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The Sign Recap

At the temple, Flint hears the imprisoned Mack and Yo-Yo talking to Izel as he materializes. He wonders how he's there, and Mack tells Flint to go. Izel says that he's just a boy, and says that his "friends" fear him. Yo-Yo and Mack tell him to stop, but Flint exerts his control over earth and prepares to throw a rock fragment at Izel. She realizes that he's special, and Izel easily catches the fragment and figures that Flint can build the monoliths. Izel possesses him and walks to the center of the temple and begins recreating the monoliths.

Sarge tells Miranda that all he feels is rage and she doesn't want to be near it when it comes out.

Daisy tells the team that once they set up in the jungle, they'll get their teammates back. Fitz says that now they have a way to do it.

Miranda tells Sarge that Robbie was able to control the being in him.

Fitz-Simmons show the others the sonic device they created to keep Izel from possessing people. Deke has created cuffs for everyone, and Piper points out that they have other problems.

Sarge says that there's only rage and Miranda tells him to let the other part of him rein it in once he unleashes it against Izel.

Fitz-Simmons explain that they've melted down one of Sarge's sword to make bullets against the Shrike, and Sarge with his sword is their only way to stop Izel herself.

As the team flies to Guatemala, Daisy asks Miranda if she thinks Sarge is ready. Miranda says that Sarge thinks he is, and wonders if he can get the demon within him out. She suggests that they separate them, and promises to find a way to send the creature inside of Sarge back where it comes from if Izel opens the portal. Miranda figures that if she has a chance to get Coulson back, she'll take it.

Izel finishes her work and leaves Flint's body, and tells Mack and Yo-Yo that he's weak like all Terrans. She examines the three monoliths and says that her people are gathering on the other side. She goes outside into the jungle and the Shrike gather overhead. Izel commands them to bring her an army, and the Shrike fly off.

The Quinjet lands nearby and the team makes sure that it's clear. They discover that Mack crippled it, and they call the Lighthouse to check in with Fitz-Simmons. Sarge says that they always suspected Izel could hear their radio frequencies, and the field team goes extract. As they go, Piper tells Sarge to make sure he ends Izel.

Fitz figures that they need to distract Izel so the team can put the cuffs on Mack and Yo-Yo. Deke suggests that he was working on something to get past her, but makes them promise not to be mad. They wonder why, and Deke says that it's already there.

In the temple, Flint wakes up and figures that Izel is going to do something terrible with the monoliths. He figures that they saved Earth, and Yo-Yo tells him that he saved the Lighthouse. She explains that they made Flint with the third monolith and their minds, and Flint wonders if he's real. He breaks their handcuffs with the rock fragment, and Izel comes in and possesses Yo-Yo. She snaps Flint's knee and leaves Yo-Yo's body, and says that they're predictable.

Deke shows Fitz-Simmons the lab where he's set up his teams. One of them, Kaya, shows Fitz-Simmons the "ShawDrive", a fusion-based transportation device. Fitz notes that Deke stole it and everything else. Deke insists that he took the concepts, and figures that they can use to stop Izel. He suggests that with all three of them, they can get the ShawDrive working to the point where they can teleport someone into the temple. Fitz reluctantly agrees, and Deke tells his people to treat it like it's launch day.

Daisy, Miranda, and Sarge approach the temple, and Sarge says that he always had the sword. A possessed worker comes at them, and Sarge shoots him dead with the anti-Shrike bullets. They figure that Izel possessed a nearby resort town, and more Shrike approach. More Shrike-possessed attack and the trio take them out. They figure Izel knows that they're coming, and Sarge says that he's saving the sword for Izel.

Miranda calls the Lighthouse to say that they've blown their cover. Jemma says that they might have a solve from their end. Once she signs off, Deke says that the ShawDrive is ready to jump. Fitz-Simmons disagree, and Fitz complains that Deke copied tech without understanding it. Deke and Fitz argue, and Jemma tells them to stop because Mack and Yo-Yo need them.

Izel tells Yo-Yo that they've only begun to serve their higher purpose. When the Three arrive, they'll need host bodies. She says that she'll have what she wants without their weakness. Izel threatens to break Flint's other knee and orders them to shut down.

Deke and Fitz continue working and Fitz says that Deke is a hack and his company is a fraud. His grandson says that he built the company because no one liked him and he's never belonged anywhere. The place that he's from doesn't exist and all of his friends are gone. Daisy thought that he was nothing, and Sequoia left him. He points out that Jemma didn't tell him that Fitz was dead, and figures that his grandparents think he's a joke. He puts on one of the cuffs, dons the ShawDrive, and teleports away. His staff applaud,

Deke appears in the temple and puts the cuffs on Yo-Yo and Mack. Izel comes at them and discovers that her powers don't work, and Yo-Yo slams her across the room. The group head out and Deke tells the others that there's a field team incoming. Possessed Shrike see them, and Jeff tells the others to go on while he leads them off. Mack and the others reluctantly agree and Deke runs off with the Shrike-possessed in pursuit. He teleports away... and appears down the hallway as the ShawDrive malfunctions. When he radios the Lighthouse, Fitz tells him that the ShawDrive needs 20 minutes to go.

Daisy and Miranda discuss how Sarge is acting more like Coulson. Sarge spots more Shrike-possessed on his scanner, and Daisy says that she'll drive them off while Miranda and Sarge go in.

Izel goes to the monoliths and begins vocalizing.

Deke talks about how he's thought of a game about killing zombies, and hears Izel vocalizing.

Izel vocalizes to the monoliths, and Deke arrives and watches from the shadows. He plants his video camera so that Fitz-Simmons can see Izel, and figures that they're too late.

Mack-, Yo-Yo, and Flint get to the Zephyr and Piper treats Flint as best she can. Flint says that he never thought that he'd see a jungle, and Mack tells Piper that Flint is Flint from the future and when the shock wears off, Flint will be in pain. He ord3ers Piper to fly out with Flint, and she tells him that Sarge is there with Daisy and Miranda. Yo-Yo tells Flint that the world is better than the one he came from.

Miranda and Sarge approach the temple, and they hear Izel vocalizing. Sarge recognizes it and Miranda tells him that he'll do the right thing because she knows who he is. He tells her that she has to let go that he's going to turn back into Coulson if he gets rid of the alien creature. Miranda says that maybe Coulson is gone but she still believes that there's good in Sarge without Coulson. Daisy sets off an earthquake and the Shrike-possessed leave, and Sarge and Miranda move in.

Deke heads for the exit, but the Shrike-possessed cut him off and actives the ShawDrive. He teleports out into the jungle and radios that he's okay. More Shrike-possessed grab the ShawDrive from his back and he runs for the Quinjet.

Daisy gets to the Quinjet and closes the cargo hatch, and says that an army of zombies are coming and they have to get into the air. As they lift off, the possessed arrive and yank out some of the wiring.

Izel causes the monoliths to dissolve and start reforming.

As they come in, Sarge winces in pain from the vocalizing. His body starts to dissolve, and he tells Miranda to get him to Izel.

The monoliths open a portal to Izel's dimension.

Mack tries to work out how to unsabotage the Zephyr. Yo-Yo tells Daisy that Piper is aboard the Quinjet with Flint, and explains that he got there through monolith energy. She insists that Flint is real, and Mack tells Daisy that she has no right to judgment. The zombies break in and the trio retreat into an adjoining room and barricade the door.

Deke enters the Quinjet and Fitz tells him to wait for an extract. They tell him that someone will be there shortly, as zombies surround the Quinjet.

Sarge and Miranda enter the main temple room, and Izel sees them and smiles. She tells Sarge that he's just in time and the Three are on the other side waiting for a sign. Sarge tells Miranda to stay back and grabs Izel by the throat. He jumps to the temple floor with her, and Sarge draws the sword. Izel says that the sword doesn't belong in that world, and Sarge says that he's done with pain.

As Sarge brings the sword down, he freezes and Izel laughs. She says that he can't do it, and Sarge steps back.

Daisy and Mack argue about whether Sarge can be trusted, and Mack says that he learned in church that when the devil shows up, he'll wear the face of someone they trust.

Izel tells Sarge that the Three are waiting for them, and Miranda tells Sarge to focus. Sarge finally says that he feels anger and fear of the pain that has stabbed through his heart for so long. Miranda tells him that the pain is love, and she knows because she was afraid of it as well. Coulson gave her love, a purpose, and a crew. She asks Sarge to remember all of them, insisting that he loves them. Sarge tells her that she's right that the pain is love, and now he knows how to end it. He rams the sword through Miranda's chest and says that he has to slice the love out of him and be done with it. With that he shoves Miranda through the portal, then turns to Izel and says that's her sign.

Enoch meets Isaiah at an alien bar and Isaiah says that he's reached out to their fellow anthropologists. When Enoch says that he's sure they can rebuild their home planet, Isaiah says that the anthropologists on his list have been reassigned as hunters. One of them on the list is Isaiah, and Isaiah attacks Enoch.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 3, 2019

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