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A.K.A I Have No Spleen Recap

Trish gives the hospitalized Jessica Andrew's full name and leaves. Once she's alone, Jessica checks the stitched-up stab wound in her stomach

Outside, Trish tosses the things she bought for Jessica in the garbage.

Dr. Purks tells Jessica about what happens when she loses her spleen, and how she has to take precautions against a deadly infection. He warns that she isn't completely invulnerable, but Jessica says that there's someone she has to find, gets up, and passes out.

Malcolm is pissing and produces blood, and Zaya comes into the bathroom and notices. He dismisses it as nothing, and Malcolm claims that a cabbie rear-ended his car and he has some internal bruising. Zaya wants to pursue the matter further, but Malcolm refuses and says that he's working from home. She wonders if he's okay, and Malcolm admits he's uncomfortable working for Jeri. However, he figures that after a year he'll have the clout and the cash to go off on his own. Zaya kisses him and they make love.

Jessica wakes up from a nightmare of the attack on her, and instinctively kicks the man next to her. It's Eddy, who says that he's there to take her statement about the attack. He doesn't have the knife and wants to know which client she pissed off, but Jessica refuses to help him. Jessica insists that she's not a victim, and Eddy tells her not to make herself an easy target before leaving.

Jeri and Kith go to a restaurant for lunch, and Kith talks about how Jeri abruptly dumped her. She asks what happened to Wendy, and Jeri says that she married her. Jeri admits that she enthusiastically cheated on Wendy as well as Kith, and Wendy died in a tragic accident. Kith snaps at her and Jeri wonders if she's still mad at her after 25 years, and Kith wonders why they're there. Jeri admits that she wanted to see if Kith was broken the way that what she did broke Wendy. Kith says that she got over it, and Jeri offers her condolences about Kith's daughter dying of cancer. They talk about Kith's teaching career and Jeri says that Kith took her breath away. Kith quickly excuses herself to teach her class.

Jessica discharges herself against Park's advice and signs a waiver to that effect. When she gets to Alias, Gillian unlocks the door, cites the heightened security, and tells Jessica her that she won't take a knife for her. Gillian is heading out and says that she'll check on Andrew in the morning, gives Jessica the post-surgical vaccinations Purks sent, and sets Jessica's phone alarm to remind her to take the pills. Once Gillian leaves, Jessica gets the hamburger that Erik left in the refrigerator eats it, and starts doing research on Andrew.

Trish does research on Andrew and statue he had stolen from his sister.

Jessica refuses to lock her office door, goes back to her desk, dozes off, and dreams of the attack. She wakes up when there's a knock on her door. It's Malcolm, and Jessica thanks him for calling the ambulance. He gives her the knife that he grabbed before the police arrived, figuring Jessica wanted to handle the case herself. Malcolm was unable to lift any prints or track the knife's purchase because it's too common, and wonders what Jessica will do when she finds her attacker. Jessica tells him that she'll do whatever it takes, and Malcolm bills her for his efforts. Once Malcolm leaves, Jessica looks at the knife and then locks her office door.

The next day, Jessica checks out Andrew's apartment and finds a list of auction and private sale prices for artist Victor Cataldo jammed in the printer. Trish comes in and says that she's impressed that Jessica found a lead when she couldn't. She says that she should be the one to bring in Andrew, but Jessica isn't interested. Trish figures that Jessica wants vengeance rather than justice, and tells her that she's a super but not a hero. Disgusted, Jessica leaves.

At her office, Jeri congratulates Zaya on a case. As she leaves, Malcolm comes in and Jeri notices that they're having a relationship but tells Malcolm that she doesn't care. He insists that it's more than a workplace dalliance. Jeri tells him to do a workup on Peter and find out what he's hiding.

Back at her office, Jessica makes some calls about Cataldo, claiming to be a collector. Everyone says that the art is illicit and the lots are privileged, and Jessica has no luck even when claiming to be with Jeri's office.

Malcolm poses as a student and goes to the college where Peter teaches. He waits until Peter leaves his office and then accesses the camera on his computer, and then leaves. Peter comes back and invites Malcolm in, and Malcolm says that he was hoping to transfer into his legal ethics seminar. He claims that he wants to learn about morality, and Peter says that he doesn't have any chairs left and should check in next semester. Relieved, Malcolm quickly leaves.

Jessica gets a text from Erik asking if she's okay. He says that he's at her door, and Jessica opens it to find Erik there. Erik says that he's there to check up on her, and Jessica says that she's tracking down the attacker. She evades the question of what she'll do when she finds him, and Erik asks if she tried his hamburger. Jessica claims that she tossed it, and makes it clear she isn't interested in hooking up with Erik. He shrugs and leaves.

Trish is on her home-shopping show hawking sweaters. They break a sales record and Grace assures Trish that she's born to the job. Afterward, Trish goes home and puts on her vigilante outfit.

Gillian returns to the office and at lunch tells Jessica that there's a client waiting in the office. The client is Jeri, who knows Jessica used her name without her permission. The lawyer says that she is checking on Jessica and discusses her medication regimen, and tells her that despite she's vulnerable and alone, she gets out of bed every day. Jessica isn't impressed and admits that she's done some research on Jeri's condition, and Jeri says that she'll make some calls about illegal art sales. Once Jeri leaves, she texts Jessica with the name of a gallery.

Jessica goes to gallery and notices Trish following her. The PI stops at a street vendor and gets a hot dog, and then walks on and gives a passing man a piece of paper. Trish comes over and takes it from the man, and discovers that it's a napkin with mustard on it. Weak from her injury, Jessica collapses on the sidewalk. Trish spots her and runs over, and calls 911, finds Jessica's phone with the gallery name in the text, and leaves before the responders get there.

Kith goes to Jeri's apartment with her cello to see if she has a tape Jeri claims to have saved from when they were together. Jeri produces the tape and invites Kith inside, and the woman accepts. Jeri talks about how they were in bed and never slept when they were together, and brings up their old relationship. She plays the tape and the machine eats it, and Kith plays it for Jeri on her cello. After a minute, Jeri goes over and strokes Kith's hair, undresses her as she plays, and Kith pulls away. She then comes back and kisses Jeri.

That night, Malcolm watches the video feed from Peter's computer. He sees Peter having sex with a student. Zaya is working on her computer, and finally suggests that they get takeout. She comes over and sees the video feed, and figures that he's watching porn. He quickly closes his laptop and pulls her down on the couch with him.

Jessica wakes up in the hospital and Purks points out that she lost consciousness due to dehydration. She demands her phone, and Purks warns that her immune system is vulnerable without her spleen. Jessica confirms that she got Jeri's text with the gallery address and tells Purks that she'll stay.

After sex, Kith tells Jeri that Jeri is the only person who ever got everything she wanted. She then tells Jeri that she and Peter have an open marriage and he's probably with a graduate student. Kith assures Jeri that she won't get attached to her.

The next day, Jessica goes to the gallery and checks the security procedures at the door. She then takes some prescription narcotics, leaps up to the roof, and collapses in pain. Jessica enters the gallery through the rooftop door and finds the crate with the statue, and hears Trish downstairs talking to the owner. The PI realizes that Trish took the paper with the gallery name, and once the owner leaves to get some champagne, Trish accesses his computer as Jessica secretly watches. Jessica sees Trish take a photo of the owner's list of contacts, and then gets back to her seat as he returns.

When Trish leaves, Jessica calls her over to the alleyway and shows her the statue. Trish says that she's going after Andrew and that she's going after him, and asks for the statue. She tells Jessica that she wants to be a hero but doesn't walk the walk, while she's spent the last year honing her skills and is unstoppable. When Trish says that she still has all of her organs intact, Jessica knocks her down, drops the statue, takes her phone back, and walks away. As she leaves the alley, Jessica calls Andrew and tells him that his lot has sold and asks where he wants the check delivered.

Once she has the address, Jessica goes there and wakes him up. She pins him to the wall with one of his collectible cars, and demands to know who he hired to stab her. Andrew says that he doesn't know anything about it, and Jessica believes him and lets him go. He wonders what she's going to do to him.

Trish is in makeup when Jessica calls and tells her that Andrew wasn't the one who came after him. She gives Trish Andrew's address and says that Trish will know what to do with him, and leaves Andrew tied up on his couch.

Malcolm tells Jeri that Peter is having an affair and gives her the flash drive with the video. Jeri says that it's not what she needs, and tells Malcolm to dig deeper because that's what he does best.

Jessica returns to Alias and Eddy says that his office got an anonymous call about Andrew, who they've been after for months. Andrew mentioned Jessica and a masked woman, and Eddy asks who the woman is. Jessica doesn't respond, and Eddy tells her that she did good and is glad she has someone backing her up. After he leaves, Jessica goes into her office, calls Erik, and invites him over. As he knocks on the door, Jessica hesitates, remembering the attack. Jessica says that she owes him on their bet, and Erik realizes that she ate his hamburger. She continues remembering her attacker stabbing her, and then invites Erik in. Jessica grabs him by the throat and asks him why someone wanted to kill him.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 30, 2019

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