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Wonderland Recap

The episode opens on a Sunday with Evan relaxing and Hank reading company e-mail. Hank finds out that their check bounced when trying to buy a portable EKG machine and he tells Evan to fix it. He then begins to read through Boris' family medical history. Evan interrupts to discuss the impending loss of Divya when she gets married. They agree that they will have to find a new physician's assistant, but will never find another Divya.

At Hill Manor, Zoey Hill is walking around, seeing hallucinations when she crashes through a plate glass window. The next day, Zoey and her sister Amy are giving Divya and Raj a tour of Hill Manor in preparation for the engagement party they are planning to hold there. Both Divya and Raj are disturbed by the state of Hill Manor, however, and plan on finding another venue. Divya notices Zoey's injured leg, and calls in Hank to look at it. Amy tells them that the manor is causing Zoey's hallucinations and cough because Zoey wants to turn it into a bed and breakfast. Zoey reveals the problem has been going on for two weeks. Hank and Divya do a complete physical, including a CT scan and cannot find the problem. Divya suggests maybe mental illness, but Hank says there is no family history, so he wants to rule out all potential organic sources.

Jill arrives home to find Charlie inside, cooking a meal. She asks him why he is inside her house, and he says he has been living at the hospital and wanted a home cooked meal, plus his name is on the lease too. He tells her to continue to sort out her feelings, because he isn't going anywhere. She agrees to let him move back in for two weeks. Evan is on the phone with the bank, trying to sort out the bounced check. He finds that there have been a number of withdrawals without his approval. Hank returns home for some supplies and Evan returns with him to Hill Manor to help look for mold. In the attic, Evan discovers not mold, but bats. Later, Evan gets a text message from an anonymous source saying that funds are being put back into his account.

Hank runs into Jill looking for a card for Divya's engagement party. She starts to talk about Charlie, but Hank stops her and tells her he doesn't want to hear about him. He says if being with Charlie makes her happy, then he is happy. If she decides to leave him for good, she knows where he lives, but don't expect him to wait. Divya and Raj are talking about their future. Divya thought the problems at Hill Manor were a sign, and could provide an “out” to their arranged marriage. She is concerned that they are not marrying for love. Raj tells her that they have been friends for 20 years, and their marriage will grow into love.

Hank, Evan and Divya are talking about Zoey's condition. They have discovered a cause for the cough but not for the hallucinations. Hank takes the opportunity to tell Divya that there will always be a place for her at HankMed. Evan gets a panicked call from Amy about her sister. When they arrive at Hill Manor, they find Zoey on the roof having hallucinations. Hank tries to get her down but she leaps off, fortunately landing in a pool. Hank decides they need to do a spinal tap to rule out encephalitis. He also says they are going to stay the night, since that is when the hallucinations happen. When Amy goes to make Zoey her nightly iced tea, Hank discovers Amy putting cough syrup into her drink, which is the root cause of her hallucinations.

At the engagement party, Divya tells Hank and Evan that she is not going to go through with the engagement, and says she is going to piss off both families. At the last moment however, she chickens out. Evan gets a phone call with bad news about HankMed's finances. He tells the unknown caller that he can't believe he is doing it to him again. Jill is looking for Hank at the party, wanting to tell him something important. She finds him alone with Zoey on a bench, and from a distance, it looks romantic, so she leaves.

Evan finally admits to Hank that HankMed is broke, and that he got scammed with an investment he made, but he won't reveal with whom. Hank is furious, and says he is surprised it took Evan so long to let him down, and he doesn't know if he will ever trust him again. Hank stops by Jill's house to find out what she wanted to tell him. Charlie answers the door and lies to him, saying Jill was not home. Hank gets the message that Charlie doesn't want him to see Jill and leaves. Charlie goes back inside and lies to Jill about who was at the door. She tells him to pack up and leave. When Hank returns home, he finds a note from Evan saying he is off to see Eddie R. Hank figures out that it was their father who took their money.

Written by pentar on May 4, 2016

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