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An Untold Story Recap

The next morning, Dr. Jekyll wakes up in a straitjacket and finds a note on the table from Hyde. Hyde points out that Jekyll almost got free, and apologizes for it not working out. Poole is sleeping nearby, and Jekyll slips past him and finds a scalpel.

Hook tries get the lock to their cage open with his hook, and Zelena starts sniping at him. David tells them that they have to wait for the Groundsman, and arrives and says that the Warden took the Wand from him. However, he got the key to the cell from Poole, and opens the door. However, he says that they need a way to defeat the Warden but warns that it's dangerous. The Groundsman leads the heroes to the nearby city, a combination of all the realms. Their rescuer explains that the Land of Untold stories is a refuge filled with overcasts from all over.

In New York, Violet goes after Henry when he leaves the library. She takes his hand and says that he knows he's scared, but agrees to help him if he thinks that it's for the best. When she says that she has no idea where Gold is, Henry points out the purple storm cloud over a hotel in downtown.

A server brings room service to Gold's room. He sees lights glowing from Gold's room and hesitantly knocks at the door. Gold tells him to bring the cart in, and the server notices the mystic symbol inscribed on a table. When the server discovers that the kitchen prepared the wrong food, Gold tells him that the food is irrelevant and takes the sterling silver serving tray. He starts to dismiss the server, but then says that there's one more thing... and gives him a tip. Gold warns that things might get messy and the server quickly goes.

On the street, Emma and Regina see the storm and Emma figures that Henry already disobeyed them. Granny texts Emma and says that the others were pulled through a portal. Regina heads for the hotel, figuring that getting the magic back from Gold is the key. Emma tells her that they have to be smart, and soon Regina knocks on Gold's door. She says that they need to talk and Emma doesn't know that she's there. Gold lets her in and Regina figures that Gold hasn't been able to wake Belle yet. She offers her help in return and says that she's ready to let the Evil Queen out because she's sick of losing everyone she cares about. Gold wonders what's changed, and Regina says that the heroes convinced Zelena to use the Wand and now they're trapped in another reality. She figures that Gold needs the Evil Queen, and she doesn't want to lose one more person she loves after losing Robin. After a moment, Gold agrees.

The Groundsman takes the heroes to his apartment and shows them a serum he created, that separates the good from evil in someone. He insists that there's good in the Warden and has been fighting to get out, but never could until now. The Groundsman takes out a flower from a vine he was pruning and squeezes the sap into the serum. Poole comes in and says that he let the Groundsman get away so he could finish his serum. The Orderly then pours the original serum down the Groundsman's throat, and he yells at the heroes to run. As the Groundsman transform into Hyde, the heroes realize who they're dealing with. Zelena blasts Hyde but he shrugs off the magic. The heroes run, and Hyde tells Poole to let them while he contemplates Jekyll's new serum.

Emma breaks into Gold's hotel room, as Gold and Regina share a toast. He explains that the Box was taken with Belle in it, and figures that someone used the Wand to take it. Meanwhile, Emma finds the Crystal but Gold easily teleports it into his hand. He invites Emma over and says that he knew all along that Regina was lying. Gold only let her in to get a strand of Zelena's hair from Regina so that he could track her.

As Gold prepares to kill them with a fireball, Henry and Valet arrive. Henry holds up the Grail, draining the magic from Gold and then the Crystal. The storm overhead disappears and the Crystal drops to the table, powerless. Henry tells them that he destroyed magic.

In Jekyll's apartment, Hyde orders Poole to the other room and then injects himself with the new serum. He screams and then splits into his two parts, Jekyll and Hyde. Jekyll realizes what has happened, and Hyde offers his hand. He helps Jekyll up and says how pathetic and weak he is. Jekyll says that he had to create the serum because being with Hyde is destroying him, and Hyde says that being separate is what is going to destroy Jekyll. He starts choking Jekyll, but Hook arrives and attacks him. Zelena blasts Poole unconscious, while Hyde frees himself. He prepares to kill them, but Mary Margaret stuns him with Poole's taser. Jekyll collects his potions and says that they have to run before Hyde wakes up.

Gold says that Henry stopped him from rescuing Belle and the others. Regina explains what happened to the others, and Henry insists that he did what he has to do and leaves. Violet goes after him, and Gold says that Storybrooke will survive without magic. He says that there is one person with magic who can help them, and they'll have to work together if they want Gold to help them. Regina goes with Gold while Emma finds Henry.

Emma finds Henry on the street at the fountain where they went when they were upset. He used to toss pennies in and make wishes. Violet gives them some privacy, and Henry points out that when they lived there, they had no idea about magic and they were happy. Emma points out that it isn't just the two of them, and explains that Regna and Gold are trying to findway to rescue the others.

As Gold and Regina go to Chinatown, Regina wonders why Gold didn't believe her lie. Gold tells her that partitioning the darkness inside of her won't let her become the woman she wants to be. He points out that he tried to do the same thing but failed because he likes the darkness. Regina insists that she isn't like him and doesn't like the darkness, but Gold says that deep down the Evil Queen is who she is. They enter a Chinese herbal shop and the owner greets them. Gold tells Regina that the owner is the Dragon, who survived an encounter with one of Pan's business. The Dragon refuses to help those filled with darkness, but says that he will help Regina because he sees a battle between light and darkness in her soul. He says that she must win for the sake of all of them.

When the others arrive, the Dragon casts a spell and opens a viewing window to the Land of Untold Stories. They see David and the others, but the Dragon is unable to open a portal to that realm. He tells Henry that he hasn't done everything he can, and explains that there is magic everywhere if they're willing to see it. Emma remembers August telling him the same thing, and the Dragon says that he knows she is the Savior. He tells her to remember what August told her: that she has to believe.

Henry gets an idea and takes them to the found. He figures that it has the power of all the people who believed that it could grant wishes,. The last time they were there, Henry wished that their family could be complete. A few days later, Hook came to New York and took them to Storybrooke. Henry wishes that their family was back together and the Crystal starts glowing. He tells everyone to make a wish and gives coins to everyone, even Gold. They all make the same wish and the Crystal glows. Henry realizes that they need more power and runs into the library.

The heroes go through the realm marketplace, and Jekyll admits that he sees his worst self as a monster. They duck into an alleyway but Hyde cuts them off.

Henry gets in front of the library and asks all of the pedestrians to help him save his family with magic. The people laugh, but Henry insists that magic is real and they have to be willing to see it and believe. He looks at his mothers and say that they need magic to make the world a better place. Henry asks them to make a wish to return magic to the world, and they all go to the fountain and toss in coins. The Crystal glows at full strength.

Coins drop into the alleyway.

A portal opens in the fountain. The other end opens in the alleyway, and the heroes leap in. The portal closes before Hyde can follow them, and the families embrace. The pedestrians applaud and Henry realizes that they think it's all an act. Emma assures him that it doesn't matter, and Henry did the impossible by making the world believe if even for a moment.

Hyde goes back to his lab and tears it apart in a fury. Gold appears and explains that he came through the portal. Hyde says that Gold is going to help him defeat his better self or he'll never see Belle again. Gold chokes him and orders Hyde to return the Box to him. Hyde says that he can help wake Belle, and Gold releases him and figures that Hyde is lying to save his skin. The warden says that he's kept many from distant lands and has learned much, and there is one place with the answer Gold seeks. Gold wonders where, and Hyde proposes that they make a deal.

At Robin's apartment, Jekyll thanks them for separating him from his worst self. They confirm that Gold is gone, and Regina wanted to be alone. Emma knows what is bothering her and says that it's something bigger.

Mary Margaret finds Regina on the roof and brings her spiked hot cocoa. She tells Regina that she doesn’t have to go through it alone, and Regina says that she has to open herself up to a life of pain and suffering if she wants to keep the Evil Queen at bay. Mary Margaret figures that there is something to do, but Regina says that there isn't and explains that she also wished the Evil Queen away. Her friend says that they forgive her, but Regina tells her that it doesn't matter because the Evil Queen's karma will always be there. Mary Margaret says that if Regina wants a fresh start then maybe there is a way.

Emma joins them on the roof and they get the new serum from Jekyll. There's enough left for one more dose, and they figure that it will end the Evil Queen if Regina is sure that's what she wants. Regina agrees and Mary Margaret says that there will be a moment when the Evil Queen doesn't have her magic. That's when Regina has to strike. They insist on staying to see Regina end the Evil Queen, and Mary Margaret injects Regina with the serum. She screams and the Evil Queen splits away from her.

Disgusted, the Evil Queen looks at what she has become. Emma imprisons her with magic chains and tells Regina to destroy her counterpart. Regina hesitates and the Evil Queen says that she's weak and can't destroy their darkness. She insists that Regina needs her. After a moment, Regina says that she doesn't and rips out her heart. She apologizes and then crushes it, and the Evil Queen disintegrates.

Later, Emma and the others return to Storybrooke. Violet tells Henry that she needs to talk to her father Morgan, and says that Morgan father didn't go back to Camelot because he isn't from there. Morgan is originally from Connecticut, and Violet was born there. Henry kisses her, and Violet walks off. Emma and Regina come over, smiling, and Henry reminds them that they still need to untether the magic from the Crystal. Hook and the others arrive with Jekyll and take him to the diner. Hook stays with Emma and she finally tells him that she loves him.

Henry asks Regina how she feels destroying the Evil Queen, and she says that she feels free. She casts a spell to untether the crystal, and the magic spreads through Storybrooke. Hyde steps out and Regina realizes that Gold made a deal with him. In exchange for Storybrooke, Gold gave him Storybrooke... and Hyde brought some friends. They are characters with untold stories, and now they can play them out. Regina tells Hyde that she knows how his story ends: with him losing. Hyde warns her that darkness isn't as easy to snuff out as she might believe and walks away.

The Evil's Queen's ashes drift through New York to Chinatown. They enter the Dragon's shop and reform, and says that she came to set the record straight. Regina may have won the fight for her soul, but it is a war and it's just begun. With that, she pulls out the Dragon's heart and says that the Queen is back.

Written by Gadfly on May 16, 2016

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