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Pilot Recap

The episode opens with Dr. Hank Lawson playing basketball with some friends on his day off. A young man collapses on the court and Hank improvises a way to immobilize him using available sporting equipment before rushing him to the emergency room. While treating the young man at the hospital, another patient arrives requiring his attention. The new patient is an older, influential “friend” of the hospital, and one of the hospital administrators insists that he treat him immediately. Hank stabilizes the older man and, over the objections of the administrator, returns to the younger man's case, who is not responding to the attentions of a younger, inexperienced doctor.

Later after work, Hank meets his fiancée for dinner and a romantic evening. The telephone interrupts them and he is called to a board review after the older patient dies. The hospital fires Hank and he sinks into a depression with no prospects for employment with the black mark on his record. Even his fiancée blames him for letting the hospital trustee die, and asks to postpone the wedding. Hank is angry and recommends they call off the wedding. Evan comes by and insists that Hank needs fresh air, and they should go to the Hamptons to a party he has the inside scoop on.

The party happens to be at Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz's estate. Evan pretends to be a German relative of Boris' and manages to gain them entrance to the party. While partying, Hank hears about a young lady, April, who has collapsed. The resident concierge doctor assumes she has had a drug overdose and prepares to treat her when Hank interferes. He notices other symptoms and talks to her date which leads him to believe she has ingested insecticides. At his host Boris' insistence, 911 is not called and Hank uses medical supplies available to him to revive the young lady. Boris wants to know who Hank is and Hank tells him his story. Boris offers him payment and his guest cottage for the summer, but Hank refuses both and insists he is only there for the weekend. While Hank is waiting for his car to be brought around, he meets an attractive young woman named Jill, who happens to drive the same make of car as Hank. Hank and Evan start driving away when they discover a briefcase in the back seat of Hank's car with a solid bar of gold inside as payment from Boris.

The next morning, Hank receives a phone call about an emergency situation. When he arrives at the address, he is met by a teenager named Tucker Bryant, who is standing in front of a wrecked Ferrari with blood on his shirt. The blood is not his however, but belongs to his girlfriend Libby. Libby turns out to be quite the hypochondriac, and spends time on the Internet looking for diseases that match the symptoms she thinks she has. After Hank treats Libby for her scrapes suffered in the car crash, Tucker collapses. Tucker turns out to be a hemophiliac, and the accident has caused his heart to be traumatized, causing it to not circulate blood to his brain. Hank again uses available supplies to drain the area around the heart of excess blood allowing his heart to start beating normally again. Once Tucker is resuscitated, he is evacuated by helicopter to a major hospital in New York City.

While Hank is out, April comes by the hotel to return his jacket and thank him for saving her life. She tells Evan that she thinks she is in love. While Evan tries to put the move on April, who is waiting for Hank to return, another young lady knocks on the door looking for Hank, an attractive young Indian woman named Divya, who is applying for a job as a physician assistant.

While interviewing Divya, who tells him he can make quite a bit of money as a concierge doctor to the rich, Hank receives yet another emergency call from a Ms. Newberg. Divya offers to drive, saying she has some things that might come in handy. When they arrive at the address provided, they find themselves at Hamptons Heritage hospital. Ms. Newberg is inside at general admitting trying to get treatment. They hospital staff insists she is at the end of the line, not in any immediate danger. Hank asks her what her problem is and she says she has a flat tire. Hank is puzzled by this until she opens her blouse to show him a deflated breast implant.

Ms. Newberg insists that Hank fix her problem, but he demurs, insisting that he is not affiliated with the hospital and does not have the equipment to deal with it. Divya chimes in that she can get whatever equipment he needs, and Ms. Newberg says she will pay him whatever it takes, but Hank starts to walk away. Just then, Jill Casey arrives, a hospital administrator that he met at Boris' party. She says the hospital has no problem with him treating Ms. Newberg, as she is a thorn in their side. Hank and Divya discuss a solution for Ms. Newberg, but the only quick solution they can think of is to drain the other implant to match the damaged one, until they can be redone properly.

Evan proposes that he is the CFO of HankMed, and Divya wants to discuss her title, but Hank is adamant that he is not cut out to be a concierge doctor. As he thinks about his future, he receives a visit from Jill. Jill talks about how there are regular people in the Hamptons that need help too. She also reveals that she knows the details about what happened at his old job and she sides with Hank, telling him that he did nothing wrong and the death of the older patient was just bad luck. Hank is smitten with her and decides to stay. After Boris tells him the offer still stands, he finds out that the guest cottage that Boris offered him would be vacant because the previous concierge doctor, Dr. Silver, is being kicked out.

Written by pentar on Apr 30, 2016

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