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Hind-Sight Recap

MacGyver has discovered that Pete has secretly checked himself into the hospital while claiming he was on vacation. Arriving there, MacGyver confronts his friend but Pete insists that he doesn't want anyone's help. He insists that MacGyver has no idea what it feels like to need someone else. In response, MacGyver notes that he's needed Pete's help plenty of times, such as when he escaped the Chinese embassy with a dissident. Pete insists it's different because MacGyver wasn't helpless while he is. MacGyver responds by bringing up the time he was trapped in a mini-sub and got free just as Pete arrived. Pete notes that MacGyver didn't need his help then. MacGyver sheepishly agrees but points out that Pete was there for him and it did matter.

Next MacGyver describes the time he was trapped in a coma and was ready to let go and die. It was Pete's determination that helped Harry bring him back. For the first time he tells someone else about what he experienced in his coma: he was on a cruise ship that was delivering him and Harry to see his dead parents. He managed to break free and escaped with Harry's help, and woke up to find Pete pulling him back from the edge of death. In turn, MacGyver came back when he discovered Pete's life was in danger. Pete says it was only a dream but MacGyver insists that they both survived. Pete finally lets up and thanks MacGyver for coming, and admits he doesn't want anyone seeing him when he's helpless, and worries about what will happen after the surgery when he's dependent on others. MacGyver notes that he's had to get Pete's help on plenty of occasions, such as when they were trapped in a cellar and Pete came up with the idea that let them escape. As MacGyver leaves for the Foundation, Pete asks him to drop off a letter: his resignation.

MacGyver returns later as Pete meets with his surgeon, who is explaining how they plan to drain the excess liquid from his eyes. MacGyver wonders if Pete is being premature about tendering his resignation, but finally admits that he dropped off the resignation letter. Someone has had flowers delivered and MacGyver reads the note. The person who sent the flowers talks about how Pete was never there and the Foundation came first. The note is signed "Brainwashed No More." Pete has no idea who might have sent it. He wonders if Jack Dalton sent it as a practical joke, given the time that Jack was brainwashed into becoming an assassin. MacGyver smells perfume on the note and assumes it's a woman and she has a grudge. Pete doesn't know any women who might harbor a grudge and MacGyver reminds him of Santina, the guerilla fighter who tried to take over her country. They managed to escape and Pete reveals that she later retired and became a school teacher in the barrio.

Pete's nurse gives him a note sent by the same person. The woman talks about how she can't stay from Pete despite how he's hurt her, and she'll be there soon.

MacGyver goes to the Phoenix Foundation and goes through the files with Willis to find a female suspect that fits the profile. Everyone is accounted for and MacGyver wonders if it could be Murdoc, disguising himself as a woman again. He calls the hospital and tells them to make sure no one visits Pete.

As Pete is testing his vision, the woman comes into his room. He can't make out who it is and she approaches his bed.

MacGyver returns to the hospital and the nurse tells him that Pete has had one visitor: a woman claiming to be his wife. MacGyver, realizing that Pete was divorced 20 years ago, runs to Pete's room and discovers who the woman is: Pete's ex-wife Connie. Connie admits that for years she couldn't handle the fact that she came in second to the Phoenix Foundation when Pete chose it over her. She admits she didn't sign the notes with her name because she wasn't sure if Pete would want to see her. However, Connie wanted to be there when Pete needed someone at his side.

The doctors finally take Pete to surgery and he tells MacGyver and Connie that he's feeling for the first time in a while now that he knows they'll be there to help him pull through. As Pete is taken the operating room, he asks MacGyver how the people at the Foundation took the news of his resignation. MacGyver admits that he just left it on Pete's desk and nobody saw it. Pete vows revenge as soon as he gets out of surgery.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 10, 2019

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