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Bewitched, Bothered, and Belittled Recap

Richard, Galavant, and Roberta stop at a tavern and try to recruit some mercenaries. They're less than impressed and want to know what's in it for them. Richard offers the Jewel of Valencia and explains that he smuggled it out by swallowing it. The mercenary leader agrees once they rinse the Jewel off one more time. Richard helpfully points out that the mercenaries outnumber them 10 to 1 and could have killed them and taken the jewel. The two men run to their horses and Roberta takes on the mercenaries with Galavant. Richard remembers that she's Roberta Steingas, one of the children his parents hired to play with him. The trio quickly rides off into the forest, and Galavant tells Richard to focus because he needs to rescue the suffering Isabella.

In Hortensia, the mind-controlled Isabella rehearses her wedding dress with Prince Harry and Jester. Chef brings in snacks and Wormwood has everyone take five. Gwynne talks to Isabella privately and asks her why she's changed. Isabella says that she's just happy, as the tiara lows. Wormwood tells everyone to get back to business and Isabella starts rehearsing again.

Gwynne talks to Chef and worries that he's throwing away leftovers. He assures her that everything is great now that they can be just as wasteful as the rich folks. Gwynne agrees but can't help picking food off the floor.

In Valencia, Madalena is getting Sid's opinion on her earrings when Gareth comes in. He reminds Madalena that just because she's been invited to the Falconburgh Sisters' Sunday Roast, Madalena doesn't have to dream up. Madalena insists that they're the most important family in the kingdom, and remembers seeing them as children. She figures that the invitation means that she's finally arrived.

Galavant, Richard, and Roberta make camp for the night. Richard apologizes for screwing up earlier and promises to do everything right... as he sits on the map and then tears it. Galavant suggests that he do the hero thing alone. Richard wonders what else he could do, and Galavant suggests that he spend more time with Roberta. Disgusted, Richard points out that Roberta is like a sister. Galavant suggests that he come up with a ridiculous plan to bring them together, and suggests that they have a candlelit dinner.

Chef brings Isabella lunch as she practices writing her married name. He wonders why she's settled in so quickly, and asks if there's anything he can do to help Gwynne adjust. Isabella suggests that Chef buy her something useful. Chef notices that she's been wearing the tiara constantly, and offers to adjust it. Isabella snaps at him and Chef quickly leaves.

At the Falconburgh Sunday roast, sisters Catherine and Ivana present Madalena to their court. However, they soon explain that they're roasting her. Madalena has no choice but to smile and bear it as they insult her. However, when they insult her earrings, Madalena almost breaks into tears. As the sisters escort her out, they say that they should do it again... and tease her by moving her carriage ahead every time she gets in.

Chef goes to Gwynne and finds her sleeping in a drawer. She admits that she can't live like the fancy folk and worries that she and Chef are drifting away. When Gwynne prepares to leave, Chef offers to go with her. She refused to let him leave what he loves, and Chef says that without her, he'd be the lowliest man in the world.

At a local pub, Galavant sets the table for romance. Roberta comes in and Galavant sits her and Richard down. The chef comes in with a message and Galavant says that he has to take it outside, and gives Richard a rose to give to Roberta. Richard tries to put his fist in his mouth and Galavant, secretly watching, calls in the musicians to help him perform a romantic number to draw the couple together. Once he leaves, Roberta tells Richard that his beard is on fire. He runs to put it out and Roberta goes with him.

The next day, the trio prepares to hit the road. Richard tells Galavant that he knows he was trying to set them up, and both he and Roberta both figure that it's creepy. They agree that they're just good friends, although Roberta isn't entirely convinced. Galavant plans to find some giants and convince them to attack Valencia, and they all realize that nothing has changed.

Galavant is drinking with Sid when Madalena returns She refuses to say what really happened and goes into her room. Madalena realizes that she's feeling feelings as Gareth secretly watches from the door.

The trio rides off and Roberta looks longingly at Richard.

Chef and Gwynne leave the castle and kiss.

Sid vomits from drinking too much.

Madalena wishes her bad feeling would go away.

Isabella looks at her doll of Galavant and remembers him.

Galavant looks at the Jewel of Valencia and remembers Isabella.

Wormwood makes sure the mind-control tiara is firmly on Isabella's head.

Gareth gives Madalena a present: the same earrings the previous queens had, complete with the ears. Madalena is touched and thanks him, kissing him on the cheek.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 11, 2016

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