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The Past

Phillip Jones yells to his sister Jessica that they’re going. Brian and Alisa to Jessica that they’re going to the car, and after a minute Jessica joins them.


Kilgrave welcomes Jessica home and introduces her to Hank, his armed bodyguard. She objects when Kilgrave wants Hank to search her, and he admits that he wants her to choose to be with him. However, Kilgrave still has Hank search her. The only thing Hank finds is Jessica’s phone, which is set to record Kilgrave in the hopes he’ll confess to the murder of the Shlottmans. Kilgrave takes the phone and offers to show her around. He holds out his hand, and Jessica insists that she doesn’t want him to touch him. He agrees not to touch her until he has her consent and gestures for her to look around.

Jessica realizes that everything is made up just like when she grew up there. She sees the markings on the doorpost showing her height as she grew up, and Kilgrave explains that he found the realtor who sold the place after the Jones died, and she had photos. He remembers Jessica telling him that her happiest memories were of home, and ushers in the mind-controlled servants, Laurent Bouchard and Alva Ramirez. They’re happy to be working there for double the salary they made before. Kilgrave dismisses them and Jessica says that she wants to get some rest. He takes her to her room and she refuses to let him open Phillip’s room. Jessica’s bedroom is just the way it was when her parents died, and Kilgrave explains that he worked hard to make it perfect. There’s a pair of binoculars, and Kilgrave figures that she was training to be a PI at an early age.

Trish calls on Jessica’s phone, and K8ilgrave offers it to Jessica, assuring her that she’s not his prisoner. Jessica takes it and tells Trish that she’s decided to leave town rather than get anyone else harmed. When Trish wonders if Jessica is being controlled, Jessica says that Kilgrave is a psychotic and he’d never let her say it if he controlled her. Trish says that Will has disappeared as well, and Kilgrave shrugs in ignorance. Once Jessica hangs up, Kilgrave says she can come down to eat anytime she wants. Jessica closes the door and barricades it, and finds the package he left her. There’s a dress inside, and Jessica tears it apart before dozing off on the bed.

As night falls, Kilgrave sits at the table, bored. Jessica finally comes down and finishes off a glass of wine and pours another. She complains that Hank is there and Kilgrave dismisses him. He hopes that eventually they’ll make a go of it, and Jessica refuses to eat. Once Laurent and Alva leave, Kilgrave suggests that Jessica might drink too much. When she reminds him of what he made her do, Kilgrave points out that he only told Jessica to take care of Reva, not kill her. Furious, Jessica smashes the bottle against the wall. Laurent and Alva come out and threaten to cut their throats. Kilgrave finally tells them to leave and Jessica says that she’s going back to her room. She apologizes to the servants and leaves.

When Jessica arrives at her room, she discovers that the door is open. Will grabs her wrist and Jessica slams him against the wall. He says that he’s there to get her out, and figures that she’s under Kilgrave’s control. Will pins her to the wall and Kilgrave asks what’s going on, and Jessica claims that she’s drunk and stumbles. The policeman says that he put a bomb in the basement to kill Kilgrave, and Jessica throws Will on the bed and says that they can’t kill Kilgrave without eliminating any chance of Hope getting out of prison. She takes his phone and tells him to leave because she’s where she wants to be.

Kilgrave knocks at the door and Jessica tells him that there’s a bomb in the basement. Hank finds the bomb and Kilgrave figures that Will planted it. He’s happy that Jessica saved his life and figures that she cares about him. Jessica says that she can’t handle another death, even his, and Kilgrave says that he cares if she dies but anyone else is fungible. Once Kilgrave leaves, Jessica plays back the recording she made.

Jeri and her lawyer meet with Wendy and her lawyer. Jeri denies sending Jessica to threaten her, and says that Jeri was kind to her even though she was a bastard to everyone else. Jeri says that she likes Wendy, and is surprised that Wendy still wants her love. Wendy makes it clear that things have gone too far, and she has nothing while Jeri has Pam. Pam comes in and tells Jeri that she has a text, and Jeri tells her lawyer Desmond to continue. Outside, Pam shows Jeri Jessica’s message that she’s with Kilgrave.

Trish finds Will with two men. He sends them on as she comes over, and Trish wonders why he hasn’t called. Will claims that the men are former soldiers, and he lost it. He says that Kilgrave has left and they’re free of him, but Trish explains that Jessica can’t come back until she exposes Kilgrave. Will insists that Jessica can protect herself better than they can, and that they can’t be the hero because it’s them against everyone else. Trish figures that Will is abandoning Jessica, and Will says that they should both get out of her way. He tells Trish to stay out of it and stay safe, and Trish walks away.

Jessica wakes up in the morning when a woman comes in. It’s Phillip and her parents, who say that it’s time to go on vacation. They start bleeding and accuse Jessica of killing them, and tell her to make it right. Jessica wakes up from her nightmare and hears a TV report about a hostage situation in the city. She uses her binoculars to look out and remembers what her parents said in her nightmare. Jessica then goes down and joins Kilgrave on the patio for breakfast. As she eats, Jessica asks if killing Hope’s family haunts him. Kilgrave says that no one would have had to force him to kill his parents. As Jessica secretly turns on her recorder, Kilgrave admits that he had Hope killer her parents because he was mad at Jessica.

A neighbor, Elizabeth De Luca, comes over to greet Jessica. Elizabeth assumes that Jessica and Kilgrave are married, and Kilgrave is eager to hear all about stories of Jessica when she was a baby. He invites Elizabeth to join them, and she talks about how Brian and Alisa. Jessica denies it, and Elizabeth assures her that they loved each other. She then talks about how she sensed that something bad was going to happen right before the car crash. Kilgrave controls her to tell the truth, and Elizabeth admits that she just said it to feel important. He makes her admit it was a shitty thing to say, and admit that she would slap someone who said it to her. Jessica shakes her head, and Kilgrave dismisses Elizabeth. She admits that it was a little satisfying, and angrily shrugs off his hand when he tries to touch her. They go inside and Jessica says that Kilgrave raped her. He insists that he wasn’t trying to force her, and yells that he never knows if someone is doing what they want or what he tells them to do. Kilgrave says that he didn’t have a nice home or loving parents, and asks if she wants to see what they put him through as he puts down the flash drive.

Jessica remembers digging up the flash drive from the building foundation.

Kilgrave brings up the video. It shows a young boy in a laboratory. His parents force him to assemble blocks in order, and experimented on him. Jessica watches in horror as they tell Kevin to calm down and then remove spinal fluid with a large needle. Kilgrave says that his power was forced on him as the boy takes control of his parents. He turns on the TV where a newscast is running about the hostage situation. Kilgrave says that his parents ran away from their 10-year-old son, and Jessica figures that everything Kilgrave has done is because no one ever taught him to be good. Watching the TV,Jessica tells Kilgrave that they should go for a ride. She says that it should take two hours, and Kilgrave commands Laurent and Alva to remove the skin from each other’s faces if they don’t return in two hours.

Jessica has hank drive them to where the husband, Chuck, is holding his family. The negotiator tries to get through to him without success. Jessica and Kilgrave arrive and Kilgrave realizes that Jessica wants him to do the hero thing. As they go around the back, Jessica says that she’s going in whether Kilgrave comes with her or not. Kilgrave tells the police on guard to let them through. Jessica breaks open the gate on the window, and when they go inside, Kilgrave tells Chuck not to shoot or move. Jessica sends Chuck’s family out, and Kilgrave commands them not to tell anyone that they were there. He then commands Chuck to kill himself, figuring that he’ll never be a productive member of society. Jessica has Kilgrave tell Chuck to turn himself into the police, and Kilgrave does so. She points out that Kilgrave saved four lives.

Jessica and Kilgrave return to the house and a relieved Alva and Laurent go to get food. Kilgrave is happy with the awe that the wife gave him for saving her, and points out that he’d have to save thousands of people to make up for all the ones that he’s hurt. However, he wants to continue fighting crime and says that Jessica has to stay with him to help along the hero’s path. Shocked, Jessica says that she needs to go out and walk. Kilgrave reminds her that Alva and Laurent’s lives depend on her, and Jessica reminds him that she came there of her own free will.

The Past

Phillip and Jessica argue over Phillip’s Gameboy. Brian tells Jessica to let her brother play with it. When he turns around, he slams into the truck ahead of them.


Jessica goes to Trish’s apartment and her friend immediately hugs her. She says that she found Kilgrave and has been living with him, and Trish yanks her in. Jessica assures Trish that she’s there of her own free will, and Trish gets her a drink. After Jessica explains what Kilgrave did, she asks Trish what she would do if she could harness Kilgrave’s power for good. However, she warns that Trish would have to give up her life to mentor Kilgrave, Trish says that she doesn’t know, and Jessica figures that she knows but doesn’t want her to do it. Jessica wonders if it’s a way to make up for what she’s done.

Jeri is in her office taking down her photos of her and Wendy. Wendy sends her an email reminding her of her blackmail threat, and Jeri sends Jessica text saying that she needs the dirt on Wendy as soon as possible.

Kilgrave has Laurent and Alva stand at the window, staring without blinking so that they see Jessica when she returns. Jessica’s phone rings and Kilgrave sees her text message to Jessica. He asks what she means, and Kilgrave texts back that he’s on it. Jessica pulls up in a taxi with takeout and comes inside. Kilgrave comes in and wonders why she came back, and Jessica admits that he was right about how the two of them could balance the scales. She invites Alva and Laurent in to join them, and Kilgrave wonders if the food is drugged. Jessica points out that Sufentanil can’t be administered orally and eats some to prove that it’s untainted. She spills some food on her lap and steps away, and Laurent and Alva collapse. Before Kilgrave can react, Jessica gags him and then injects him with Sufentanil. She grabs Kilgrave’s laptop with the flash drive and then carries Kilgrave out.

As Jessica heads for her car, Hank tackles her. As Jessica tries to get through to him, Will shoots Hank and tells Jessica to hand Kilgrave over so he can finish him off. Will’s two friends run up, and Jessica leaps over the fence. Elizabeth comes over with a bag and confirms who Will is. She then hands Will the bag and says that Kilgrave asked her to give it to him. Will Looks inside and realizes that it’s a bomb, and he and his men run off as Elizabeth blows herself up. The explosion ignites a nearby car and Will is blasted unconscious.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 28, 2015

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