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But There's a Catch Recap

Evan initiates the first HankMed staff meeting with Jill in attendance when Paige arrives bearing muffins. She starts talking about the notoriety HankMed gained from the bus crash in the previous episode when Evan suggests HankMed cash in by hiring a publicist. Paige volunteers herself, even though Hank desperately tries to signal Evan that this would be a bad idea. Evan of course, caves in to her suggestion. While Hank and Evan argue, Jill wants to talk about Divya who has been down in the dumps since her parents disowned her. Evan recommends keeping Divya busy to keep her mind off her troubles. When Hank leaves to visit a new client, Jill decides to accompany him rather than stay and plot with Evan. As they leave, Divya finally comes downstairs, then thinks better of it and heads up the steps in the face of Evan's cheerfulness.

Hank's new patient is an elderly man named Jono. Jono is a gardener whose boss called Hank with concerns about Jono's weight loss, and unusually quiet demeanor. Jono tries to beg off from talking with Hank by professing work but Hank is persistent. Hank tests Jono's blood pressure and finds nothing amiss so he leaves.

As Hank and Jill make their way back to the car, Ken Keller calls out from his bicycle. He is Jono's boss and has some concerns. He mentions that he is sponsoring an annual fund raising event where individuals can compete in a football game with the pros. He asks Hank to join in but Hank declares his schedule is too busy. Hank and Ken start arguing about their high school football exploits and Ken goads Hank until he consents to participate, schedule permitting of course.

Evan and Divya are shopping at a medical supply store, following Evan's plan to keep Divya busy. He only succeeds in annoying her, however.

At the Keller estate, Ken introduces Hank to Greg Jennings. Greg and the other pros start putting the participants through some grueling drills, and Hank and Ken work hard to top each other. Jill arrives and Ken introduces her to Greg. Greg thinks she is a typical fan until she starts grilling him about past performances that hurt her fantasy football team.

Evan and Divya next stop at a surgical supply store where Evan continues to annoy Divya. Divya tries to purchase some supplies but her credit card is rejected. Evan supplies his HankMed card and then tries consoling Divya. He suggests she get her own HankMed corporate card for purchasing supplies and she agrees, somewhat embarrassed by the whole event. They next arrive at the Keller estate and speak with Jono. Divya is concerned that the medication Jono is taking to control his blood pressure is somewhat dated. Jono confesses he has been taking the same prescription since the '80s, and worries that his boss wants to get rid of him. When he steps over a hedge, Divya spots a rash on his leg that she theorizes could be a fungus caused by the thorn from a rose plant. She recommends a treatment that Jono agrees to, if it will make her go away. All the while this was going on, Evan was hovering nearby, until Divya finally snaps at him.

Hank and Ken are among a group playing a scrimmage. Hank is on defense and trying to cover Ken but Ken catches a touchdown pass over him. When Ken tries to celebrate by dunking the football over the goal post, he manages to break his arm. Hank quickly checks him out and notices that he does not have any pulse in his arm, meaning the tissue can die quickly. He sends Divya to her truck for some morphine where she discovers her truck being impounded. Without painkillers, Hank decides he needs to un-kink his broken arm, resetting the bone and restoring the pulse. He rigs a traction device and has Evan pull a rope that he connects to Ken's hand. The contraption works, restoring Ken's pulse and Hank splints it and sends Ken to the hospital.

Evan and Divya return home where Evan tries to get Divya to talk. She is in no mood to open up, especially to him and storms out of the house promising to return tomorrow. A few seconds later, she returns, slightly chagrined as she realizes she has no home and is staying with Hank and Evan. She stomps upstairs leaving Evan alone.

Hank stops by the Keller estate where Ken has returned from the hospital. His arm is doing fine but he reiterates his concern about Jono. Hank tells him Divya prescribed new medication for him but Ken says he will never get it filled as he never leaves the estate. Hank advises him that Jono thinks Ken will soon fire him, much to Ken's surprise. Hank notices Ken is watching a recording of one of their high school games. Ken talks about his father and Hank realizes the kind of pressure Ken's dad exerted on him and suddenly understands more about Ken's behavior towards him in high school. The two men bond over their father issues.

Paige is assembling a care package to send to Hank and Evan's father when Hank arrives home. Evan pulls Hank aside and tells him that he thinks Divya's father was paying for everything, and that she only cashed a couple of her HankMed paychecks. She apparently now has only them for support and Hank agrees she is in trouble. Paige was apparently eavesdropping and decides to leave, first showing Hank a magazine with a front page story about the bus rescue on the front page that she is putting in the care package for their father. Hank is upset and argues with Evan about the unwanted publicity.

The football games continue, with Hank and Ken's teams at the top of the standings. Ken is there and has been cleared to play, but Hank asks him to be careful. Jill shows up with the results of Ken's blood work, and it appears he has either been blood doping or he's a freak of nature.

Divya checks in on Jono again, and brings him his new medication herself. He reiterates his fear of losing his job and she tells him his old medicine can have side effects like depression and paranoia, making him not want to take care of himself.

At the football game, Divya stops by and Evan jumps up to talk with her, telling her she doesn't have to go through this alone. Fed up with him, she throws his father's situation back in his face, a man who left for twenty years and now refuses to allow his sons to visit him in prison. Divya suggest he worry about his own family and leave her alone.

Hank makes a big catch in the game and Ken argues he trapped the ball, yelling and pointing with his broken arm. Hank notices a problem and insists the cast be removed immediately, stating that Ken is in jeopardy of losing the arm if the problem is what he thinks it is. When the cast comes off, Ken's arm looks necrotic. Hank tells him he needs to go to Hamptons Heritage hospital, but Ken wants to take a chopper to a world class hospital. Hank tells him there is no time and rigs a pressure reading device out of some blood pressure equipment to convince him.

Jono gives Divya a flower and thanks her for the medication, indicating he will try it. Evan asks how she knew he was depressed. She explains the difference between depression and sadness. Evan asks her what her condition is. She claims sadness over everything between her and her parents. Evan tells her that if her parents don't want her, she is free to stay with them as long as she wants. When she tells him she will start cashing her paychecks, he declares that he is now sad.

Hank runs into Paige outside the coffee shop where she is on the phone and clearly troubled. She asks if he can help and if the information would be covered by doctor-patient confidentiality. He says yes, if the problem is medical. She confirms that it is but before she can reveal what it is, he stops her and says he is reluctant to know something about her that he cannot tell Evan. She says she understands and asks him not to tell Evan, then leaves, clearly upset.

Hank checks in on Ken in the hospital, concerned about a possible blood disorder. Ken finally admits to blood doping, saying that as the years go by, he needs a competitive edge. He admits to being sore and inquires about Hank. Hank says he is fine, and never felt better. Hanks says his goodbyes and leaves Ken's room, collapsing into a wheelchair that Jill has waiting for him, sore to the point of disability.

At home, Divya apologizes for letting her personal life interfere with her professional life. She also apologizes to Evan for the cheap shot about Eddie R. Even though he is in prison, he still takes their phone calls, unlike her father. Hank and Evan then declare they have a surprise for her, but before they can tell her, Greg Jennings stops by with an MVP of the tournament trophy for Hank. As he leaves, he asks about the sweet ride with the red bow on it in the driveway. Divya goes outside to see a gently used vintage Range Rover that Hank and Evan have bought for her to replace her Mercedes that was repossessed. Evan reminds Hank that if he was allowed to grow the business, they could have afforded a Mercedes instead.

Written by pentar on Jul 11, 2016

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