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Battle of the Three Armies Recap

Jester walks to the middle of a field and recaps season 2 in song. Once he's done, the waiting two armies applaud. Once he leaves, Wormwood suggests that he and Madalena go to the royal viewing area. Gareth complains to Madalena that they were going to go to war together, but she rides off with her new adviser.

Isabella worries that there are a lot of soldiers in Gareth's army. Jester suggests that they kill themselves before the enemy does, but Isabella ignores him and rallies her ragtag army of citizens. Privately, she figures that they're screwed.

Galavant and Richard look over the battlefield and Galavant looks for the perfect moment to ride up to Isabella and save the day. He assures a hesitant Richard that he'll be fine, and that he can do it.Once Galavant leaves, Richard tells Tad Cooper that now's the time to become the dragon that Richard knows he is. Tad doesn't breathe fire, and Richard says that he'll check in later

At the viewing station, Gareth asks if they're going to start the war. Wormwood wants to wait for the perfect sunlight so the royal painter can capture the blood and Madalena agrees. Gareth complains that the war was his birthday party and it wasn't supposed to be Madalena sitting in the viewing station. He worries that something has changed, and Madalena wants to put off their vacation after the war is over. Gareth figures that it has something to do with the D'DEW, and Madalena swears that it isn't.

Galavant and his zombie army approach, and Madalena recognizes Galavant. Gareth goes to spread havoc and hopes that Madalena will join him. She doesn't, and Gareth leads his army forward. Isabella leads her army forward, while Jester hides in the fortress.

Chef and Gwynne are harvesting food in their garden at their cabin... and realize that they're in the middle of the approaching armies. Gwynne wonders if everything is okay, as the armies charge forward. They hide in the cellar.

The armies come together and fight, and Madalena watches. Wormwood realizes that a warrior in the battle has the Hero Sword, and he's fighting for Isabella. He tells Madalena that it's time for D'DEW, and she tells him that she's been having second thoughts since she promised Gareth she wouldn’t use it. When she goes to help Gareth fight, Wormwood says that Gareth is weak, and tells Madalena to use D'DEW.

As Richard fights his way through the battle and worries, Galavant spots Isabella and fights his way over to her. Meanwhile, Gareth sees the Hero Sword and fights toward it.

Galavant removes his helmet and Isabella, furious, slaps him.

Gareth knocks off Richard's helmet and the two men recognize each other.

Isabella keeps slapping Galavant until he finally and insists that she's the love of his life. They kiss.

Gareth admits that he has a lot to apologize for, and Richard says that it's good to see his old friend. Madalena casts a spell and a wave of magic sweeps across the battlefield. The zombies turn on the Hortensians and become stronger. Madalena points out that the zombies are attacking their soldiers as well, but Wormwood doesn’t care. He demonstrates his magical powers and shows Madalena how to do the D'DEW.

Gareth realizes that Madalena betrayed him, and Richard tells him to fall back into the fortress with the others. They all get inside and slam the gates shut as the zombies advance.

Wormwood tells Madalena that she knows what to do, and she breaks the gates open. Isabella and the others fight their way through the streets to the palace and manage to seal the gates. The zombies stop attacking and there's a knock at the gate. It's Madalena, who wants to talk. They open the gate and Madalena comes in. She invites Gareth to come with him, but he points out that she lied to him about using magic. Madalena insists that now they can be separate together, and her eyes turn red as she says she doesn't care what Gareth wants. He says that he'd rather die than join the dark forces, and will stay with his friend Richard. Madalena thanks them for everything and gives them 10 seconds to seal the door, and gives Gareth one more chance to come with her. He refuses, and Madalena leaves.

The zombies attack the gates, and Gareth tells Richard to stand beside him. Richard stands beside him, and the defenders prepare to fight as the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 1, 2016

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