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Origins Recap

France, The Battle of Argonne Forest - 14 October, 1918

Soldiers hunch down on the line as enemy fire comes in from a sniper post. The command officer, Morrison, tells his men that victory is waiting for them after they charge forward, and the Germans are all that stand between them and their loved ones. Patrick says that Morrison is the murdering SOB, and Morrison orders him to repeat himself. When Patrick tells him to stop it, Morrison calls him a coward and says that he'll have him shot. Patrick says that he'll save him the trouble, takes off his helmet, and charges the Germans.

There's a huge explosion. The smoke clears and the Germans stop firing. The American soldiers look over and see dead Germans scattered around the post. Patrick steps out of the post, covered in blood but unharmed, and walks away. Morrison asks what Patrick's name is, and Patrick says that he's "death." When he turns around, Morrison has disappeared.


Outside of Bailey's LA office, a staffer comes in to drop off some more hate mail... and finds Bailey dead on the floor, his skull smashed open.

Emile takes his sons out fishing. His son Robert asks if Emile misses the crazy, and Emile says that he doesn't miss it at all. Once Robert goes ahead to check on his brother Daniel, Emile gets a phone call and he reluctantly answers it.

At home, Christian is looking at beachfront vacations on the Internet when he suddenly gets a splitting headache. He goes to see Dr. Bernard Joffa, who does a CAT scan and admits that he has no idea what the sources of the pain is. Joffa figures that Christian should have suffered some injury when the building collapsed, and Christian insists that something is wrong. The doctor suggests that Christian might be suffering from PTSD and suggests that Christian stay under observation. Christian refuses and as Joffa gets him some painkillers, a call comes in.

Deena meets with Waldo outside the courthouse and he's surprised to see her there given their strained relationship. Waldo says that the trial is delayed, and tells Deena to stay away from him. She says that she's done with law enforcement, but her father assures her that she's a good cop. Waldo realizes that something is wrong, and Deena says that something opened her eyes. He suggests that they have lunch so she can talk more, but she gets a call and says that she take it.

Later at Powers Division, Emile tells the officers that Bailey was found dead in his office. Christian wonders where the FBI is, and Emile says that they've left now that they have Retro Girl's killer. Conrad's death is being treated as a suicide, and Emile figures that he got what he deserved. The chief tells Christian and Deena to get over to the Federal building and tosses them their badges. As Deena goes, she tells Emile that she's fine.

Nicole goes to a sex shop and asks the proprietor to identify the girl in the Bailey sex video. The proprietor says nothing until Nicole offers $500, and then looks up the name and address. Nicole's producer comes in and says that Terrence is breaking a story on Bailey.

At the station, Terrence is running a piece on Bailey's death. Patrick is at his cabin and sees the news.

French Battlefield Hospital - 16 October, 1918

Janice is working as a nurse and sees Patrick sitting by himself. She asks how he's feeling, and says that she's new. Janice describes how he's feeling and introduces himself, and says that she's not really a nurse. Patrick says that what he did was wrong, and Janice assures him that it was necessary. After making sure that no one is looking, she demonstrates that she's a Power by levitating, They talk and Janice says that she's someone just like Patrick. She assures him that he's one of many miracles, and they're all capable of changing the world. They can all make a difference and change things, but Patrick doesn't believe that anything good can come of it. He tells her to go or he will make her go, and Janice assures him that they'll meet again. As she walks away, Morrison--dressed as an orderly--watches her go.


As Christian and Deena drive to the Federal building, Deena finally says that she doesn't think she can do it. Christian says that she's a natural cop, and Deena points out that if she was then she'd be arresting him for murdering Conrad. She insists that it's costing her her soul, but Christian says that they're going to be fine. He asks her if she's fine, and Deena mutters that she is.

Martinez is going through Triphammer's notes when Zora comes in with coffee. She says that Calista is still sleeping, and Ramirez figures that she'll be upset when she hears that Bailey is dead. He admits that he was considering calling their group of powers New Unity, and Zora assures him that there's no rush. Ramirez thinks that someone will move in to fill the vacuum, and they need to let the public know that they're there for them. Zora warns that they're not ready to go out, and Ramirez figures that they need an experienced coach. Calista comes in and confirms that she heard about Bailey's death. She agrees with Ramirez and says that she knows someone who might help.

At Bailey's office, medical examiner Dr. Wallace tells Christian and Deena that someone squeezed Bailey's head hard enough to pop it open. He figures the attack was fast and that Bailey was facing his killer. Deena confirms that the openly door was locked but the window was open, and the detectives figure that someone killed Bailey over the sex tape.

At Triphammer's workshop, Calista says that Christian can train them. Zora suggests SuperShock, and Calista warns that he's not that sociable. Ramirez and Zora reluctantly agree, and Calista says that she'll talk to Christian alone.

Burbank, CA, B-17 Bomber Factory - March, 1945

Patrick is working in his office when Janice comes in. He tells her that she needs to go, and Patrick says that he works there because he's good with numbers. Janice tells him that the Nazis have figured out the secret of atomic fission and made a bomb, and Truman has sent her to recruit Patrick to save the world.


Back at the station, Deena tells Christian that the only prints on the whiskey glasses were Bailey's. The video surveillance shows nothing, but Deena has identified the woman in the sex video as stripper Belinda Kowalski. Belinda has gone underground since the tape went public. Niccole calls Christian and she tells him that she's with Belinda. The reporter says that Belinda is claiming her boyfriend killed Bailey, and Nicole wants to be there when Christian and Deena arrest him.

Washington, DC- 28, April, 1945

Two Days Before the Death of Hitler

Harry S. Truman meets privately with Patrick and explains that he's working outside of protocol. He wants Patrick to fly to Germany and kill Hitler. Truman gives Patrick Hitler's location in a bunker beneath the Chancellery before the Russians get there and the Nazis use the a-bombs. There's a photo of Hitler, and Morrison is in the background, wearing a Nazi uniform. Patrick says that in return for killing Hitler, he wants Truman's promise to destroy them. Truman says that he has people desperate to analyze the bombs so they can deal with the next batch of enemies... who will have bigger bombs. Patrick agrees to let the scientists use them but insists that Truman disagree them afterward. Truman agrees and insists that it has to be just between the two of them.


Christian and Deena meet Nicole outside of Christian's penthouse, and Nicole explains that she wants a big story because Terrence feels threatened by her recent successes. Belinda wants a guarantee that she'll be protected after her boyfriend Teddy Moresco kills them when they try to arrest him. They agree and Belinda says that when her boyfriend gets stressed, he mutates into a monster form. Belinda met Bailey through an advertisement, and she didn't know he was a senator until the tape came out. Teddy sent Belinda a letter saying he'd win her honor back by killing Bailey. She gives them Teddy's address, and Nicole confirms that they have an understanding that it's her story.

Berlin - 30 April, 1945

Hitler sits in his office after Eva commits suicide, and tells his bodyguards to make sure and get his dog. Patrick smashes in through the ceiling and grabs Hitler, and accuses him of making the atomic bombs. He demands to know where they are, and Hitler says that they're on a plane to Moscow and Patrick is too late. Furious, Patrick crushes Hitler's skull. Hitler's guard--Morrison--yanks the locked door off of its hinges but Patrick kicks him back. When he attacks Morrison, the man disappears.


Waldo visits Deena at home to see how she's doing, and says that the trial restarts the next day. He tells Deena not to be there, and she says that she's picking up a suspect in an hour and can't. Waldo asks what is bothering her, figuring something is going on. Deena says that she has to go, and escorts him out.

An hour later, Christian briefs the assault squad and warns that it's a high-risk warrant. They go in with Nicole and Teddy turns feral and attacks the officers as he fights his way out. They shoot him with tranqs and Teddy finally goes down. They take him to the station and imprison him beneath the Drainer, and Wallace confirms that there's no DNA placing Teddy at the crime scene. Teddy has an alibi for the time of the murder, and Deena says that she has something and leaves. Wallace tells Christian that she's probably going to Waldo's trial and Christian realizes that he's forgotten all about it.

Once Wallace leaves, Christian has another headache. When he recovers, he finds Calista looking at him. He says that he's okay and Calista explains about her new team and how they need a coach. Christian admits that SuperShock mentored him, and says that it would be an honor but he's not the right guy.

After the trial, Deena approaches Waldo and he explains that the charges were dismissed because certain people he could incriminate didn't want him talking. She asks her father how he gets through every day knowing that he's corrupt. Deena insists that she needs to know, and Waldo says that he makes allowances. He broke the law so that he could give Deena and her mother the best, and asks her what happened. Deena says that she grew up and walks away.

At the station, Christian is going through files when Nicole calls and says that it worked out but not the way she hoped. She offers to buy him a drink, but Christian refuses.

7 August, 1945

In his office, Patrick listens to the radio to the news that the U.S. used the atomic bomb against Japan. Janice is with him, and says that she didn't know. Patrick says that the mystery man, the "Ghost," did it and he's everywhere.


Patrick visits Christian at the station and says that he know who killed Bailey: Morrison, aka the Ghost. He warns that Morrison will kill him next.

Morrison stands in the warehouse that he owns and smiles.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 1, 2016

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