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Last Rites Recap

Storybrooke – Present Day

Hades takes in the world of the living, and tells Zelena that he owes it all to her. He says that he's finally becoming himself again, and Zelena wonders where Regina is. Hades assures Zelena that she'll be along, and says that they can't go into town because Snow still thinks that he's a villain. Zelena asks him to take the baby to Regina's office in case the people don't believe that Hades has changed, Hades is surprised that she would trust him with the baby, and Zelena assures him that she would trust him with anything.

Once Zelena leaves, a shackled Arthur runs up. When he sees Hades, he skids to a halt and insists that he was unjustly imprisoned. Hades sympathizes with unjust imprisonment and asks what happened. Arthur explains that he was destined to rule a broken kingdom, and Hades says that he was as well and introduces himself. He says that he was destined to rule the land of the living, and tells Arthur that he needs his help. Hades gestures and kills Arthur, and says that will do nicely.

At the loft, Merida tells Snow that Arthur escaped when sleepy fell asleep on guard duty Snow tells them to gather the dwarfs and search for Arthur. David, Emma, and Henry arrive and the Charmings kiss. Emma admits that Hook didn't make it, and Snow embraces her daughter. David warns that Hades and Zelena made it back with Robin's baby.

In the park, Zelena finds Regina and Robin. They wonder where Robin's daughter is, and Robin tells Zelena that Hades tried to trap them in the Underworld. Zelena insists that they waited for her, and that she changed Zelena with her love. She wonders what they plan to do to Hades, and Regina says that she'll do whatever they have to so that they can protect Storybrooke. Zelena warns that if they try to hurt Hades then they do so at their own peril and teleports away.

The Underworld

Arthur arrives in the Underworld and goes to the diner. He sits at the counter and the Blind Witch offers him coffee. Arthur demands answers, and Hook speaks up from a booth. The pirate explains that Arthur is dead, and that he can't move. Hook demands to know what's going on in Storybrooke, and Arthur explains that Hades killed him. The Witch interrupts to say that Hades never reveals his weakness, and Hook realizes that she's right. Now that Hades isn't there, Hook invites Arthur to go on a quest with him. when Arthur refuses, Hook says that when Arthur finishes his business then he'll either move to a better place or a worse one. Arthur prefers the former, and Hook says that he'll need a major good dead: like finding the way to defeat Hades.


Merida finds Arthur's corpse and brings Emma and Hades there. Emma recognizes Hades' work and says that they have to kill Hades and send him back where he came from. David warns that they're dealing with a god, and he needs her to deal with death the way that other people do. He tells his daughter that people do so by grieving.

At the mayor's office, Zelena tells Hades what happened. He wants to turn himself in to protect Zelena and her daughter, and says that he would give up anything for her. As Hades starts to walk off, Zelena says that she won't risk losing him again. Hades says that they have one other option: they have to defend themselves. He says that if the heroes force them into a fight then he has something, and takes out the two pieces of the Olympian crystal, which belonged to Zeus. Hades says that it's very dangerous, and he's waited a long time to use it.

The heroes arrive at the town hall and discover that Zelena has cast a protection spell on the building. Regina says that there's a secret tunnel that leads inside, and Emma insists on going with them. However, the others warn that she's not thinking straight, and tell her to work out a way to defeat Hades because he will come for them.

Regina and Robin enter the tunnel and Regina apologizes for trusting Zelena. She says that she wanted to give her sister a second chance, and Robin doesn't want to hear her defend Zelena again. Robin isn't interested and continues on.

Maurice is working at the flower shop and finds Gold waiting for him. Gold explains that Belle is trapped under a sleeping curse and she needs her father to wake her. Maurice refuses to do it because of Gold, figuring that it's better for Belle to sleep then to fall under Gold's influence. Gold pounds his cane on the counter, and is ready to kill him when Emma arrives. She sends Maurice out and tells Gold that Hades is in Storybrooke. She hopes that Gold can tell her how to kill hades, but he doesn't see the point.

The Underworld

Hook and Arthur go to Hades' throne room and look for the Storybook pages that show Hades' weakness. When the pirate insists that he has to find the pages to save Emma, Arthur realizes that it's about a woman. Hook says that he can't move on while Emma is in danger, and asks Arthur where he hid his treasure. Arthur finds a secret compartment in Hades' throne, the one place that no one would ever touch, and gives the pages to Hook. Hook reads them and says that he has to get them to Emma because they hold the way to kill a god.

Hook and Arthur return to the diner to find Cruella. They want to get a message to their friends, and Cruella tells them that she destroyed the phone booth to make sure no one resolves their unfinished business. Hook asks where the Storybook is, and Cruella says that she put it in the River of Souls. Hook tells Arthur that if he can get the Book then he can get the pages to Emma.


Emma returns to the library and finds the others trying to find a way to defeat Hades in the books. She's ready to leave, and David warns that getting revenge on Hades won't bring Hook back. Emma says that she can't grieve for Hook because she knows that he's still trapped in the Underworld. David and Snow suggest that she help them find a way to defeat Hades, for Hook's sake.

In the mayor's office, Hades explains that without a beating heart, he didn't have the power to reassemble the Olympian Crystal. Now he does thanks to Zelena. Zelena takes his hand and apologizes for Hades not believing in him. Hades says that once he makes the Crystal whole, they will show everyone that they're wrong about him and they could rule Storybrooke together. Zelena thought that they were just going to live there, and Hades warns that the others won't leave them any choice. The phone rings and Hades answers it. It's Gold, who suggests that they make a deal. Hades isn't interested, but Gold offers to help protect him in return for a piece of the Olympian Crystal. The Lord of Death refuses and Gold hangs up.

Regina and Robin reach the town hall basement, and Regina apologizes for trusting Zelena with Robin's daughter. Robin agrees that they owe Zelena another chance, and assures Regina that she is his future. They kiss and then Robin admits that he has no plan. Regina assures him that she's with him, always, and they go in.

The Underworld

Hook and Arthur take a boat across the River of Souls to get the Storybook. The pirate warns that if they touch the water then they become trapped in the river. They arrive at the temple and see the Book on an altar. Hook goes to get it, and a soul emerges from the River and grabs Arthur. It tries to pull him back, and Arthur tells Hook to go on and get the book. Hook hesitates and then uses a torch to drive the soul off. Arthur thanks him and a soul goes for the book. Arthur has Hook toss the torch to him, and Arthur destroys the soul. The Book falls into the River… and Hook catches it just in time. He tells Arthur that the Book can cross realms, and inserts the pages back into the Book. As he does, Hook says that the Olympian Crystal can kill anything, including a god.


In the library, Emma finds the Storybook on the desk next to her. She opens it and sees a picture of her and Hook dancing. Crying, she closes and sets it aide. However, the Book opens by itself and flips to the restored pages. Emma reads them and realizes how to kill Hades.

In the mayor's office, Hades restores the Crystal. Zelena suggests that they leave Storybrooke, but Hades warns that the heroes will hunt them wherever they go. Regina and Robin listen from outside the office, and the lights flicker. Zelena realizes that someone is trying to break in, and looks outside to see Emma out on the street. As Zelena goes to confront her, Hades picks up the crystal and goes to check for the others.

As Emma tries to blast through the protective spell, Zelena appears and warns that there is no way to defeat a god. Emma says that she knows Hades has the Crystal, and Zelena knocks her back and takes the pages. Furious, she demands to know of Regina agreed to kill the man she loves.

Robin and Regina get the baby, but Hades returns. Regina tells him that if he kills her then he'll lose Zelena forever. Hades figures that Zelena will never know, and says that the Crystal will blast Regina out of existence. Robin leaps in the way of the Crystal's blast, and then turns to Regina before his body collapses. His soul reaches out to her for a moment and then fades away, and Hades prepares to blast Regina as well.

Zelena arrives and Hades says that Robin said that he was going to kill her. Regina says that it's a lie, and Hades has been lying to her. Zelena asks Hades if he trapped them in the Underworld, and he says that he trapped them so he wouldn't have to kill her. Now they have to use the Crystal to create a new kingdom. Zelena insists that they don't need a kingdom, and Hades says that it's their way to get back at the families that never believed in them.

Regina charges Hades and knocks the Crystal out of his hands. Zelena picks it up and Hades tells her to use it to end Regina. Regina, crying, says that she believes in Zelena and wanted her to find love. However, she warns that love blinds them sometimes, and Robin died trying to protect her in an act of true love. Regina says that Hades won't give up anything for Zelena, and Hades reminds Zelena that Regina had it all and Zelena had nothing. Zelena aims the crystal at Regina, and then says that all she ever wanted for love and that was enough for Hades. Now she realizes that nothing ever will be for him and rams the Crystal into his chest. Hades is turned into a pile of dust, and Regina goes to Robin. After a moment, Zelena hugs her.

The Underworld

Hook thanks Arthur for his help, and knows that Emma did what she had to. A doorway to a better place opens for Hook, and Hook figures that they both have completed their unfinished business. He invites Arthur to come with him, but Arthur says that his destiny is to repair the broken kingdom of the Underworld. Hook offers his hand and the two men shake. The pirate then steps into the doorway and disappears.

Zeus greets Hook and thanks him for doing something very important. He explains that the heroes finally destroyed the misguided Hades, and Zeus is there to escort Hook to his reward. Hook says that he's ready, and Zeus takes him to where he belongs.


Emma leaves a flask on Hook's grave and says that Hades is gone. She hopes that he's in a better place, and accepts that he's really gone.

Later, the townspeople gather for Robin's funeral. Each of them lays an arrow on the coffin, Regina last. Zelena comforts her and Robin's daughter, and says that there's only one name that's fitting for his daughter: Robin. Emma and Snow stay behind, and Snow assures Emma that it isn't her fault. Emma wants to be alone at the grave.

After Snow leaves, Hook appears to Emma and Emma kisses him. He says that Zeus sent him back as a reward for defeating Hades, and Emma shows him Robin's grave.

Gold goes to the mayor's office and removes the Crystal from the ashes.

Written by Gadfly on May 9, 2016

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