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Created Two Persons for the Same Individual

tnt posted 16 days ago

No problem, dupe deleted :)

no images

pesky2012 posted 18 days ago

all fixed sir... sorry for the trouble

When Hope Calls

wmulder posted 2 months ago

You changed the date of the preview special, I don't know why.  The info I got is from the Hallmark press page.  A screenshot is included in the gallery of the special.


RoseRed posted 3 months ago

Hey TNT,

Can I just get a quick clarification? If the credits write "ADDITIONAL CAST" (In order of appearance) - should they be entered as Guest Stars or Co-stars? This follows actual crediting of Guest Stars. Both at the end of the episode. As always, thanks!

tnt posted 3 months ago

Well, per policy In some shows, the credits make a distinction between different kinds of starring roles, like "Special Guest Star" or "Co-Star". If this information is available it can be entered, otherwise simply leave it at the default of "Guest Star".

If they've made a distinction you can add "additional cast" separately from the regular guests. But since we do not have "additional cast" category, adding them as a default "guest stars" also won't be a mistake :)


Alastor posted 4 months ago


No, I did not mean the show you linked me to. I made a mistake linking to the wrong official site?

The show I am referring to is and and so IDK why it was rejected unless all three sites are wrong and you are right? I guess it can happen mind you.

tnt posted 4 months ago

Here's the official site link you gave, and we have this show. Hence was my question, because sometimes the same show is known under a different names in different countries.

IMDb link you provided is for the documentary movie, not a series. And TVDb episode names are exactly the same as in the show we have. So "Living Universe" is the same series as "Search for Second Earth".

Alastor posted 4 months ago

Okay, thanks.

tnt posted 4 months ago

Sure :)

I've added AKA to the series, so now it could be found by both names.

Alastor posted 4 months ago

Thank you for that :)