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My Edit Requests

tvjjbj12 posted 9 days ago

Thanks for handling my two Edit Requests. For the two Cory Booker bios, how did you transfer his appearances in show episodes from the one to be deleted to the other bio? Did you have to go into each episode and add the retained bio to each episode? Or is there an edit tool you have as a Curator that might simplify the process?


tnt posted 8 days ago

Trusted contributors and above have access to "Merge" tool, which basically merges two person records, including all appearances, images, AKAs and so on...

Mad About You

SilverSurfer posted 11 days ago

Is there a reason you created the revival as a new series? I assumed it would be handled like Roseanne; Will & Grace; Murphy Brown et al?

SilverSurfer posted 10 days ago

OK, but it is still a continuation of the original series with some original cast & crew and same storyline. Your call but I can't see it being listed as a separate series.

SilverSurfer posted 10 days ago

Thanks or link, just saw it was also brought up in Edit Requests.

Help is needed

tnt posted a month ago

Sure, no problem. All episodes are added :)

However I would recommend to use the thread for such matters, because I'm not always here, but somebody else usually are, so it could be more effective to ask a general public :)

Counterpart - Episode Twin Cities

pentar posted a month ago

I noticed you created Prime characters for Volker and Ilse, but not for any of the others. Did you have second thoughts?

tnt posted a month ago

Did you noticed, that they the only ones played by different actors, twins? :)

pentar posted a month ago

I did not notice that, interesting. I wonder if those actors were chosen to save some money in the budget? :)

tnt posted a month ago

Probably :) I wonder why they didn't do that from the start, there's enough twin actors out there.

Alfred the Great

wmulder posted a month ago

He was given the epithet "the Great" during and after the Reformation in the sixteenth century.

tnt posted a month ago

Then go ahead and fix it.