Improvements for show tags

Tags have been around on TVmaze for years. Tagging is a very powerful feature that allows you to organize your shows much more granularly than just following. Unfortunately the UI for tags has always been a bit awkward and we never got around to improving it. But that ends today!

From now on, you can manage tags straight from a show's main page. Open up any show page and look at the page's right column for the "Show Tags" block. There, you'll get an instant overview of the tags you added to that show. To add a new tag, click the "+" button and select any of the tags you've already created. Or, to create a new tag just start typing the tag's desired name and hit enter. To remove a tag from a show just click the "-" button for that tag.

Once you've tagged your shows, you can use them throughout the site to filter a page down to the specific set of shows matching a tag. Use them on the Calendar, the Countdown, your Show Status dashboard and the Watch List. In your preferences you are able to choose a default tag selection fro the Watch List and Calendar pages.

New is the ability to use tags in a personalized iCal or RSS feed. For the occasion, we created a new Feed Dashboard page where you can generate URLs to a variety of feeds. Like before, you can access an iCal or RSS feed with airdates for your followed shows. But new is a feed based on one or more tags, and a countdown feed listing your desired season- or show premieres. The new feeds are both available in iCal and RSS as well. The iCal feed for followed shows is open to all registered users like it has always been; the other feeds are only available to users with a Silver premium account.

To top it off, tags are now fully supported in our user-level API. Integrate tags in your own application by following the API documentation here:

We hope this'll make it even easier to track your TV addiction right here on TVmaze.

Any more thoughts or ideas, let us know in the comments!

Update blog:

Written by david at Aug 28, 2018


turbopipp posted 6 months ago

Thanks for this. I've been waiting for something like this to be able to actually utilize the tag-system again. With as many shows as I follow it got too cluttered to order it in tags or categories before.

If I may suggest an improvement as a frequent user and web designer? The personalized settings on a show page should all be gathered at one place. We are used to having the "follow/following" right below the poster image, and when I heard about this function, I instinctively looked for it near the follow button. Puzzled I started to look further down, and then I suddenly spot it way over on the other side, almost at the bottom of the page. We all have a mental image, or a cognitive map if you like, of our environments. tvmaze is such an environment, and I feel the positioning of this new function is not as expected on tvmaze.

It is not very intuitive to have the two different personalized settings that far apart. I would recommend moving it up to the poster image beside or right below the "Follow/following" button.

Jan posted 6 months ago

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback.

Check out the update blog:

sammy_hunt posted 6 months ago

I like being able to edit tags on the show page, but being unable to edit multiple shows from the same page is going backward a step, I think. I would definitely recommend further overhaul of the tag system that includes editing on the same page or bulk editing of some kind.

AdrFax posted 6 months ago

I for one noticed this update a few days ago, but didn't realize it was a new feature until now. I've been using both methods extensively throughout this week, but the sudden inability to edit from the Follows page is news to me.

As for the feature itself, it feels like a great way to mature the tagging function a bit. As I started to navigate my way around the new system, I noticed that I could tag any show regardless of follow status, which genuinely increases the value of tags across the whole site, in my opinion. On a similar note, a mild annoyance I had with the old system is that the page wouldn't recall my position or what ordering filter I set in between edits, defaulting back to the top of the list every time. Now, I don't follow that many shows, but having to either scroll down through an arbitrarily ordered list or constantly setting a filter setting that wouldn't stick made the whole experience feel like a drag when it came to doing multiple edits. Now I can just display the shows in any way I want—be it the shows tab, show status panel or watchlist—click on whatever show I want to edit, and head back right to where I was without having to lose my position or filtering customization. To me, this feels like a big win in the long run.

Jan posted 6 months ago

@brynet: thanks for the feedback. I've replied to your remarks here:

We have plans to add the functionality to the 'followed items' page.

brynet posted 6 months ago

This is very inconvenient for me, and extremely well hidden by the clutter from Ads elements. I used to edit the tags from the Follows page. Often I need to update the tags for several shows at a time, but now I'll need to do this from each shows main page, which are rarely visited after an initial follow.

I have a difficult time believing this was tested by any frequent user of this site.

Jan posted 6 months ago

@hanii, we'll take note for the next watchlist update.

Hanii posted 6 months ago

Great success! This is awesome news.

Additionally it would be nice if the tags were also shown next to the show title (or under or something) on the watchlist.

SilverSurfer posted 6 months ago

Very much like & appreciate being able to manage tags on the individual show main pages. Txs! :)

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