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A.K.A I Wish Recap

Trish arrives at Alias and asks Jessica where they start. Jessica explains about Gregory and how he hasn't left any traces, and Trish says that they'll get him. The PI points out that they have no evidence against him, and says that they'll have to run a stakeout on him. Trish suggests that they force him to confess, and Jessica points out that it's coercion and Gregory knows the law. Jessica points out that Gregory has studied her and knows her moves, but he doesn't know Trish.

In the darkroom at his backup apartment, Gregory looks at himself in the mirror and practices faking emotions. He turns on the lights and cleans up any traces that he left, and then texts his resignation to his current job. He then leaves the apartment with his things and blends into the street crowd.

Jessica and Trish set up on a building across from Gregory's apartment, and Jessica has already learned that Gregory worked as a wrestling coach and living off the settlement from when his brother died in an accident. She gives Trish advice, and Trish complains that she already knows it and that Jessica won't consider that she knows what she's doing. Jessica snaps at her that she's never wrong and leaves.

After she learns that Peter is embezzling from Zoey's foundation, Kith pours her heart out to Jeri, saying that she misjudging him. Jeri assures Kith that she'll take care of everything and promises that Peter will go down for what he did and she'll help Kith rise up. Her son Laurent apparently knocks at the door, and she asks Jeri to let him in while she checks her makeup in the bathroom. Peter barges in and demands to see Kith, and Jeri threatens to call building security. He says that everything was fine until Jeri arrived. Kith comes out and Peter tells her that Jeri is manipulating her, destroying her life. Jeri tells Peter to go home and get a lawyer, and negotiate a reduced sentence. He says that Jeri can't have Kith, and Jeri tells him that he can't either.

Jessica watches Gregory's apartment from the street and Trish calls to say that Gregory came home and brought a photograph with him. Trish wants to move in and observe from the fire escape, but Jessica tells her not to reveal herself. Gregory adds the photo to a hidden album, and Trish hangs up and drops down to the street. When Gregory comes out, the two women quickly duck into an alleyway. Trish tells Jessica to follow him while she gets the photo. She runs off before Jessica can stop her and Jessica goes into the apartment lobby.

Inside, the power goes out and Jessica realizes that Trish is responsible. She runs back outside, sees Gregory walking away, and goes after him.

Trish breaks into the apartment and gets the album, and finds photos of him practicing emotions. She takes her own pictures of them.

Malcolm checks his surveillance of Peter's laptop camera and sees nothing in Peter's office. Jeri calls and tells him that Peter came to her apartment and accused her of destroying his marriage. She warns that Peter might come to the law office and asks if that will be a problem, and Malcolm says that he's going to take some vacation days. Jeri asks if anyone else knows what Malcolm has been working on, and Malcolm tells her that no one else does. He hangs up and erases the video file from his computer.

Trish puts the album back and takes photos of the apartment.

Gregory sits on a bus bench and watches three prostitutes across the street. Jessica watches him watch, and sees their pimp Gor arrive and call one of them--Berry--over. Berry comes over and pays him his cut, and Gor grabs her roughly by the wrist until she hands over the rest. As Gor gets in his car, Erik arrives by taxi and Gregory hails him. They talk briefly and then Erik goes to Gor, gives him something, and walks over to Berry. Erik grabs her and leads her away despite her protests, taking her into a nearby hotel. Gregory walks away but Jessica follows Erik and Berry into the hotel.

Jessica hears Berry and Erik arguing and follows the sound to a room. She breaks in as Berry throws things at Erik, and Erik says that it's none of Jessica's business. When Berry comes at her, Jessica throws her on the bed and Erik says that Berry--Brianna. Berry storms off into the bathroom and slams the door shut, and Jessica says that she was following Erik's "pal" Gregory. Erik says that Gregory asked him how he found him.

In the street, Gregory says that he didn't slip up and glances over at Berry. Erik warns that he can throw Gregory in prison or kill him if he threatens him, and Gregory smugly says that Erik can't understand what he is.

Erik admits that no one has ever made him until Gregory, and he came to get Berry to safety. Berry comes out and says that she's going to work, and Erik warns her that she's not safe. Jessica shoves her on the bed and tells her to get her things.

Malcolm calls Zaya at the law office and says that he's taking a few days off. Zaya figures that there's more going on and saw Jeri acting strange earlier, and Malcolm says that he's okay and would be better if she was there with them. Apparently satisfied, Zaya says that she'll talk to him tomorrow and Malcolm agrees.

Jessica returns to Alias and finds Trish and Gillian doing a 'net search. Trish says that they found something and Jessica goes to Malcolm's apartment and says that she has a job for her. Berry and Erik join her, and Jessica gives Malcolm the drop money and asks him to protect the brother and sister. Erik doesn't believe Malcolm can do it and tries to leave with Berry, and Jessica tells Malcolm that it's important. Malcolm agrees and figures that Erik is Berry's brother, and asks Jessica for the specifics. She doesn't say anything, and he starts talking with Berry.

As they watch Malcolm and Berry, Jessica asks Erik what he's getting from Malcolm. Erik says that it's not good, but Jessica prefers to trust her gut. She and Erik go back to Alias, and Trish says that they've discovered that four of Gregory's apparent victims have gone missing in the last ten years. They figure that he's a serial killer, and Erik asks to use Jessica's shower. Once he leaves, Jessica points out to Gillian and Trish that they have nothing against Gregory to report to the police. Trish goes to beat Gregory until he confesses. When Jessica objects, Trish starts to tell her something and then says to forget it. Gillian, listening, says that she's sick of people throwing away friends and family and tells them to work it out before leaving.

Zaya shows Jeri a video of Peter confessing online to betraying his wife and daughter. He says that Jeri never gave him the chance to make it right and exposed his transgressions. Peter announces that Jeri has super people at her beck and call, and Jeri makes sure that they still continue to walk the streets. He reveals that he's cut his wrists and is in the bathtub, and says that the entire legal system is at risk. Peter begs for someone to stop Jeri, begs Kith and Laurent for forgiveness, and dies. Zaya says that the police found Peter dead and want to talk to Jeri. Jeri calls Kith and gets her voice mail, and walks out as Zaya tries to plan a legal strategy.

Trish complains that Jessica doesn't treat her like an equal and won't give her the chance to prove it. She tells Jessica to let her murdering Alisa go, and Jessica tells her to admit that she's wrong. Trish insists that she wasn't, and Jessica says that she had Elisa back and she had someone. Trish tells her that she always had someone and leaves. Erik comes out of the bathroom as Jessica takes a drink. He asks if she wants to talk about it, and Jessica says that she'd rather forget and kisses him.

Jeri goes to her apartment and calls to Kith. Kith isn't there, and Jeri calls her and says that she just saw the video. She asks if Kith is okay, and Kith tells her to stay away from her and hangs up.

The next day, Erik wakes up and discovers that Jessica has left her bed. He invites her to come back, and Jessica tells him that she's busy trying to figure out where Gregory dumped the bodies of his victims in NYC. Jessica figures that he cut them up, and suggests that there's trace evidence on the hacksaw she saw at Gregory's apartment. She figures that it's on her because Gregory is a serial killer, but denies that she's a hero. Erik figures that he should help her, and Jessica tells him to leave her a burger before he goes as she walks out.

Jessica finds Trish watching Gregory's apartment, and Trish notes that they sell plastic-seal bags on ARN. The PI says that she has an idea but needs Trish to borrow something from Maury at the morgue for her plan to work.

Malcolm calls Zaya and discusses Peter's suicide, and Zaya warns that clients are dropping them. She realizes that Malcolm knew Peter and wonders if Malcolm had something to do with it. Zaya figures that Malcolm didn't make Peter take his life or spew lies, and says that Peter did it. She says that she can't make it to Malcolm's apartment, and Malcolm tells her that it's okay. Once he hangs up, Malcolm hears Berry swearing and goes out to the living room. Berry says that she can't find her earrings on her, and Malcolm finds her drugs. She runs over and grabs it. Gor arrives at the door and Berry tells Malcolm that he's her ride. She lets him in, ignoring Malcolm's objections, and Malcolm tells Gor to forget it. Gor insists that he protects his women, and punches Malcolm to the floor before leaving with Berry.

That night, Gregory is in his apartment when someone tosses a severed hand in a plastic-seal bag through his window. He looks out the window but sees no one, close the window and the blinds, and wonders if he knows the hand's owner. Gregory grabs a phone, turns off the lights, and goes back to the window. He spots Jessica across the street and calls 911.

A police car soon pulls up and the unis approach Jessica. Gregory, watching, puts the hand in his duffel bag and leaves. Meanwhile, Jessica tells the unis that she's out walking.

Trish watches Gregory leave via the fire escape and texts Jessica that he's on the move. Jessica tells the unis that she's going home and leaves. She joins Trish at a railyard, and Trish takes both of them to where Gregory went. They see Gregory climb up on a tanker car and toss the hand inside. Trish wants to move in, but Jessica wants proof before Trish blows her cover. Trish follows him while Jessica goes to check the tanker car.

Jessica climbs up on the tanker car and finds it partially filled with water. She climbs down the ladder and finds plastic bags with bodies floating in the water. As Jessica backs away, she hits a tripwire closing the hatch and white powder drops into the water.

Trish hears sounds from the tanker car but continues following Gregory.

The powder reacts with the water, emitting poisonous gas. Jessica is unable to get the hatch open, and punches the wall. Trish hears the pounding sounds. She attacks Gregory, kicking him to the ground, and he gets up and says that Jessica has thirty seconds. Gregory runs off and Trish goes after him.

Unable to break through the side, Jessica collapses. Trish opens the hatch and helps Jessica climb out. She says that she choose Jessica over Gregory and gets her friend out. Outside, Jessica points out that she's still alive and thanks Trish, and Trish wishes that she hadn't killed Alisa. Jessica wishes that Alisa wasn't a mass murderer and they hear the police sirens coming. She tells Trish to go to maintain her anonymity, and Trish runs off as the police arrive.

Erik goes home and suffers from a headache due to his powers. Gregory comes out of the closet, tackles Erik, and tries to choke him. Erik fights back but Gregory fights back and renders Erik unconscious.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 2, 2019

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