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Ruby Slippers Recap

The group takes the unconscious Ruby to the Underbrooke. They have no idea why Ruby is there, but there's a scrap of gingham in her hands.

Oz, Some time ago...

Ruby and Mulan run through the woods, looking for Ruby's pack. As they try to pick up the trail again, Ruby says that the inhabitants sing a lot. Ruby realizes that her pack was never there, and they start to look for a way back to the Enchanted Forest. Toto runs out of the woods and barks at them, and Ruby recognizes the dog from the movies and books. Dorothy comes out with a crossbow and figures that Toto can sense one of them is a witch. Ruby explains that she's a werewolf and assures Dorothy that there's nothing to be scared of. She extends her hand to Toto, who runs off into the woods. Ruby tells Dorothy that Toto is heading to the northwest into the wind, and goes after the dog. After a moment, Dorothy follows her. A cyclone forms and Dorothy says that the Wicked Witch is nearby.


Zelena is at the counterpart to her home when Hades appears. He explains that he came to warn her that Ruby has arrived, and Zelena insists that it's not possible after what she did to Ruby. She figures that any goodwill she has with Regina will disappear once they learn what Zelena did to Ruby, and says that she can leave. Hades points out that she's abandoning her daughter, and Zelena says that she's leaving so that she doesn't do something to keep Regina from letting her see her daughter again. Hades tells Zelena to stay and face them, and assures her that he can trust her. Zelena refuses, saying that her time in the underworld is over. Hades tells her to do what she must, but promises that he'll take care of Ruby either way.

At the pawnshop, Belle is looking at the book she gave to Gaston when Gold comes in. She points out that she sent Gaston to a fate worse than death, and isn't consoled by Gold pointing out that she tried to save her child. Belle notes that she darkened her soul but didn't save her child, and Gold tells her that they can free their child together. She says that she has to do it on her own before Gold makes her do something else she regrets.

Ruby wakes up and explains that she used a tracking spell to find Zelena. The others tell her that Zelena is there, and Ruby explains that Zelena wanted Dorothy's slippers so she could find her daughter. Dorothy went to face Zelena and disappeared, and Emma says that they have to talk to Zelena to find out what happened. As the others go with her, Mary Margaret asks David to contact Neal and he says that he'll tell their son that Mary Margaret is out being a hero.

Hook, David, and Henry go to the telephone. Cruella is there and says that she's having one of her men, Claude, ripping out the phone. She knows why David wants the phone, and tells Henry that Hades ordered all the phones ripped out because the group is inspiring too much hope. Cruella tells David that if he wants to strike a deal, she'll look the other way when he makes a call. David refuses and Cruella has Claude rip out the phone.

At the farm house, Zelena uses the silver slippers and tries to leave. Regina and the others arrive with Ruby, and she demands to know what happened to Dorothy.


The three women go to the house where it touched down, and Zelena appears. She points out that Ruby's friends banished her there, to keep her from her newborn baby. Zelena says that she has the love of her child and it leaves her mother, and demands that they take her to the child. The Wicked Witch realizes that her silver slippers are gone, and Dorothy reminds her that she gave them to her and she's not giving them back. Zelena threatens to kill Toto unless Dorothy gives her the slippers, and tells her that she has until sundown to decide.


Regina asks Zelena to help them by telling the truth, but Zelena says that she can't help Dorothy now. She conjures a mirror to show them a sleeping Dorothy, and explains that she put a curse on them. Zelena can't wake them up, and only true love's kiss can wake her up. Since Dorothy is unmarried and alone, there's no one who can wake her up.

Inside the farmhouse, Zelena offers the slippers for her daughter. Regina figures that she's stuck and tells her sister that she can do something good now despite her past. She warns that Zelena can't come back from what she's doing, and suggests that she try. Zelena finally hands over the slippers but says that neither one of them will change.

Regina joins the others and shows them the slippers. Ruby doesn't see the point when there's no one who can give Dorothy's true love's kiss. The only person Dorothy loved was her Auntie Em, and she's dead. Emma suggests that Em is in the Underworld and they need to find her.


Mulan prepares sleeping powder and says that they need poppies. Dorothy goes to get them and Ruby insists on going. As they proceed, Ruby asks what they're fighting for. Dorothy explains that the first time she returned to Kansas, her family tried to have her committed. Em was the only one who believed her and kept Dorothy from being locked up, and she gave Dorothy Toto before she died. Ruby assures Dorothy that they'll get the dog back, and says that she knows what it's like to not belong anywhere. She explains that villagers ran her out of her hometown after she accidentally killed her boyfriend. All her life Ruby has felt like there was something missing, and came to Oz to find her pack and discover what she was missing. Dorothy asks what she's looking for, and Ruby admits that she's not sure.


The women find Em's gravestone at the cemetery, and it shows that she's there. Mary Margaret suggests that they bottle Em's kiss, and then use the slippers to deliver it to Oz. The men arrive and explain about the phones, and Mary Margaret worries that Hades is going to go after Neal. Emma says that it's time for David and Mary Margaret to go home. She tells them to go with Oz with Ruby, and then use the slippers to go to Storybrooke. Regina points out that Mary Margaret's name is carved on a tombstone, and she can't leave. Mary Margaret points out that David can leave.

Belle goes to the farmhouse and asks Zelena for her help, mother to mother. She knows that Hades loves Zelena, and wants Zelena to convince him to rip up the contract. Belle admits that she can't trust Gold, and figures that Zelena is scared of Hades. Zelena says that she'll never get her happy ending and despite her efforts, she's trapped in the Underworld. Belle is overwhelmed by morning sickness, and realizes that Hades could speed up her pregnancy. Zelena says that there may be a way to void the contract.

At the loft, Hook is going through the storybook when David comes in. The pirate tells him that there are no clues as to where or how Em died, and David says that Mary Margaret should be the one going home. Hook thanks him for coming for him, and David admits that he came for Emma... and Hook, just a bit. Hook points out that he can leave with Ruby and has to go, and David admits that he's right.


Dorothy and Ruby arrive at the poppy field, in Zelena'a territory. As they proceed, Ruby says that she should get to give her a nickname as well. She suggests "Kansas" and Dorothy agrees. They carefully pick some poppies, just as a flying monkey spots them. Ruby says that they can outrun them and asks Dorothy if she trusts her. When Dorothy says that she does, Ruby changes into her wolf form. Dorothy rides her and the Ruby wolf outruns the flying monkeys.

Dorothy and the wolf return to Mulan, and Dorothy puts the cloak on Ruby so that she can regain her human form. Dorothy abruptly goes back to her cottage.

Ruby, Emma, Mary Margaret and Regina go to the diner. They threaten the Blind Witch with Ruby unless she tells them where Em is, and the witch says that Em is her competition. The women go to the other diner, Auntie's. Emma explains that they're trying to help Dorothy, and ask her to blow a kiss into a bottle. As Em takes the bottle, she turns into water and then collapses. Hades is seated nearby and admits that he did it. Regina wonders if Zelena put him up to it, and Hades says that it's about much more than Zelena. When Emma figures that Hades is scared of them, Hades tosses a napkin onto Em and mops her up into a bottle. He tells the other residents that the same thing will happen to anyone who deals with the heroes.


Mulan tells Ruby that they'll attack at first light, and Ruby explains that she realized that what she's been looking for someone like Dorothy. However, she's worried that Dorothy is scared of her. Mulan suggests that Dorothy felt the same and couldn't put it into words, and tells Ruby not to wait until it's too late to tell someone who she feels. Ruby goes into the cottage and discovers that Dorothy is gone. She left a scrap of gingham behind.


Ruby asks Mary Margaret what they're going to do now. Mary Margaret suggests that Ruby can give Dorothy true love's kiss, sure that Ruby loves Dorothy. Ruby admits that she is in love with Dorothy, but doesn't think Dorothy feels the same. Mary Margaret points out that people in love hurt each other all the time, and figures that Ruby's fear is a good sign. She assures her friend that what someone gets back when they love someone far outweighs the risk, and Ruby agrees to try.

Ruby leaves the Gingham at Em's now-cracked tombstone. Regina gives her the slippers and has David hold Ruby's hand. He and Mary Margaret hug, and David says that now she can leave. Hook explains that he was able to replace Mary Margaret's name with David's. David insists that she should be the one to go home with their son. Meanwhile, Hook tells Emma that Hades enchanted his hand to change the names, even if he can't erase them. David promises that he'll be home soon, and Regina asks Mary Margaret to look in on Roland for Robin. Mary Margaret takes Ruby's hand and they teleport to Oz.

Zelena goes to Hades' lair and says that she hasn't given him a fair chance. He says that he destroyed Em to stop the heroes from reviving Dorothy.


Dorothy goes to Zelena's castle and tries to use the sleeping potion on her. Zelena immobilizes her and then casts the sleeping curse.


Hades pours Em into the River of Lost Souls and says that he did it to make Zelena happy. He did it to show Zelena that he did it to show that it's possible to be selfless. Zelena admits that she's terrified of taking a chance on him, but it's a chance she'll have to take. Hades offers her a toast to Dorothy's eternal slumber, and Zelena accepts.


The Munchkins and Mulan are with the sleeping Dorothy. Ruby and Mary Margaret arrive, and Ruby hesitates. Mary Margaret says that she can do it, and Ruby kisses her love on the lips. Dorothy wakes up, and says that she left without saying anything because she was afraid she'd lose Ruby to Zelena. She points out that Ruby came back for her, and Ruby promises that she ever will. The two women kiss.


Henry looks at the story of Ruby and Dorothy, and then starts writing another story. He goes downstairs and shows David the pictures of Mary Margaret returning to Storybrooke.

Belle returns to the pawnshop and tells Gold that Hades could take their baby at any time. She has a pin with the sleeping curse, and explains that Zelena gave it to her. If Belle is asleep then Hades can't take the child. Gold points out that only true love's kiss will release her from the curse, and Gold warns that he's not the man. Belle says that Maurice will wake her up, and Gold should do whatever it takes to get her back to Maurice. She pricks her finger and falls asleep, and Gold catches her.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 18, 2016

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