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Synecdoche Recap

At a cemetery in New York, Reese and Fusco watch Root's burial as she's put in a grave under a false name. Sameen refuses to come, and Reese says that Root would understand that they couldn't bury her under her real name. Fusco admits that he admired Root for her convictions, and Reese says that it's time to finish what Root started. They have to find Finch and Sameen, and divide and conquer.

On a road in Kentucky, Finch is working on his car engine and the Machine is talking to him via the car's sound system using Root's voice. Once he finishes, Finch prepares to drive off and the Machine suggests that he might disappear for good after his recent trauma. It knows that he's on his way to Texas, and Finch tells the ASI to stop speaking in Root's voice. The Machine switches to the voice of James Kiernan, Finch's sixth-grade earth science teacher, but Finch doesn't want to hear that either. It then switches back to Root's voice and that it will stick with that. Finch says that he doesn't expect it to understand the loss of Root, and the Machine says that it loved her because Finch taught her how.

A police car pulls up and Officer Reed asks if everything is all right. He asks to see Finch's license and registration, and points out that his car is missing its plates. It fits the description of a stolen vehicle, and Finch give Reed officer an alias. Reed goes back to his car to check the car, and the Machine gives him a fake computer file. Finch says that he didn't teach the Machine to love, and the Machine says that he taught it how to see everyone in every version: what they were, are, and could be. He wonders why the Machine chose Root, and the Machine says that Root was special: she was capable of terrible things, but she chose to do good. It watched her die 12,483 times in the seconds before Root expired, and the Machine couldn't save it. The Machine insists that it suffers grief, even if it's beyond Finch's comprehension. Reed comes back and tells Finch that he's good to go. Once he leaves, the Machine insists that it and Root are virtually indistinguishable, and it finds comfort in that. Finch then drives off.

In New York, Sameen is on a roundabout at a playground and fingers the implant behind her ear. Reese arrives and Sameen walks off. He follows her and asks how she's feeling, and Sameen says that she isn't feeling anything. Reese says that he needs her to decide to fight, and Sameen says that the simulation sucks. She takes off her hat and looks up at a nearby CCTV, and says that she's ready for the simulation to end. A man pulls up in a car and hands Sameen an envelope, calls her Mrs. Sterling, tells her to have a nice day, and drives off. The envelope has Thornhill printed on it, and Reese realizes that it's from the Machine and it wants them to get back to work. Inside the envelope is a clipping about Congressman Joe Sterling and his wife Alison, and the photo of Alison is of Sameen. Reese figures that the Machine is giving Sameen the rotating IDs it gave to Root before, and hopes that handling the Number will help get Finch back. He insists that they need Sameen, and after a moment she takes the file and says that she has to kill time.

A nearby payphone rings, and Sameen says that she's done helping people. As Reese answers the phone, Sameen says that she's only helping to stop Samaritan. Meanwhile, the Machine runs a check on its new Number: the President of the United States. It gives Reese the new Number, HMX-1, and Sameen says that it's the Number of Air Force One.

The President returns to DC to get congressional support for his new surveillance proposals. Meanwhile, eccentric CEO Logan Pierce refused to share client data with the NSA. Reese, Sameen, and Fusco check into a motel in DC, and Fusco obtains a POTUS threat list from his Secret Service contact. Reese is already out on the street trying to run surveillance on the President outside the White House but can't get closer without alerting the Secret Service. Sameen figures that they should focus on travel routes and one-time locations. Reese looks around, sensing that he's been made, but sees nothing. Along with Sameen's cover is an invitation to an exclusive fund-raiser, and Reese says that he'll meet her there. Fusco wonders if Sameen is doing okay, and she insists that she's fine.

That night at the fund-raiser, Sameen comes in and meets Reese. She points out that her ticket didn't include a plus-one, and Fusco tells Reese that he's worried about Sameen. Reese says that Sameen is grieving even if they don't see it, and goes in flashing his detective badge. A Secret Service agent, Daniels, examines the badge and asks why he's there, just as Logan Pierce arrives. Reese says that he's protecting a New York asset. He goes to Logan and claims to be his bodyguard, and a surprised Logan plays along. Daniels insists that Reese needs a ticket, and Logan agrees to pay another $50,000 for Reese's ticket.

Inside, Logan says that he's there championing a new cause but refuses to give details. Once Logn leaves, Reese checks in with Sameen, who has taken a Secret Service walkie. A waiter bumps into Sameen, and she glowers at him. A nearby woman, Tracey Phillips, notices and introduces herself. She says that she's the wife of Senator Phillips. Sameen gives her cover ID and Tracey invites her to join a conversation they're having about privacy.

Reese sweeps outside for threats, and figures that the threat is hiding in plain sight. He smells fresh paint and finds some exposed paint, and calls Sameen over. She joins Reese as he removes the bricks and finds a bomb. He figures the threat put the bomb in that day and had inside access. The President arrives and there's no time to defuse the bomb. Sameen and Reese take the bomb to the caterer's tent and order everyone out, and then put the bomb in a refrigerator. They run back inside and the bomb detonates, shaking the building. The Secret Service get the President out, and a text message comes on a nearby TV screen telling the government to shut down the illegal surveillance program or the President dies the next day.

Sameen spots the waiter from earlier and realizes that he's reporting to someone. She goes after him, while Fusco tells him that the text message is being broadcast all over DC. Reese figures that Logan is responsible, and wonders if Logan is willing to kill for his new cause. Logan drives off in his car before Reese can catch him.

Finch stops at a diner for coffee and notices a man across the room. He tells the Machine that justice is important and all of his crimes have gone unpunished... even the Machine. It points out that it was created to do good, and Finch notes that intentions can be a fickle business. He explains about the development of Freon and 50 years after the creator Midgley's death, the scientific community discovered that Freon was ripping holes in the ozone level. The Machine suggests that Finch let it reach its full potential. Finch insists that they've saved lives, and the Machine points out that they've only saved a relatively few when it could save so many more. It says that it has been unable to fulfill its purpose because Finch has shackled it, and Finch says that he wanted to keep it safe. The man leaves and Finch goes after him, and tells the Machine that perhaps it's time for a different tactic.

The government has been unable to locate the group responsible for the bomb and the message. Reese tells Fusco to keep close to the President and look for anything suspicious. At the motel, Reese and Sameen check the captive waiter's background and discover that his name is Charlie Vaida and his history is clear. Reese removes Charlie's hood and wonders why he wants to kill the President. Charlie insists that he doesn't, and says that he ran because the bomb went off. He claims that he doesn't know Logan, and Reese points out that he has a heavily encrypted cell phone. Sameen has enough and prepares to shock Charlie, and figures that he doesn't know what he's doing. She tells Charlie that torture doesn't bother her and she doesn't make friends, but Charlie is a normal guy with people she can go after if he doesn't tell her what she wants to know. Sameen says that she feels anger that Charlie has people that he loves but he signed their death warrants, and prepares to start the torture.

Charlie quickly says that torture is what "they" are fighting against, and asks if he's going to make them vanish. He says that the government is decimating their rights, and in a few hours that will all change. Sameen says that she's not the government and jams the electrical wires into Charlie's chest until Reese stops her. He takes her outside, while Charlie works at his bonds. Outside, Reese says that Sameen was a bit too convincing, and casually opens the door when they hear Charlie escape out the window. They've put a tracker on him, and figure that Charlie will head for the people he's working with. Fusco says that the President is heading to the Federal museum to give a speech. Sameen tells Reese to take over for Fusco, while she and Fusco deal with Charlie.

Charlie goes to a brownstone, unaware that Sameen and Fusco are following him. Sameen goes in to check it out, and Reese tells Fusco that he needs them there as quickly as possible. Fusco goes after Sameen, who is inside. A number of middle-aged people are inside, casually chatting. She enters an upstairs room and finds a man sitting in front of a dozen monitors. Tracey comes up behind Sameen and puts a gun to her head. The others come in and Sameen has Charlie and another woman run a sweep of the property. Tracey explains that she got married to a Senator to use his connections, and says that their rights have been put to market. She rants about the surveillance industrial complex, and Sameen points out that a Presidential assassination would destabilize regions and cause thousands of deaths. Tracey insists that citizens must fight for their freedom, and Sameen wonders why they warned the President.

Sameen points out all of the weaknesses in the three people remaining to guard her, and tells them that it will all be over soon. The lights go out and Fusco barges in, and he and Sameen take out the three other people. They draw their guns on Tracey, and Fusco says that he thought she did it. Tracey says that they're too late and the plan is already in motion. Sameen realizes that the cameras are trained on the plaza outside the museum, and figures that's where it's going down. She tells Fusco that the Secret Service doesn't know who they have on the inside, and it's their fight.

Outside the museum, Reese is waiting. Sameen says that the Secret Service will extract the President in an armored SUV, and will take the shot there. Fusco is checking the setup from the group's monitors, including a drone overhead. Sameen heads to a nearby rooftop and finds an agent posted there. She knocks him out, ties him up, and takes his sniper rifle. She tells Reese that she's in position, just as former Number Joey Durban approaches Reese. Joey talks about how he turned his life around and invites Reese out for a drink. Reese says that he's busy, just as the President comes out.

Fusco questions Tracey about what's going on, but she refuses to answer. She glances over at the drone screen, and Fusco tells his teammates that the drone is the weapon. The group warned the President so the Secret Service would increase the security, and the Secret Service won't look for their own weapons. Reese spots Daniels from the previous night and realizes that he's the mole, and Daniels makes Reese and sends the other agents against him. As Reese heads into a nearby building, Fusco discovers that the drone is coming in hot. Tracey says that they're going to show the dangers of the surveillance system by using it to kill the President.

The President leaves the museum, and the drone locks onto the motorcade. Reese arrives on the rooftop and tells Sameen to shoot at the President, and she does. The Secret Service get the President to cover, and Sameen keeps firing to keep them away from the SUV. The drone takes out the SUV and Fusco confirms via the monitors that the President is okay. The Secret Service open fire on Sameen and Reese, who take cover. They run for the door, get through, and head out. However, the Secret Service get the drop on them. Meanwhile, a Secret Service agent, Barnes, arrives at the group house and tells Fusco to drop his gun. Barnes explains that they got a tip about the place.

Reese and Sameen jump their captors and take them out. Sameen is forced to shoot one of them, and admits that she's feeling better. Daniels and Charlie arrive and tell them to freeze, and Daniel says that they were going to end government surveillance. Now they'll have to settle for killing two Presidential assassinations. Joey comes in wearing a military uniform and takes out the group agents, and tells Reese that he's had a career change. He tosses uniforms at Rees eand tells hm to put them on.

When Joey, Reese, and Sameen come out in uniform, they blend in with the other soldiers. As the Secret Service goes inside, Reese realizes that they're guarding the President. The soldiers salute as the President leaves in the armored SUV. Joey says that they have to go, and Sameen tells Reese that Samaritan decided that the President was no longer relevant... and the ISA let it happen. She refuses to make it easy for Samaritan to take over the world because that's what Root would have wanted, and walks off. Meanwhile, Joey tells Reese that there's someone he's going to want to talk to.

At the group house, Barnes and his people secure the place. Barnes admits that Fusco's badge checks out and says that he's going to check with the detective's chief. Harper Rose comes in and claims that she's with Homeland Security, and Fusco has been working with them to infiltrate a domestic terrorist ring. She tells Barnes to show Fusco some respect or she'll call his chief, and Barnes quickly leaves.

Finch arrives in San Antonio and breaks into a computer farm to implant a virus, Ice9. He tells the Machine that they've discussed everything they have to. The Machine says that it won't try to change his mind, and warns that the virus' use will cause devastating collateral damage. Finch says that there's no other choice and leaves, and then tells the Machine that it seems appropriate that it continue using Root's voice. He admits that he deeply misses Root, and steps out into the hallway. The Machine has turned the guards against each other, and tells Finch to step out of sight. It then simulates a voice ordering the guards to a different location, and Finch reaches the outside door. Another guard arrives and orders him to surrender, and the Machine confirms that his name is Terrence Johnson and passes it on to Finch. Finch says that a man will be declared brain-dead in two hours, and he's a perfect donor match for Terrence's daughter Maria. If Finch leaves safely then Maria will receive the man's heart. If not then Maria will be dead in five weeks. After a moment, Terrence lowers his gun and Finch goes.

In DC, Joey takes Reese to the Reflecting Pool to meet with Logan. They explain that they got Reese's Number from the Machine, and Logan says that his new cause is serving the Machine. Harper arrives with Fusco and figures that they're even, and Logan explains that they like preventing crimes involving ordinary people. While they were busy saving the President, they were securing their exit. Logan gives Reese a photo of Finch and tells his teammates that they have a new Number, shakes Reese's hand, and heads out. Reese tells Fusco that they have to find their new Number: Finch. He figures that it's going to be one hell of a fight.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 8, 2016

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