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Comfort's Overrated Recap

The episode opens with Jill getting macaroni and cheese from Mac's gourmet beach-side restaurant. Mac tells Jill that he and his wife have not been talking to each other. When Jill responds, Mac closes up and says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Jill tells Hank that Emily Peck has set up shop and wonders if he is worried. He says that he is not upset and that there is enough business to go around. Back at HankMed Evan wants to get a new car and Divya wants to leave early for something “personal”. Hank enters and tells Evan that he can have a new car and gives Evan the key to the Saab. Evan is not amused. They are called to treat Donna, Mac’s wife. Donna wanted to pack up the truck undisturbed so she tied Mac to a lounge chair out back, then accidentally fell down the stairs breaking her ankle. Mac struggles against his bonds, calling Donna's name, but manages to fall into the pool still tied to the chair. Hank jumps in the pool to save him.

Hank manages to free Mac and pull him to the surface. Mac wants to know who Hank is and says hello to Divya. Donna comes out and Mac says that he thinks Divya is cute. Donna says that the flirting started since coming to the Hamptons and that Mac even hit on her sister Lacy. Donna says that she is leaving Mac and wants to go home. Evan enters and says that Hank has not been answering his phone. Hank says that it is a little wet. There is a new client that called about a kite boarding accident. At the beach they meet Paige Collins who informed them that she also called another doctor. They meet the victim, Paige's boyfriend, an older man named Graham. Emily is already there and says that Hank is too late to get Graham as a patient. Meanwhile, Divya’s mother waits and Divya comes out in her dress. It is too short in the back and her mother is upset and says that it is a bad omen and wants to call her spiritual adviser. Divya says that they just need more material.

Back at the beach, Paige wants to know if Hank can be her “faux-beau” and says that her parents want pictures of a boyfriend that is her age and she doesn’t want to send pictures of Graham. Hank declines her proposal but Evan says that would be happy to be her stand-in. She is unimpressed. Emily criticizes the clothes that Hank had to change into and Hank sees Graham wobble a little on top of the car. Hank asks if Emily checked for a concussion and she says that she did despite finding only a cut on his knee. Graham gets a dizzy spell but he recovers. Hank asks if he is alright and he claims that he is.

Paige comes over to HankMed and settles for Evan, saying that she will pick him up in the morning for his make over and says that he needs to look the part. Meanwhile, Hank visits Graham and Hank sees that he has a burn mark on his chest. He says that it was an accident in the dark room and says that it is nothing. But Hank says that it is something and asks to see the chemicals. Hank takes a look at the chemicals and notices that two chemicals were mixed improperly.

Divya is sitting with Donna and is fixing her leg. Mac enters and says that Donna looks good. He says that Divya looks good too. He says that the medicine that she gave him is not working. Meanwhile Paige and Evan arrive for Evan’s makeover and she tells the manager to give Evan whatever he wants. He asks for 2 pepperoni pizzas. After receiving his makeover, Evan is getting noticed by women. They go and get their pictures done in front of a green screen and Evan says that they are not done yet and takes her into the photo booth. Paige kisses Evan and she says that he made a better “faux-beau” than she expected. She pulls up to the end of the driveway at Evan and Hank's house and gives Evan the money that they agreed on. She gets a call from Graham and says that she needs to go and tells Evan to get out. Evan is crushed that he was just used.

Inside HankMed, Hank and Divya talk and she says that she thinks that Donna is trying to kill Mac and wants to have him tested for poison. Hank is trying to still figure out his new phone and Evan enters. They ask why Evan is all pretty and Evan calls himself a “dirty whore”. Divya tells Hank that stranger things are going to happen with Donna and Mac. Later, Emily visits Hank and says that he stoled her client from her. Hank teases her for her bad English and says that he did not. She says that Graham is not following her recommendations. She says that his accidents are age related but Hank says that they are lifestyle related. Emily says that they will bet dinner on it. Jill enters and sees the bet take place. Emily tells Jill that she wants to do lunch with Jill and tells Hank that they will do dinner.

Jill and Hank talk and Hank says that the board of the hospital doesn’t have a chance against her case because of the fact that the board is borrowing from instead of building up a community clinic. Evan makes a confession but Hank says that he was Paige’s “faux-beau” and Evan says that he is not going to buy his car and will put the money he got from Paige and notices that Divya is not wearing her engagement ring. Hank and Divya go to Mac’s and Hank sees blood on the sidewalk and they rush in. Mac is on the couch eating Macaroni and Cheese and Hank and Divya are relieved. Hank feels that there is a bigger problem happening to Mac then just a stomach ache. Evan goes up to visit Paige and Graham answers the door. Evan says that he got a text from Paige but it was Graham that texted him. He shows the pictures from the photo booth and tells Evan that they need to talk. Back at Donna and Mac’s Divya has no success of finding her ring and Hank is trying to diagnose Mac and Donna says that he was in a hit and run a while ago and that he bumped his head but it was not serious. Hank says that Mac is suffering from a neurological disorder.

Evan talks with Graham and says that it was a fake date so that Paige’s parents don’t find out and Graham says that he needs to talk to Paige. He starts to be hazy. He trips and says to get Hank. Graham is suffering from mini strokes in his eye. Hank jumps into action when Graham says that he can’t see. Hank tapes a flashlight to Graham’s glasses and uses it as a magnifying glass and gives him a shot in his eye to dislodge the plaque. It works and Graham can see. Later in the hospital, Hank sees Divya and she says that Mac is having a neurological order and she found her ring. It is in Mac’s stomach. Divya meets with her mom and her dress is fixed. Her mom sees that her ring is gone and Divya says that she is getting it cleaned. But her mom says that her spiritual adviser told her that Divya’s love is going to travel through another. Divya reassures her that she and Raj are committed and there is no problem. Divya’s mom says that her spiritual adviser is never wrong.

Jill meets Mac to get some macaroni and cheese with Divya for lunch and they see Mac and Donna are getting better. Hank and Emily are meeting for dinner and Emily says that it was age related and Hank says that it could have possibly been lifestyle related. She says that they will go “Danish”. Hank corrects her English again. Hank says that Emily is flustered and that is why she mixes up her words. She plays him in pool and she wins and says that she is not flustered around Hank. Later in the evening, Hank takes Evan out blindfolded and he shows him his new car. Evan says that it is a joke and tells Hank to move the mini-van and show his real car. Hank says that it has XM Radio and GPS. Evan thinks that it is a cool car and plays with the buttons to open the door and trunk space. Paige pulls up and says that Evan needs to meet her parents, William and Ellen. It will be the same price as last time. Evan says that he doesn’t want to, but she says that Graham left for Egypt and that he told her that the relationship was over. She takes off before he could object further. Back at the clinic, Hank meets with Jill and she thanks Hank for the help and she has drafted a new proposal. She says that she wants HankMed to run the clinic. Hank says that he would love to do it.

Written by pentar on May 25, 2016

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