Walcott Prep Recap

The Past

At Walcott Prep in Chicago, the headmistress talks to David talks about one of the students, Abigail Simms. She says that Abigail's highly-placed parents want the matter to be taken care of quickly, and the father is a Lacrosse player at Harvard. The child will come in December, and David says that he's planning a long trip at the end of the year and it will be good for the baby to be settled by then.


In Jason's office, Kerry warns that there could be thousands of Abbies outside the fence. She wonders why they're gathering, and spots the other females tending to Margaret. Kerry suggests that Margaret might be dying, and if she does then it will buy them time. Jason warns that there's only one way out, and tells her to get CJ and Theo.

Theo walks down Main Street with a gun and goes to Xander's shop. Inside, Xander comes out and tells Theo that Rebecca made her choice. Theo says that he's past that and congratulates Xander, and then says that he's not going to live with Jason in charge. He asks Xander where he stands, and Xander says that he doesn't matter. Theo agrees but says that he wants it to go smoothly and Xander can help it go that way. Xander says that he won't be a problem and asks what the plan is. He figures that the Abbies will eventually attack no matter what. Before Theo can answer, CJ comes in and says that they want to see them at the mountain.

In his office, Jason tells Theo and CJ that they have food for a month and no medicine. He wonders if they should tell the people so that they can make their goodbyes, or fight the Abbies. Jason says that Pilcher believed and brought them all there because of that belief. CJ realizes that Jason is talking about the pods, and Jason says that they can return to the mountain as quickly as possible, reenter them, and go back to sleep.

The Past

Pilcher meets with Abigail's parents and says that he wants to leave a legacy of service and future leadership: of unconditional love for humanity. Afterward, he goes to the greenhouse and finds Abigail reading a book. She says that she's handling her pregnancy, and they discuss the book, Animal Farm. Abigail says that it doesn't describe her world, and Pilcher says that it doesn't... yet. As he goes, Abigail says that she calls the baby Jason.


The female Abbies cauterize Margaret's bullet wound with a burning stick.

Jason addresses the townspeople and tells them that he's going to be honest with them: their enemy has moved close in numbers they've never seen before. They don't know what the Abbies are planning, but they have to assume an invasion is imminent. Jason assures the townspeople that they will begin the process of reentering the pods. When the townspeople start protesting, CJ steps up and says that it's safe. Arlene wonders how long they'll sleep this time, and CJ says that it's still being decided. He then asks everyone to go home and wait for instructions because they need an orderly system.

At the academy, CJ reviews the suspension process with the students. He assures them that he'll be there to make sure that they're safe, and assures them that he's not damaged. Lucy wonders if they dream, and CJ says that sometimes they do.

Later, CJ inspects the pod equipment and discovers that many of them are nonfunctional. He finally calls Jason and says that they have a problem.

The Past

Pilcher and CJ check the pods and CJ says that they're ready to go with ten days to spare. A call comes in and the woman tells Pilcher that Abigail is okay. Once he's done, Pilcher tells CJ that Jason would have been the bridge and was perfect. CJ says that they can find another one, but Pilcher warns that they're running out of time.


CJ tells Jason that the pods have to be charged, but they've been running all of the energy to the fence. People put into them won't live. CJ says that they only have 571 working pods/

The Abbies apply a poultice to Margaret's wound and give her some water.

A family arrives at the mountain and says that they're ready to go back to sleep. The guard tells them to come home and they'll get them when it's time, and the husband says that they'll wait there. Another family arrives.

Jason visits Theo in the lab and tells him to review the medical files of the entire population for preexisting conditions, and rate them on a score of 1 to 5. Theo realizes that he wants the information to determine who will go into the pods, and Jason admits that they only have enough working pods for just over half the population. The doctor says that a lottery is the only fair and ethical choice, but Jason points out that it would harm the greater good. They can't take troublemakers or defectives. Jason says that all of the First Generation will enter the pods, and Theo asks if he's judging them on any physical or mental conditions. He asks if anyone unwilling or unable to produce is a defective, and says that Pilcher wouldn't choose Kerry.

Kerry comes in and says that Rebecca wants to see Jason. She realizes that something is wrong, and Jason kisses her and leaves. As Kerry follows him, Theo tells her that they can only take half the people and Jason is going to make the selections immediately. He figures that the townspeople should know the truth, and Kerry says that it's life or death. Theo warns her that Jason isn't taking defectives, and he tried to convince Jason how valuable she is but he wouldn't listen. He tells her that she has to take Jason out, and Kerry says that she can't. She insists that Jason loves her, and Theo warns her that he loves Pilcher more.

Rebecca briefs Jason on what buildings will survive after they go into hibernation. He says that he has a lot on his mind and then congratulates her on the fact that she's expecting. Rebecca says that it's important but it's not the most important thing, and says that sometimes they just have to do what their heart tells them. Jason agrees and says that she should go home and say goodbye to the town. He then thanks her for giving birth to Wayward Pines and being such a productive member.

The Past

Pilcher goes to a maternity ward in Boise, Idaho, after making a large donation. He says that he needs to do what is necessary to get the matter done, and tells the administrator that they don't have any time to waste. The administrator says that the baby's mother would like to meet Pilcher, and she wants to be sure her child will be in good hands. Pilcher meets with the woman—Kerry--and he says that he won't be raising her son. Kerry admits that she didn't have a thought in the matter, and figures that Pilcher isn't from Boise. She talks about how she was born and raised nearby in a small town, and Pilcher offers his condolences about the father. Kerry says that she's known him since she was 7 but didn't really know him. He tried to hurt her like her stepbrother, but she didn't let them. Pilcher says that the important thing is that she's strong and smart, and the strong survive. He asks what she plans to spend the money on, and Kerry tells him that she's using it to travel the world. She needs a new life before she can replace the memories she has, and Pilcher tells her that she might have one ad be a different person. However, Kerry says that she doesn't believe it.


Jason goes over the townspeople's files and looks at Kerry's information. He then finds his own file, marked sensitive and confidential, and discovers that Kerry was his mother. Shocked, he throws the file away and then takes out his gun. Kerry comes in and Jason quickly puts the gun away before she can see it. She says that they have a way out and will all be safe. Jason tells her that he can only take half, and they can't let them know. They have to get the ones who are selected up the mountain as quickly as possible. Jason says that it isn't easy for him to choose, and tells Kerry that he loves her and she's the person he can share everything with. Kerry agrees, and Jason asks why she never told him that she had a child. She says that the baby went to Texas 2,000 years ago, and Pilcher chose her because he saw something in her. Jason asks how she knows the baby went to Texas, and Kerry says that Pilcher told her. She demands to know what's going on, and Jason reaches for his gun. Kerry hits him with a sculpture and tries to get away, and they struggle for a gun. After a moment, it goes off.

The Past

In the mountain, Pilcher looks at Kerry's file. After a moment he replaces Abigail's file with Kerry's.

Two thousand years later, Jason sits in the park and sees Kerry's file. Mario comes over and Jason says that Kerry is just the sort of strong partner that he needs. When Kerry wakes up later, she finds herself in Jason's office. He introduces himself and says that it's nice to meet her. He says that there was an accident in Chicago and says that it will make sense soon. He reaches for her and she jumps away, and Jason backs off, laughing nervously. As Kerry stares at him, Jason says that he wanted to be the first face she saw when he woke up, and they have all the time in the world for him to explain what happened. Kerry tells him to tell her everything, and Jason says that he will teach her everything. He offers his hand and after a moment, Kerry takes it and pulls herself up. Jason says that she's safe and always will be, and leads her out.


Kerry looks at Jason as he dies, and he says that they taught her well at Walcott Prep.

The townspeople gather at the mountain gate.

Margaret wakes up and the Abbies howl. After a moment they go off to prepare their assault, and Margaret looks down at the thousands who have gathered.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 21, 2016