King Shark

King Shark escapes from ARGUS captivity and makes his way to Central City to kill the Flash. However, the hero and his friends are preoccupied with the recent death of one of their own. Meanwhile, Wally resents Barry's presence in his family.


By Gadfly on Feb 24, 2016

After Zoom pulls Jay back through the breach, Caitlin insists that Jay isn't dead. Cisco leads her away and Barry tells Harry to open it up. Harry says that he can't, explaining that the quark matter energy they used prevents them from being opened again. Jesse realizes that they're trapped for good, and Harry warns that they're nothing that they can do. Later, Cisco is looking at the vibe glasses he took from his Earth-2 counterparts. Caitlin is sleeping, and Cisco tells Barry when he comes…

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bard posted 3 years ago


TheFlash007 posted 3 years ago

My wife saw the ending of this episode before I did. My wife told me that Zoom looked like Jay Garrick. I told her not to ruin the surprise for me. She ruined the surprise for me.

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