Ray says that the rest of the team will show up, and Savage takes the radio off of Mick and tells Ray to contact his friends, particularly Carter and Kendra.

On Waverider, Martin starts arguing with his past self. Jax pulls him away and tells him to get control of himself, and Martin admits that he has realized that he's just as big a jerk in the present as he was in the past. His other self points out that Martin is arrogant, but also kind and selfless. He says that neither Martin is a bad guy, and Martin admits that meeting Jax is one of the greatest moments in his life.

Marty demands an explanation and Martin tells him to get off the timeship immediately. Rip comes in and complains, and Martin admits to Marty that they've met before. The professor wishes him a wonderful life, and Jax escorts Marty out. Len calls in on the radio and explains what Savage wants. Carter and Kendra come in, and Carter says that once he gets close enough, he'll do what he has to do.

Savage becomes impatient when the team doesn't arrive, and prepares to shoot Mick. Firestorm flies in and blasts Savage back, and then frees Len and Ray. They go outside and give the waiting Hawkman the dagger. Hawkman and Hawkgirl fly in, while guards arrive and Ray, Len, and Mick go to fight them.

The Hawks confront Savage, who recognizes the dagger as Hawkman tackles him.

The team opens fire on the guards.

Hawkman recites the incantation and rives the dagger into Savage. He doesn't die, and Savage pulls it out and jams it into Hawkman's chest. Savage says that it must be Hawkgirl who wields the dagger because it belongs to her, and advances on Hawkgirl. He easily knocks her down, and she crawls to Hawkman. He says that he will wait through eternity for her, and asks her to come back to him as he dies. His sol essence leaves his body and enters Savage.

Hawkgirl charges at Savage, who grabs her and plunges the dagger into her side. He insists that he loves her and always will, and then tosses her to the floor. Savage prepares to strike the final blow... and the team arrives. Captain Cold blasts Savage back, and Rip says that they have to get Hawkgirl out because she's the only one who can kill savage. They get to Waverider and Gideon treats her wounds. Kendra starts screaming for Kendra, and says that she finally remembered how she felt about Carter in the past and never had the chance to tell him that she feels the same way. Gideon sedates her while Rip holds her down.

Ray tells Martin that Kendra is stable, and expresses his condolences about what is happening to Martin's wife Clarissa. Martin admits that he never considered the consequences of time travel. Rip comes out and says that Kendra is stable, but another time jump could aggravate her conditions. He takes Martin back to the college and points out that Martin's wedding ring is back. Rip explains that he contacted Marty and encouraged him to attend the mixer. Marty and a young Clarissa come out together, and Rip says that he has learned that while time changes, people don't. He tells Martin to be glad that he can still learn, and Martin thanks him for his help.

On Waverider, Rip says that now it's up to them. Len points out that everything they've done has failed, and Rip assures them that they've prevented Savage from developing his weapon from Ray's technology. He admits that his family will still die, and the team figures that they should become legends and save the world. Len insists that if someone takes out one of his crew, then the killer will pay the price. Martin asks Jax what he wants to do, and Jax says that they should kick Savage's ass for Carter. The others agree and Martin asks Rip where they're going next.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 23, 2019

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