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Architecture for Alternate Airdates

TonyMayhew wrote 2 months ago: 1

@david wrote:
Great! Good point regarding the linked network/web channel, I'll see if we can't display that nicely on the main page somewhere.

Yeah, gotta agree this would be a nice addition.

I've just added the UK airdates to Efterforskningen & unless you actually know which UK network it is airing on, there's no way to tell. 

Maybe something as simple as a little box to the right of where it says Season 1, 2, 3 etc with the alternate network would work?

kevin87 wrote 8 days ago: 1

@JuanArango wrote:
You might be correct, to do it for half a season will look a bit weird :)

Ran into a little issue similar to this. Paranormal Caught on Camera moved to Discovery+ with only 6 episodes left in the season... and as of last week, those episodes began airing weekly on Travel Channel again. The episodes/dates prior to 3x21 are from Travel Channel already, so should those be added to the alt list or just begin with the ones that went to Discovery+ first? 

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