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The show Episode Countdown is here (VIDEO)

It's finally here!

The show Episode Countdown is here (VIDEO) Image #291532

The second most requested feature - the 'Countdown' - does exactly what its name implies. It counts down the time left until your favorite tv shows will air.
You can get an instant overview of when your favorite shows will premiere or return for a new season.

A link to the countdown can be found in the main menu on top of the site.

The most powerful part of the countdown is its filtering system. The first filter allows you to filter by:

  • Season Premieres
  • Show Premieres
  • View all upcoming episodes

The second filter can be used in combination with the first one.

  • List only the shows that you're following
  • A specific tag you've created
  • By country, selecting any of the 10 most popular countries on TVmaze

However: some of the filters like followed shows & tags, and unlimited pagination are Premium only.

If you like what you're seeing, support TVmaze by upgrading to Premium. It's the equivalent of treating us to a cup of coffee each month. It ensures we can continue developing new and better features. (And some of us are powered by caffeine).

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Written by Jan at Jun 21, 2017


david posted 3 years ago

We added a new filter: only list shows from the networks (and web channels!) that you follow.

gazza911 posted 3 years ago

@Thomas, you can vote for it here:

Thomas posted 3 years ago

Would like to see an option to filter show type as well and make it so that we could set a default setting within our dashboard, so we do not need to filter it over again all the time.

Jan posted 3 years ago

@cecile, that's a nice suggestion. :) Noted, Thanks.

Cecile posted 3 years ago

@David : A season Finale countdown is useful for people who binge watch a show

kay1256 posted 3 years ago

Love it! Thanx

miconlon posted 3 years ago

I checked this out a couple of days ago. It's great! I liked it a lot.

PhilipSheppard posted 3 years ago

Looking Good and useful so far, how about adding days to the filters like Monday or Saturday, Some shows have an un edited version later at night as well can these be diferentiated from the "Family" version ?

Cereal_Killer posted 3 years ago

Suggestion moved to forum:

david posted 3 years ago

I changed the formatting to show the amount of days for anything less than half a year away.

Counting down to season finales doesn't make a lot of sense to me, anyone else who wants this?

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