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AKA Sin Bin Recap

Kilgrave wakes up in the CDC containment cell and calls to Jessica. He discovers that the cell is flooded up to the ankles with water, and the video of his parents’ experiments on him play. Jessica brings up the lights but is unable to hear Kilgrave through the hermetically-sealed glass. He reminds her that she was building him up as a hero, and Jessica says that he’s a killer, not a hero. Kilgrave’s powers don’t work through the sound system, and he insists that Jessica has feelings for her or he’d be dead. He tells her that he didn’t kill anyone and asks if she can say the same. Jessica tells him to admit what he’s done to Hope and all the others, and Kilgrave describes how he found Jessica and took her in. Angry, Jessica hits a button and electrifies the water, shocking Kilgrave.

Trish drives with a stunned Will after the blast, and reminds him the plan was to capture Kilgrave rather than kill him. Will insists that Trish take him to Dr. Kozlov at Metro-General, and confirms that no one saw him there. Trish pulls up the hospital and demands to see Kozlov, and the ER doctor has never heard of him.

Kilgrave paces his cell as his childhood screams echo out from the video. Jessica switches to video of Kilgrave’s parents operating on other children, and figures that Reva knew what had happened so Kilgrave wanted her dead. She asks where the other children are, and Kilgrave says that he was too busy looking for his own sadistic parents to worry about other children. Jeri comes in and Kilgrave pounds on the glass, and Jessica shocks her. The lawyer advises Jessica to let Kilgrave go, pointing out that any confession will be under duress and thus inadmissible. When Jessica wonders why she’s there, Jeri explains that the DA is offering Hope a plea bargain given all the other supposed mind-control victims that have emerged. If Hope turns down the offer then she’ll do life. The lawyer gets a call and explains that she has other problems, like Wendy blackmailing her. She tells Jessica that she needs a witness with legal authority to verify Kilgrave’s abilities, and warns that the DA is only giving them 48 hours to consider the deal. Jessica says that she’ll have a cop there in three hours, and asks Jeri to wait. Jeri warns that she’s in no position to do anything, and Jessica warns that Kilgrave has seen him and she has to see it through with her. She walks off, warning Jeri not to look at Kilgrave.

Clemons is getting food at a cart when Jessica finds him. She saws that she needs him to see something, and reminds him that he saw a squad room full of cops put guns to each other heads. Clemons is still under Kilgrave’s mind control and believes it was all a joke, and isn’t interested in bringing a serial killer in when he’s two weeks away from retirement. Jessica threatens to give Clemons Kilgrave’s home address, pointing out that if Kilgrave isn’t dangerous then there’s no risk. The detective says that she needs evidence and points out that the security cameras at the station were erased. Jessica has nothing else and Clemons walks away.

Jeri texts back and forth with her divorce lawyer, and discovers that Wendy is asking for more. She calls Wendy and points out that if she gets disbarred then Wendy will get nothing. Wendy reminds Jeri that she gave up everything for her, and figures that taking all of Jeri’s money will hurt no matter whether it changes Jeri’s feelings for Pam or not. When Jeri calls her heartless, Wendy hangs up.

Kilgrave taps on the glass and gestures to the mic. Jeri turns it on and Kilgrave says that he was lip-reading what she was saying. He insists that Jessica moved in with him three days ago of her own free will, and asks what Jeri really knows about her. Kilgrave points out that his powers could be beneficial if used properly and make any problem go away. Jeri turns on the camera and asks him to repeat what he said, and Kilgrave goes back to his bunk.

Once they get Will into a room, Trish tells him that Kozlov only has privileges at the hospital and they’ve left messages for him. Will is sure that he’ll come and refuses to let any other doctor look at him. He tells Trish that she’ll have to kill Kilgrave because Jessica never will. Kozlov comes in and is surprised to hear from Will. Will says that he wants back in, and Kozlov orders Trish to leave. When she refuses, Will tells her to go and end it with Kilgrave.

In the containment facility, Jeri paces back and forth until Jessica comes back in. Jeri says that she didn’t listen to Kilgrave, and Jessica tells Jeri to man the shock switch while she goes in. the lawyer records Jessica explaining that she’s of sound mind and body and submitting the video into evidence. She enters the cell through the airlock and tosses him a bag of fast food. Jessica then tries to taunt him into using his power. When that doesn’t work, she slaps her and throws him across the cell. Kilgrave doesn’t fall for it, and Jeri tells Jessica over the mic to stop. Jessica continues slapping him, just as Trish comes in and stops Jeri from hitting the switch. She tells Jeri that Jessica is holding back.

Jessica dares Kilgrave to fight her, and he insists that he loved her. He calls to Jeri and Trish to stop Jessica, and Trish warns Jeri that Kilgrave is playing them. Jeri walks out rather than participate, and Trish finally hits the switch when Jessica loses control. Once she gets the unconscious Jessica out and leaves Kilgrave inside, Trish runs the video. Jessica realizes that Kilgrave still controlled her even without his power. Trish suggests that they just leave Kilgrave there and walk away, warning that Kilgrave will always control Jessica as long as she cares. Jessica figures that Trish is echoing what Will is saying, and Trish explains about the explosion and how Will is in the hospital. Jessica figures that Will will be okay, and warns that no investigation will link the explosion to Kilgrave. They watch the video playing in the cell and Jessica figures that Kilgrave’s parents could push him over the edge.

Pam enters Jeri’s office and explains that she caught Wendy’s email with the evidence when the woman sent it to the company’s general inbox. Jeri insists that it’s a bluff, and tells Pam not to worry about her. Pam warns that she’s an accessory after the fact, and tells Jeri to handle it like the lawyer she is. She puts Jeri’s hand on her thigh and talks about how she felt her power and fell in love with her then and there. Pam insists that Jeri she fell in love with is the one who knows what she wants and gets it. She then backs off and says that until that Jeri comes back she’s done with her.

Jessica and Trish go over the video, trying to find background details to pinpoint a location. The background signs identify the lab as British. Kilgrave writes on the glass with sauce, spelling out the word “Help me,” and Jessica repeats what Kilgrave’s parents say in the video about Eric not crying when he goes in the sin bin. They realize that it’s a reference to rugby player Eric Brantford at the University of Manchester. She calls Professor Davies, the head of the neuroscience department in 1985. When Jessica asks about any professors associated with experiments on children, Davies gives the names Albert and Louise Thompson, and insists that he wasn’t associated with them before hanging up.

Jeri presents the plea deal to Hope and warns her that she has until the next morning to accept. Hope wants to talk to Jessica first, and Jeri insists that it’s Hope’s life rather than Jessica’s. The lawyer tells her that the real world is about taking the life someone has and fighting to keep it, but Hope still wants to speak to Jessica.

Jessica and Trish go over the photos of Davies’ researchers and finds one of Louise. Hope calls and tells Jessica that she’s taking the deal because she wants it to be over. Jessica says that she has Kilgrave and is close to getting video evidence. She begs Hope not to let him off the hook, and Hope agrees not to take the deal. Once she hangs up, Jessica looks at the photo of Louise and gets an idea.

That night, Jessica has Malcolm gather together all of the Kilgrave survivors he can at a diner. He asks if she knows what he did for her, and refuses to let her claim that she didn’t ask him. They go over to the four survivors that Malcolm could bring together, and everyone stares at Jessica. One of them, Jackson, starts talking and Jessica looks around. Louise comes in and Malcolm explains that she uses the name Betty and just listens. Jessica insists that she talk about Kilgrave, and says that not everyone there is a victim. When Malcolm tries to stop Jessica from going after Louise, Jessica tells him that Louise is Kilgrave’s mother. As Jessica goes out after Louise, Malcolm says that he has to help. She refuses to get him involved and tells him to help the survivors because that’s his superpower.

Louise goes to a hotel and tells Albert what happened. As they leave, Jessica arrives at their door and says that they’re coming with her to stop Kilgrave. They had thought that Kilgrave sent Jessica to kill them, and Louise explains that they tried to save their son. He was born with a degenerative neural disease and would have been brain-dead when he reached 12. The only way to save him was to use an experimental virus to repair his DNA. The Thompsons didn’t know about the side effects, and stayed and lived with Kevin for years until the fear became too much. They heard about Hope shooting her parents, and Louise joined the survivor group to torture herself. Jessica insists on taking them to Kilgrave, saying that they’re responsible. Louise agrees to go and after a moment, Albert agrees to go with her.

Clemons Is leaving work when he gets a video of Jessica beating Kilgrave and an address.

Trish stares at Kilgrave through the glass, and then takes out Will’s revolver. Jeri comes in and Trish hastily puts the gun away, and the lawyer explains that Jessica had something to show her. She suggests that Trish get some fresh air. Once Trish leaves, Jeri tells Kilgrave that she’s listening.

Outside, Trish calls Will and is surprised to hear him sounding much better. Will says that he knows Trish won’t kill Kilgrave, and tells Trish to get out of town because Jessica can’t keep Kilgrave locked up forever. After a moment, Trish tells Will that she’s glad he’ll be okay and hang sup. Kozlov comes in and tells Will that he’s responding well to the meds. He asks the doctor for a red, and Kozlov warns that they’ve altered protocol since Damascus and Will has already had one red. He gives Will two whites to keep him even, and one blue to bring him down. Kozlov says that it’s good to have Will back and they’re going to do important things together, and then leaves... and Will takes another red.

Jeri goes into the airlock and stares at him through the window. As she starts to open the inside door, Jessica comes back and Jeri quickly goes outside. The PI says that they’re about to get their proof, turns on the video camera, and has Albert and Louise come in. Kilgrave stares at his parents, and Jessica explains that she’ll hit the switch if anything goes bad. Louise insists that they go in, saying that Kilgrave is their responsibility, just as Clemons comes in with his gun drawn and orders everyone to surrender. He offers them to open the cell, and Trish comes in and trains her gun on Clemons. As Jessica handcuffs Clemons to a pipe, Jeri starts to call 911 and Jessica promises to name her as an accessory to kidnapping.

Jessica leads Albert and Louise into the cell and closes the door behind them, then goes to the shock switch. When Louise asks how he’s doing, Kilgrave laughs and says that he had to force people to take care of him after they abandoned him. Albert reminds him that they always gave him orders, and Kilgrave claims that Jessica taught him to be a hero and he’s saved children. Louise says that they loved her, and Kilgrave screams at them, wondering why they left. Albert reminds him that he almost killed Louise, and Kilgrave says that he had a tantrum like any child. Louise admits that they made a mistake and promises that she will never leave him alive, and holds her son. Kilgrave apologizes for hurting her and hugs her.

Clemons advises them to release him, but Jessica warns that it’s not over yet. Louise takes out a pair of scissors and tries to kill Kilgrave, and stabs him in the shoulder. She says that Kilgrave is their responsibility and they have to stop him, and Kilgrave commands her to stab herself for every year that she abandoned him. Clemons can’t see from his angle, and Jeri tells them to pull the Thompsons out. Jessica hits the switch but nothing happens. Louise starts stabbing herself and Jessica yells at everyone to get out while Trish tries to free Clemons.

As Jessica opens the door, Louise collapses and Kilgrave tells Albert to pick up the scissors. He does and Trish shoots at the glass, shattering it. The next shot hits Kilgrave in the shoulder, and Jessica runs in to stop Albert just as he tries to cut out his own heart. Kilgrave orders Patsy to put a bullet in her skull, but the gun is empty. He tells Clemons to follow him, and Clemons breaks his hand pulling it out of the handcuffs.

Jessica knocks Albert out and grabs Jessica. He orders her to let go of him, and when she hesitates, Kilgrave tells Clemons to grab her. As Kilgrave runs out, Jessica manages to fight off Clemons. However, by the time she gets out, Kilgrave is gone. Jessica realizes that she didn’t give in to Kilgrave’s command and smiles in satisfaction.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 29, 2015

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