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Astraphobia Recap

The episode begins with a group of scouts camping in a park and being told scary stories over the fire by park ranger Pete. The weather turns threatening so the scouts return to their tent. The ranger notices a flashlight from someone walking off the designated trail and tries to follow but stumbles and falls.

The next day, Evan brings in some bags filled with emergency preparedness supplies in preparation for the inevitable late season storm. Hank tells Divya about Evan's fear of thunderstorms as an explanation for the emergency kits. HankMed receives a call to respond to a scout with poison ivy when Pete stumbles into camp with no memory of what happened to him. Hank examines Pete and can find no cause for his short term memory loss, but Pete's hearing seems to be ultra-sensitive. Hank recommends an MRI in addition to other tests.

In the parking lot, Evan is talking to Stacy who is a storm tracker. She thinks there is major instability in the atmosphere and a big storm brewing. Divya comes outside to use her cell phone but has no luck. Stacy offers the use of her satellite phone in exchange for Divya removing her cast.

Back at Hamptons Heritage, Jill is briefing the hospital staff in preparation for the upcoming storm. Hank and Divya bring Pete in for the MRI and Hank stops to talk with Jill and gets a date. When Pete takes off his watch in preparation for the MRI, Hank notices a burn mark under his watch. Hank theorizes that Pete was struck by lightning.

Divya takes an x-ray of Stacey's wrist prior to removing her cast. She notices something unusual about the break and wants to talk with the doctor who set the wrist before removing the cast. Stacey is frustrated by this and leaves.

Hank runs a series of tests on Pete who is anxious to leave the hospital. Hank wants to repeat the tests in 48 hours as a precaution against future symptoms but Pete doesn't want to stay. Hank relents but insists on driving him back to the park.

Hank looks up the technical term for Evan's irrational fear of lightning and thunder, which is Astraphobia. Hank is concerned since he has never seen Evan this distraught.

Later, Hank and Divya go back to the park to check on Pete who is back with the group of scouts. Pete hears some banging and grunting that Hank and Divya cannot hear. They investigate and find Stacy setting up her weather instruments on a platform in an non-designated area. When confronted, she slips and falls from the platform onto the ocean bank below. Hank and Pete pull her back up and she falls on top of Pete, breaking a rib and getting a buzzing in her ear. Hank questions her about broken bones and discovers she has a history of injuries. He notices on the x-ray a problem with bone density and wants to do a full workup but she is insistent on getting ready for the storm that is supposed to strike that night.

Hank and Jill are driving to dinner when Hank reveals he has broken up with Emily. Pete calls him and tells him that his sensitive hearing is gone and he feels like he is no longer connected to nature. Hank arrives at the park but Pete is not at the lodge. He runs into Stacy who is packing her car to head out to the storm. She hasn't seen Pete and says the awkward fall she had earlier is enough contact with him for awhile. Hank remembers the buzzing in her ear she mentioned and when questioned, Stacy confirms it happened when she touched Pete. Hank theorizes the buzzing came from Pete and that he might be in big trouble. They find Pete standing on the platform overlooking the beach, apparently hoping to get struck by lightning again and regain his connection to nature. As Hank approaches, Pete collapses.

Hank thinks Pete has a tear in his carotid artery which caused a clot. Jill cannot get a cell signal to call 911, but Stacy comes through again with her satellite phone. At HankMed, Divya thinks Hank is at dinner and leaves him a voice mail about Stacy's lab results, confirming she has Osteomalatia, but the cause is unknown. She tries to leave to go home, but Evan finds any reason to keep her there, fearing to be alone. Divya theorizes that the cause of Evan's distress is not the storm, but the changes coming at the end of summer, including his father's sentencing, and her leaving for London.

The ambulance takes Pete away and Stacy goes with him, a budding romance beginning. Hank and Jill are driving back when a tree branch falls in front of the car causing them to leave the road and getting stuck just as the rain begins. Hank goes through Evan's emergency bag which surprisingly comes in very handy in their stranded situation. Back at HankMed, Divya has an epiphany about the cause of Stacy's illness, which prompts Evan to say she is turning into Hank.

The next day at the hospital, Divya meets with Pete and Stacy and tell them the good news that their conditions are under control. Divya and Evan are concerned about Hank and Jill, and Pete says he can call in a search team, but Evan has the idea to use the GPS locator that he placed in each of the emergency bags. When they arrive at Hank's car, they find Hank and Jill lying together asleep in the car.

Written by pentar on Jul 8, 2016

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