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Faith, Hope & Charity Recap

MacGyver is tracking an endangered grey wolf through the forest. Further on, two elderly sisters, Faith and Hope Lacey, are walking in the forest to harvest berries. Faith sees a trap laid by a poacher, angrily curses at the poachers, and springs the trap so no animal will get trapped in it. Meanwhile, MacGyver sees another trap and avoids it, but steps back into another one. The Laceys hear MacGyver screaming in pain and go to see who is making the noise. They find MacGyver and attempt to spring him from the trap, but aren't strong enough. They carry him to their nearby inn using their wagon. The ladies get to the inn and see Leo, a regular at the inn. With Leo's help they manage to get the trap off and take MacGyver into the inn and give him a room.

Later, MacGyver wakes up in a bed and looks out the window. He sees Leo take a briefcase out of his car and take it into the tool shed. The Laceys visit him and give MacGyver soup and insist on him eating. In the shed, Leo opens the briefcase, which contains money and a letter. Leo takes the letter and leaves the briefcase in a lawnmower bag. In the inn, MacGyver is playing with his food; he hasn't eaten anything. He asks the ladies to drive him to his motel, but the ladies refuse and say they'll pick up his things on the way to the market. Then they give MacGyver an old crutch.

Later, three men in suits drive up to the inn, park at a distance, and talk about Leo. As Faith and Hope go to their car, Leo gives them a letter beforehand. They leave and the three men, Gorman and his assistants Abe and Bobby, drive up to Leo. They ask Leo for the money he skimmed from the Mob, but Leo denies that he ever took the money. They hit Leo and ask where he hid the cash, and then wrap Leo in a hammock and spin him. He dies because of his heart condition and they frantically unwrap him. They search the house and car for the money. MacGyver hears something and gets up, looks out the window, and sees Leo dead. He then grabs the crutch and walks out of his room to the top of the stairs. When he tries to go down, the crutch breaks and he falls down the stairs, knocking himself unconscious.

Later, the Laceys come in and see MacGyver on the floor. MacGyver wakes up and asks about Leo. The ladies say he checked out. They help MacGyver up and place him in a chair and he soon falls asleep. Forty-five minutes later, he wakes up and limps to the window. He looks out and sees the hammock, but not Leo. There are drag marks leading away from the hammock. MacGyver then gets a coat rack and fashions a crutch out of it. He follows the drag marks to the barn and goes downstairs only to find the Laceys burying Leo. They see him and try to hide what they're doing, but it's too late. They explain that Leo wanted to be buried by the inn.

Gorman and his men are watching the house from a distance. They believe that the Laceys worked with Leo to take the money but are impatient for them to reveal it. They head back for the inn to force them to talk. Meanwhile, MacGyver believes that there's foul play going on and wants to look at Leo's will. One page is missing and MacGyver tells the ladies that they should call the police. Faith agrees but as she leaves, Gorman and the others arrive. They take her downstairs and hold her with Hope and MacGyver. They demand Leo's money and MacGyver says it's in the tool shed. They tie up MacGyver and the women and then leave to search the shed, locking the hatch behind them. MacGyver questions what's going on and the Laceys say it was nothing. He then drags himself to a saw and cuts himself free. MacGyver then unties the ladies and tells them to saw partway through two supporting beams for the stairs. MacGyver fashions a make-shift wagon and knocks on the walls, looking for a passage left over from the Underground Railroad era.

The mobsters find the case in the tool shed, but there's no money in it. Angry, they go back to get MacGyver. MacGyver finds a cupboard that swings open to reveal a secret passage. The three men walk down the steps, which break beneath them. They stand up and realize that MacGyver and the ladies are gone. MacGyver and the Laceys are down the tunnel and find steps leading up to a hatch. Gorman and his men find the hidden cupboard door and come after them. MacGyver and the sisters go up the steps and find that they're in the kitchen. The men make it to the hatch, but the ladies close it before they can get in. The men decide to go back to the house back the way they came. Faith discovers that the phones are dead, and her car keys are back with Leo's body. MacGyver decides to go out to the car, but stops when he sees the men coming toward him. They realize that they're trapped.

MacGyver and the Laceys barricade the doors to keep the mobsters from getting in. MacGyver gets a mop and puts Cheyenne pepper on it. Gorman goes to the front door and threatens the ladies, demanding the money. Abe goes through a first-floor window, but MacGyver hits him with his mop and knocks Abe back. Bobby climbs up to an open second-story window and comes down the stairs. On MacGyver's signal, the ladies pull the rug on the stairs and Bobby falls down the stairs. Abe finds Gorman and they get in their car and aim for the house.

MacGyver sees the car and asks for a vacuum cleaner. He sucks preserves up into the vacuum cleaner. Gorman drives the car through the kitchen wall. Hope grabs a rolling pin and knocks out Abe while MacGyver squirts the preserves at Gorman, blinding him. Gorman knocks over a jar, revealing the money which the ladies had it the entire time.

Later, MacGyver is leaving, and the Lacey sisters say that they didn't tell him about the money because they thought he would make them give it back. Because it was embezzled from the Mob, they get the reward. The sisters promise to use the money to help save the endangered grey wolves. MacGyver drives off as the grey wolf watches.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 10, 2019

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