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Policy Changelog

LadyShelley wrote 3 years ago: 1

The Show Extras section has been updated with information on Genres, including how we define each here at TVMaze.

david wrote 3 years ago: 1

The change regarding Web Channel country & scheduling is now live.

New web channel policy: The country property indicates in which country the channel operates. It should only be set for Web Channels that are available exclusively in a single country, such as CBS All Access or BBC iPlayer. If it's possible to access the Web Channel from more than one country, for example Netflix or Youtube, the country property must be left empty.

New episode policy: Episodes that premiere on a Web Channel can have their airtime set when the Web Channel only operates in a single country. For Web Channels that operate in multiple countries (such as Netflix), the airtime cannot be stored.

Because of this, episodes from "local" web channels can now be shown in the schedule: :)

david wrote 3 years ago: 0

Added to the episode policy: It's not allowed for two seasons to run simultaneously. For example, there cannot be an episode in season 2 with an airdate that's before the last aired episode in season 1. If a source provides season numbering like this, it should be discarded and you should look at the next best source instead. If none of them offer a valid season numbering, fall back to year-based numbering.

This concerns, for example,

Jan wrote a year ago: 2

Added show main image policy. Explaining which formats are accepted and which are not.

david wrote 8 months ago: 2

Added in the people policy:

Additionally, if a person's birth name/real name differs from their commonly credited name, it may be added as AKA.

david wrote 8 days ago: 2

A pretty big change in the policy for straight-to-DVD shows: They can now be added to TVmaze, provided they meet the same requirements that we have for non-curated web channels. For these shows, the new property "Dvd Country" should be used to indicate in which country the DVD was initially released.

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