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Grieve No More Recap

Runyon is performing his "puppet" show on Carnival Row, talking about the recent deaths. He asks the crowd if the two victims will get the justice they deserve, and says that each earned their reward. Runyon plays the Victrola with Querelle's song and the crowd listens. Moira is among the onlookers and listens with them.

Afterward, Runyon collects coins from the crowd. He recognizes Moira when she comes up to him, and she says that the show was lovely. Cuppins comes up and asks to see Runyon's papers.

Philo goes to Aioffe's shop and sees that she has a painting of a masked man up. Aioffe says that the writing says that the liver holds many secrets for those who know how to see. She then shows him the joined golem, and says that the Darkasher only has the thoughts of its master. Aioffe says that it would take skills beyond her own to conjure a Darkasher. Philo has her put the golem out of its misery and she says that it can't be killed while Philo still breathes. He tells her to put it in a jar and leaves.

Ezra is going over his loan paperwork when Imogen comes in. He says that he'll need her signature to authorize the lien on the home, and his sister says that she knows someone who wants to invest in Ezra's venture. Imogen finally explains that Agreus is the one who is interested. She explains that Agreus wants acceptance into their social circle in return for his investment. Imogen explains that Agreus took tea there and will be their guest along with the Pembrokes and the Guilfoyles. When Ezra objects, Imogen refuses to sign the lien and endanger their home, and insists that their family name can withstand the scandal. She says that she will host the Puck with or without Ezra's support, and she won't let her brother put the home at risk. Imogen tells Ezra when Agreus will arrive and walks out.

Jonah attends the breakfast table with his parents, and Absalom tells Jonah that they need to discuss what happened and that there should be consequences. Piety agrees, reminding Absalom that none of it would have happened if Jonah had done what Absalom said and stayed off the Row. Absalom points out that Ritter's plans were exposed, and Piety talks about how Jonah needs to embrace his prophesied future. Jonah says that nothing he can do will be enough for Piety, and Absalom insists that his wife acts out of love. Their son isn't convinced, and Piety tells him that he's to stay at home and concentrate on his studies, letting the scandal die down. Jonah irritably goes to the library to meet with Master Symes to continue his studies.

On the Row, Quill joins a soup line and the attendant, Cabal, offers him a copy of the Cyphers. Quill takes it along with his soup and reads as he eats.

Cubbins runs Runyon and his kobolds in, saying they don't have the proper papers. Runyon suggests that they're pets, and Cubbins gives in. Meanwhile, Flute asks for a progress report from Philo on the murders. Philo says that the headmaster was killed by the same murderer as Querelle. Dombey asks if the Puck butcher that Philo brought in told him that, and Philo says that the killer took both victims' livers. Flute tells Philo to keep him informed, and Dombey glares at Phil before leaving. Berwick wonders why Philo didn't tell Flute about the Darkasher, and Philo explains that they wouldn't have believed him. He figures that they need to find whoever controls the Darkasher since they wanted both victims dead.

Later, Philo goes to the foundling home and Master Thorne greets him. He says that Finch would have been proud of Philo, and asks how the investigation is going. Philo asks Thorne if he ever saw Finch with Querelle, and Thorne claims that he's never seen her before. Thorne invites Philo to look around and quickly leaves.

Philo goes into the dormitory and looks at his old bed. He remembers the past when he jumped on the bed as Darius and the other children called on him to fly. The young Philo finally falls off the bed, hitting his head. Philo remembers the injury and sits on the bed, and remembers hearing a fae outside singing one night. Done with his remembrances, Philo leaves.

At the Spurnrose house, Imogen tells Afissa that everything must be perfect. The maid sees the lot runner by and goes out, and realizes that it's Vignette. Afissa warns that the Black Ravens are dangerous, and Vignette says that she'll watch her back. The maid wishes Vignette luck and goes back inside.

The Guilfoyles arrive and Afissa presents them to Imogen and Agreus. The husband, Pierce, takes Agreus for a servant and orders him to bring a chair, and Imogen corrects his mistake. Agreus brings the chair anyway, and then talks about how his house came on the market. Leonid Pembroke and his sister Louisa arrive and they're shocked to see Agreus there. Once Imogen explains, Leonid shakes Agreus' hand and introduces him and his sister. He asks Leonid for his opinion on Ritter, figuring that Agreus was pleased to hear of his comeuppance because of his antipathy to the fae. Agreus isn't agreeable, and says that the fae aren't concerned with an inclusive society in their homeland. They talk about the war, and Agreus says that he's come to the Burgue in "fine company". An awkward silence fills the room, and Imogen offers cake.

Philo goes through a box of Finch's personal belongings in the man's office, and remembers praying there with Finch. Finch instructs the young Philo to ask the Martyr to help protect his secret that he has fae blood. Philo finds Thorne and says that he remembers teaching him that sins of omission are far more dangerous than sins of commission. He figures that Thorne has chosen not to tell him something, and Thorne finally explains that Finch went to the Row and succumbed to the appetites of the flesh with fae prostitutes. Philo thanks Thorne for his honesty, says that it could mean everything to the case, and leaves.

Imogen talks to Agreus privately, and the Puck insists that he won't be condescended to. Meanwhile, Louisa and Pierce's wife Hortensia discuss how Imogen has always been a bit off. Imogen realizes that they're talking about her and tells Agreus that she can't weather their disapproval. She asks Agreus to go, and Agreus asks if she'll tell them it was a joke. Imogen admits that she didn't uphold her end of the bargain and doesn't expect her to hold up his, and Agreus says that he should have known she didn't have the mettle. He tells Imogen that he's glad to return her to poverty, and prepares to leave. Ezra comes in and greets Agreus as a peer, offering his hand. After a moment, Agreus takes it and Ezra welcomes to their home and invites him to sit. After a moment, Agreus does so. Hortensia and Louisa stare in shock.

Master Symes takes Jonah to Parliament to learn politics. Ritter's daughter Sophie enters the chamber, and Symes tells Jonah that with Ritter's death Sophie will take his seat until the next election. The meeting comes to order and Sophie tells the members that she will endeavor to make her father proud. Absalom thanks her for her words and starts to proceed with business, and Sophie announces that she wasn't finished. Sophie talks about how the color of her mother's people's skin made them outcasts. She praises the Burgue for letting them find a place, and talks about the new refugees, the fae. Sophie talks about overcoming the differences between them and the fae, and Absalom glares at her as she says that the fae are too different from them to accept and Absalom has turned a blind eye to the problem. She warns that the people have had enough and she stands with them. Ritter's party members cheer her, Absalom glares at her, and Jonah watches, fascinated.

At the hotel, Vignette is calculating the lot numbers with Tourmaline. Moira comes in and tells Tourmaline that it's show time now that the sun is down. Tourmaline convinces her to let Vignette stay for a bit, Once Moira leaves, Vignette says that she has to turn in the skim and will be back later for food. Tourmaline giggles and says that she shouldn't get too used to having Vignette there.

Vignette goes downstairs and finds Philo waiting for her. He tells her that he's there on police business and advises Vignette to be careful, and asks Moira about Finch. Philo wants to speak to Finch's regular girl, and points out that he's dead, murdered. Moira takes Philo upstairs and says that Finch booked two girls but never used them. He wanted people to think that he had a taste for Pix whores, but used it as cover while he met with another man.

Philo finds Dr. Morange in the room, mourning Finch's death. Morange admits that they feared being discovered, and there was only one night when they could be who they truly were. Philo understands how the rest of it felt like a lie, and Morange tells him that Finch knew Querelle. They met a long time ago before Morange took his vows, but Morange wasn't aware that they had spoken in 20 years. Before he goes, Philo assures Morange that his secret is safe with him. Morange wonders if he should find the courage to reveal his sexuality.

Quill approaches Cabal and says that he read the Cyphers. He tells Cabal that he wants to know everything.

Runyon wakes up on his seat in the station and discovers that his case of kobolds is gone. He asks the clerk where they are, and the clerk says that they packed them off already. The clerk shows Runyon the deportation order, but then realizes that there's a hold on it. The police sent them to the docks and Runyon asks for the name of the ship the kobolds were being placed on.

Once Runyon has the name, he runs to the docks. A sailor tells him that the ship set sail a few minutes ago. Runyon sees the ship sail over the horizon and yells in frustration.

Ezra looks at Agreus' check and tells Imogen that it's blood money. He figures the story of Agreus' attendance is spreading like poison, and Imogen insists that they can weather it if they stand together. Ezra figures Agreus will want more than tea for the amount he's paying, and Imogen says that she will go out in public with him. Her brother wonders when it ends, and is thankful their father isn't there to see how low they sunk. When Imogen points out that they wouldn't have sunk so low if their father was still alive, Ezra abruptly leaves. Before he goes, Imogen thanks him for treating Agreus as a peer. Once she's alone, Imogen looks out the window and sees Agreus standing before his house.

Montague returns home and pours himself wine.

Philo dreams of when he was a baby, and the doctor remembers severing the wings from a baby Philo and the baby crying in pain. He wakes up in bed next to Portia, waking her as well. Portia realizes that she dozed off and goes to her room. Philo remembers the singing he heard as a child and goes to Querelle's flat, and plays the Victrola roll of her singing. He realizes that it's the same song he heard as a child.

Montagu's dog Giddy runs upstairs, and a minute later Morange hears a crash. The doctor goes upstairs after it and a moment later, something throws him down the stairs. The Darkasher comes down the stairs and Morange crawls away, but the creature grabs his legs and drags him back.

Philo finds another Victrola roll and plays it. It has more of Querelle singing, Philo remembers Querelle hovering over his bed at the foundling home, singing to him and stroking his hair... and then waking up to find nothing but an open window. Philo looks around the flat and finds a set of children's handprints on a dusty mirror. He goes back to the morgue and kisses Querelle's body's forehead in honor of the woman who was his mother.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 14, 2019

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