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Love it or List It Vancouver

bored2death97 posted 17 days ago


I figure I'll get locked out editing a large batch of stuff and likely forget later on to come back to it.
So I figured I'd message you to see if you can fix it.

Love It or List It Vancouver appears to need updating.

Up til the end of season 3 it is good, starting S04E14 it needs fixing. It appears whoever was updating this swapped from the Canadian source ( to a US version ( As the show is filmed in Canada, the Canadian source should be used. 

This link appears to be accurate with title names, the odd description, and up to date.


tnt posted 17 days ago

Well, the producing country doesn't matter in this case. If HGTV show premiered first on HGTV in the US, we use US airdates.
Refer to "Airdate owner" chapter of TVmaze policy

bored2death97 posted 16 days ago

I believe it first aired in Canada, hence the first 3 seasons following the Canadian guide. It switched to following the us system after season 4.


So either way something needs updating.

The Boys special

kkb posted a month ago


Why you've deleted the special for The Boys: ? You didn't specify the reason...

Here is that special, BTW:

tnt posted a month ago

because it is not present on amazon.
i'll add it back, but it should have a blank airdate, because it was not streamed on the main source.

Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom

tnt posted a month ago

Well, I did the search prior to adding it, and the show was not existing.

This is so annoying that the system allows this. Such a waste of time

Nivekolsen posted a month ago

We added them 6 seconds apart haha, just realised myself

Episode names

Trim3 posted a month ago

Please don't undo a very descriptive episode name to revert it back to the generic Episode 1.

Glitch Techs images

Magitroopa posted 2 months ago

Just wondering how you're getting the images in 1920×1080 for the episode images... I'm only able to get to the 341×192 through inspect element in Chrome.

tnt posted 2 months ago

From Netflix you mean? You won't get them from the show's page, it requires meddling with Netflix's API. I can send you the instructions if you want, but it requires at least basic HTML knowledge and some manual work to extract image URLs. 

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