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King Shark Recap

After Zoom pulls Jay back through the breach, Caitlin insists that Jay isn't dead. Cisco leads her away and Barry tells Harry to open it up. Harry says that he can't, explaining that the quark matter energy they used prevents them from being opened again. Jesse realizes that they're trapped for good, and Harry warns that they're nothing that they can do.

Later, Cisco is looking at the vibe glasses he took from his Earth-2 counterparts. Caitlin is sleeping, and Cisco tells Barry when he comes in that she is refusing to go home. Harry comes in and says that Caitlin will be fine, and tells Barry and Cisco that they shouldn't say anything about the others' counterparts for fear that they'll influence their realities. He insists that their friends' counterparts aren't their lives, and Cisco agrees. After a moment, Barry agrees as well and they look over at Caitlin.

For the next few weeks, the three men said nothing about what happened on Earth-2 and got on with their lives.

Harry and Jesse settle in at STAR Labs.

Caitlin continues working in the lab and looks at Jay's Flash helmet.

The Flash keeps running, waiting for a metahuman to attack to distract him from his frustration.

At an aquarium at an ARGUS site, the agents lower the meat into a laser-gridded water tank. The prisoner doesn't respond and they power down the grid to fish him out.

Lyla Michaels is showing her husband Diggle around the ARGUS base, and warns Diggle that it will be difficult to clean up the mess Waller left behind. An alarm goes off in Aquarium Three and they run there. The guards are dead King Shark is tearing a man apart. He turns to stare at the couple, and then leaps off over the fence before they can shoot.

At the west house, Barry is staring off into space as Joe, Iris, and Wally are playing Stack Attack. Joe gets Barry's attention he says that he's not in a gaming mood, and Wally figures that makes him the champ. He leaves to meet up with some friends, and Joe asks Barry what's up. He points out that Barry and Wally haven't had much time together, and tells Barry that he'll have to give him a chance. Barry goes up to bed, and Joe and Iris confirm that Barry hasn't said anything about his trip to Earth-2.

The next day at STAR Labs, Cisco suggests that Caitlin go home and get some rest. She insists that she's fine and refuses to discuss it any further. Once she leaves, Barry comes in and Cisco explains that Caitlin has been cold ever since Jay died. He worries that it might be the start of Caitlin turning into Killer Frost, but Barry says that they just have to give her some time. Diggle and Lyla come in to warn them that King Shark escaped from ARGUS custody. ARGUS faked King Shark's death, and now that he's escaped his biological imperative is to kill Flash.

Once the others come in, Diggle explains that Lyla is the new director of ARGUS and she discovered that Waller was monitoring metahumans for the last two years. While he was in custody, King Shark kept saying that Zoom wants flash dead. Before the metahuman removed the trigger, the readings showed that King Shark was heading to Central City. Barry insists on going after him, and Harry explains that King Shark was Shay Lamden, a marine biologist before he was transformed. He goes off to try and track King Shark down, and they figure that King Shark has to get into the water to reoxygenate. They split up to search the city, and Cisco confirms that the Earth-1 Lamden died when the accelerator exploded. Shay had a widow, Tanya, who is a research scientist at Nautilus Labs and studies sharks. Barry suggests that Cisco and Caitlin talk to her, and they agree.

Barry calls Joe at the station, and he says that Wally wants to meet up with him. He wants some help with an engineering project, and Barry explains about King Shark. However, Barry says that he'll meet with Wally anyway.

At Nautilus Labs, Tanya wonders why Cisco and Caitlin are talking about the accelerator explosion two years later. She explains that Shay died after every cell in his body grew out of control. The scientists explain that there's a metahuman in Central City whose body is mutating the same way, and Caitlin demands to see Tanya's research. Cisco plays diplomat and asks to see her research, and she finally agrees to email them. Once Tanya leaves, Caitlin says that Cisco has been acting differently toward her since he got back from Earth-2. Cisco insists that it's nothing and they leave.

Flash and ARGUS search the waterfront, and Flash meets with Diggle to ask how Felicity is doing. He says that Felicity isn't returning his calls, and Diggle says that he'll have her give him a call. Diggle warns that Barry is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and advises him to take it easy. An ARGUS team calls in and says that they have something, right before King Shark kills them.

Later, ARGUS secures the crime scene, and Flash reports that Killer Shark has escaped. Lyla promises to keep searching, and Flash says that he has to meet Joe's son. He arrives at the West house and Harry has Barry take a look at his project essay on turbine supercars. Barry gives him a hard time about potential issues, and then assures Wally that it looks good. They start over and Joe and Iris move off to give them some space.

At STAR Labs, Caitlin reviews Tanya's research and tells Cisco that it's a waste of time. He offers to help and points out that she hasn't been herself recently. Cisco finally says that she has an icy look that she did on Earth-2, and Caitlin demands answers about her counterpart. He finally tells her that her counterpart is Killer Frost and likes killing. Caitlin insists that she isn't a metahuman, and Cisco points out that she's acting just like Killer Frost was. She insists that she has to be after seeing Jay die, when she was starting to love him, and if she lets it out then it will never stop. With that, Caitlin says that they should go back to work.

Jesse drops in on Harry, who is trying to work out a way to find King Shark. She asks to help, and after a moment Harry agrees.

Barry and Wally are going over the essay and Barry starts making corrections. Wally objects, saying that he came there so they would work together. He wonders why Barry is trying to speed up the process, and asks if he has someplace better to be. Barry asks if he has a problem with him, and Wally says that everyone says that Barry is perfect. He points out that Barry is in every picture in the room, and says that he'll take care of it himself. King Shark smashes through the ceiling and demands Flash.

Joe and Iris run down, and Joe orders everyone out before firing at the metahuman. Barry speeds outside, dons his costume, and lures King Shark away. The hero tells King Shark that the breaches are gone and there's no way back to Earth-2. He then speeds around King Shark, and the creature manages to send him flying. He closes in on Flash, but hears the police arriving. King Shark says that Flash isn't fast enough to catch him in the water and walks off. Joe and the other police arrive, and Flash says that he's good.

As Joe, Iris, and Wall clean up the debris, Wally wonders why they're not more weirded out. Barry comes down and Wally figures that he hid. Joe yells at him to stop, and Wally walks out. Barry asks them to tell Wally that he makes mistakes that even Flash can't fix, and Joe demands the truth about what happened on Earth-2. After a moment, Barry explains about their counterparts and how he and the other Iris were married. He tells them that the other Joe was murdered because he showed up, and it felt real to him. Joe assures Barry that it wasn't his fault, but Barry says that everything from Zoom to King Shark to Jay's death is because of him. Now Earth-2 is at Zooms' mercy.

Later at STAR Labs, the team compares notes and Harry admits that he hasn't created a location algorithm with the data available. Caitlin has determined from Tanya's research that sharks sense bioelectric potential in their victims. They figure that King Shark can track Flash's bioelectric signal, and Caitlin wants to track King Shark using active electrification. Harry invites Jesse to help him, and Lyla says that they'll bring down King Shark once the scientists find him.

At the waterfront, Flash and Caitlin deliver a buoy to ARGUS that mimics Flash's electric field. It's also stuffed with tranqs. Harry has made a Prometheum container capable of holding the metahuman. Cisco wonders why he should be out on the water, and Caitlin says that she needs to do it. When Diggle worries that King Shark will be in his natural habitat, Flash insists that it ends tonight.

As they wait, Caitlin asks Flash if he's okay. He says that he's been running away from things instead of toward them, and Caitlin promises that they'll get him back there. At STAR Labs, the satellite picks up King Shark heading for the bait. He eats the lure and Diggle activates the winch. They realize that King Shark has released the bait, and Cisco picks up the metahuman heading for the docks. King Shark lunges out of the water and the ARGUS soldiers open fire. Shrugging off the bullets, King Shark advances on Flash. Flash runs across the water at superspeed and King Shark follows him. Once they're in the middle of the harbor, Flash electrifies the water and runs in circles around King Shark. He finally stuns the metahuman, which drifts to the surface. Flash then speeds back to the dock and tells Diggle to reel in their opponent.

Once ARGUS secures King Shark in the container, Lyla tells Flash and Caitlin that ARGUS will try to work out a way to cure King Shark. Caitlin suggests that they talk to Tanya, and Lyla agrees. Once the women go on, Diggle thanks Flash for his help. He then says that he lost a lot of friends in Afghanistan. He warns that the guilt can tear Flash apart if he doesn't get control of it, and Flash thanks him for the advice before speeding off.

The next day, Joe and Wally meet at Jitters. Joe reads Wally's essay and admits that he's impressed. Wally admits that Barry helped, but Joe insists that it's all Wally's and Barry would say the same thing. When Wally questions that, Joe explains that they took Barry in because his mother was murdered and Henry was imprisoned for it. He admits that he's been overprotective of Barry ever since, and they're proud of Barry because of what could have gone wrong. However, Joe insists that Barry isn't perfect and he doesn't favor Barry over Wally or Iris.

Cisco is working on the vibe goggles when Caitlin comes in. She says that she's starting to become Killer Frost, and then breaks into laughter. Caitlin says that Cisco deserves the joke for thinking she could become Killer Frost, and promises her friend that Killer Frost will never exist on Earth-1. Cisco agrees to stop worrying about her, and they join the others in the cortex. Barry apologizes to all of them because he chose to go back in time and save his mother, and the consequences will haunt all of them. He says that Zoom and Jay's death is because of him, and they are the ones who are going to stop Zoom. Harry wonders how, and Barry admits that he doesn't know... yet. He insists that they're not done with Earth-2, and shows them Jay's helmet in a memorial case. Barry says that Jay's death wasn't in vain, and when they meet Zoom again, he'll beat him.

On Earth-2, Zoom drops Jay's corpse in front of the iron-helmeted prisoner. The prisoner stares at the corpse in horror, and Zoom removes his mask... to reveal that he's Jay. Zoom says that Jay's death is a complication.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 24, 2016

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