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Medusa Recap

The episode opens with Hank packing to go to Manhattan to see Boris and Evan is interested in showing Hank his new scheme “Pimp My Handbag”. At the news that Boris sent a car and a jet for Hank, Evan convinces Hank to let him come along because he has business in the city. But once on the plane they discover they are not going to the city. The plane lands and Boris meets them, in Cuba.

Boris and Hank discuss his illness and Evan goes off on his own. Boris has brought Hank to Cuba because the doctor that diagnosed Boris to begin with has a clinical trail of a new treatment and to qualify for it, Boris needs a complete physical. Boris tells him he will be back in the Hamptons by Monday and that he took the liberty of getting a replacement concierge doctor.

When Divya arrives at HankMed, she finds Hank's replacement, Dr. Emily Peck. Divya thought Hank was only gone for a day, and is unaware he and Evan are in Cuba. Hank tells Evan that he is going with Boris and not to get into any trouble. Evan explores the island and goes to the beach and meets a Canadian woman named Mindy on vacation.

Boris and Hank meet Dr. Casseras and she seems annoyed that Hank is there, but Boris tells her that Hank is his “quarterback” and Dr. Casseras welcomes Hank to the team, giving Hank the file on her treatment for him to review. Hank wonders if they have the blood work done yet and compliments the doctor about her credentials. He wanted to look at the protocol because he doesn’t want Boris to endanger his life by trying to save it.

Evan and Mindy are out scuba diving and they hear a man on the boat yelling for them to return. They wonder why when Evan spots a giant jelly fish, which Mindy calls a man-of-war. They both get on the boat safely and then Mindy accidentally hits Evan in the head with her tank. Hank rushes to the beach and treats the laceration on Evan’s head. At the Hamptons, Emily sees Alan Rider, one of Hank's patients with chronic migraines. Emily orders an MRI and other tests to be done but Divya recommends to not waste his money and give the treatment prescribed by Hank a chance to work. Emily says she likes to be aggressive in her treatment and Alan assents.

In Cuba, Evan and Hank get back from eating dinner with Boris and they walk the streets of Cuba. They reach a street where people are dancing and Dr. Casseras is passing out medications. The medicine she is handing out turns out to be the the medication that Eddie R. signed for. Later, Dr. Casseras starts dancing with Boris and Hank and Evan realizes that Boris is having a relationship with her. Meanwhile, Divya drops off the lab work at the hospital and stops by Jill's office to ask her about Emily. Jill looks up her record and sees how impressive it is.

The next morning Hank is giving the last test to Boris and expresses his concern that he is in a relationship with and funding the research of same woman who is treating him. Boris points out that it is none of his business. Meanwhile, Evan is out trying to buy Cuban cigars when Mindy sees him. He asks her to go out with him but she declines and leaves with her friends. Evan goes back to the cigar vendor and offers to trade his cell phone for the Cuban cigars. The man agrees then tells Evan to walk away quickly. A mysterious man follows Evan with his eyes. Back in the Hamptons, Divya tells Alan that the tests found nothing wrong. Emily gives him injections to help with the migraines and offers to get rid of his wrinkles as well, which Divya is not pleased about. In Cuba, Boris rides up on a horse and the study shows that Boris is a perfect candidate for the trial. He warns Boris of the dangers of the test and tries to slow him down but Boris is determined.

At the club, Hank and Evan are ordering drinks and Hank says he wants to have a fun time on their last night. Suddenly, Mindy rushes in and says her friend Susie is in need of his help. Susie is suffering from botched plastic surgery and they rush her to the hospital. In the examination room, they are not seeing any signs of complications from her surgery. They discover she went scuba diving before her surgery and she is suffering from decompression sickness. They take her to a hyperbaric chamber and she is fine. Outside the hospital Evan meets up with Mindy. She asks him to stay a few days and spend time with her. He says he is leaving in the morning but at least they have the night together. The next morning, Evan tells Hank he needs to trade his phone for more Cuban Cigars to give as gifts for their clients and leaves.

Hank passes by Boris’s room and sees he is getting Dr. Casseras' treatment. Hank enters and Boris tells him that he made his decision. Hank is concerned so Boris offers him the chance to stay and monitor the treatment, but Hank declines. Hank runs out and stops Dr. Casseras and says that they could work together, but she says that Boris has a new quarterback now. Back at the Hamptons, Emily walks in and asks Divya to transcribe the patient notes onto hard copy. Divya says Hank usually does that himself, but Emily doesn't care, as long as it gets done. She then gives Divya her card and tells her to call any time they need backup. Divya rips up her card and tells her she was not professional by schmoozing and prescribing cosmetic treatments to their patients, and not to wait by the phone for their call. Back in Cuba, Hank and Boris are walking up to the jet and Hank says his goodbyes. He tells Boris if he ever needs anything to let him know. Meanwhile, Evan is trying to buy more cigars but the guy he traded with before is not there. On his way back, Evan is stopped by two men and forced into their car.

Written by pentar on May 21, 2016

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