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Ratings Roundup for the Week of November 6, 2022


ABC made some interesting scheduling announcements last week. In a press release touting the mid-winter premiere schedule, the network stated the next season of A Million Little Things will be its last. No real surprise, the show has never been a ratings powerhouse. In a vote of no-confidence, the network also announced that The Wonder Years would be pushed off to the summer. Alaska Daily was preempted to showcase the new drama Reasonable Doubt, which is running on Hulu. Not a good sign for Alaska Daily fans. If there's any consolation, the preview lost almost a million viewers compared to Alaska Daily in the same slot. The CMA Awards pulled in good numbers for the network, but those figures were down compared to last year. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
The 56th Annual CMA Awards1.057.6 
College Football1.014.4 
The Bachelor in Paradise (Monday)0.552.5 
ABC News: The Midterm Elections 20220.543.3 
Grey's Anatomy0.513.7 
Station 190.504.0 
America's Funniest Home Videos0.474.5 
Shark Tank0.413.4 
Celebrity Jeopardy!0.383.5 
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune0.383.3 
The Rookie0.313.0 
Reasonable Doubt0.231.8Import (will air on Hulu)
On the Road to the CMA Awards0.171.4 

CBS enjoyed an NFL overrun that made up for the fact the network ran mostly repeats last week. Young Sheldon and Ghosts were both up last week. Young Sheldon picked up two hundred thousand viewers. Ghosts gained five hundred thousand additional viewers. East New York lost almost a million viewers last week. So Help Me Todd picked up five hundred thousand sets of eyeballs. CSI: Vegas managed to scrape up an additional three hundred thousand viewers last week, not sure if that will be enough to earn the show another season, however. It is still the lowest-rated scripted show on the network. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
NFL Overrun5.0120.2 
60 Minutes1.5510.7 
FBI (Sunday)0.636.9 
Young Sheldon0.577.1Renewed
East New York0.404.9 
America Decides: Campaign 20220.402.6 
The Amazing Race0.392.9 
The Neighborhood (rerun)0.373.8 
NCIS: Los Angeles0.353.6 
So Help Me Todd0.294.4 
Bob (Hearts) Abishola (rerun)0.283.4 
CSI: Vegas0.263.4 
Blue Bloods (rerun)0.243.2 
NCIS: Hawai'i (rerun)0.233.2 
48 Hours0.232.7 
NCIS (rerun)0.223.8 
The Greatest #AtHome Thanks & Giving Videos0.212.9 
Fire Country (rerun)0.212.7 
NCIS: Los Angeles (rerun)0.212.1 
The Equaliser (rerun)0.212.0 
FBI Most Wanted (rerun)0.171.7 

NBC's experiment with running a comedy block on Friday seems to be hurting more than helping. Lopez vs Lopez lost five hundred thousand viewers off its series premiere. Young Rock also dropped five hundred thousand viewers. Neither show was on a solid ratings footing anyway, and even with the Friday night grace, those were poor numbers. It might just be the final nail for both shows. Quantum Leap picked up three hundred thousand viewers. At this rate, it will likely scrape a second season. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
NFL Football4.7617.7 
Football Night In America1.746.8 
The Voice (Monday)0.645.9 
Chicago Fire0.636.2Renewed
Decision 2022: The Balance of Power0.633.1 
Chicago Med0.586.0Renewed
Chicago PD0.534.7Renewed
Law & Order: SVU0.514.1 
Law & Order0.444.1 
Law & Order: Organised Crime0.413.0 
Quantum Leap0.402.6 
Dateline (Friday)0.312.3 
Dateline (Saturday) (rerun)0.312.3 
Lopez vs Lopez0.212.0 
Password (rerun)0.201.8 
Young Rock0.201.3 

FOX experimented with not running its normal Sunday night animation block last week, choosing instead to go with a repeat of The Masked Singer and a bonus episode of LEGO Masters. Interestingly, it may have paid off. The repeat of The Masked Singer picked up a million more viewers compared to non-NFL-boosted episodes of The Simpsons and The Great North in the same time slot. LEGO Masters also did slightly better than Bob's Burgers and Family Guy. Call Me Kat returned after the World Series break, down three hundred thousand viewers it couldn't afford. Monarch and Welcome To Flatch returned down another one hundred thousand viewers each. By rights, all three should be cancelled, though Call Me Kat might squeak another season. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
College Football0.712.5 
The Masked Singer0.563.2 
The Masked Singer (rerun)0.512.8 
WWE Smackdown0.512.1 
Hell's Kitchen0.421.9 
The Resident0.353.0 
The Cleaning Lady0.302.4 
LEGO Masters (Sunday)0.281.1 
LEGO Masters0.261.1 
Call Me Kat0.221.1 
Welcome To Flatch0.190.8 

The CW didn't drop any bombshells last week to the relief of the fans of its shows. Surprisingly, after all of the drama, the CW viewership did hold steady. If the NexStar execs were expecting a mass exodus of viewers, they got a bit of a surprise. Walker picked up one hundred thousand viewers to take the top spot on the ratings chart. Walker: Independence, All American, and All American: Homecoming were all steady, not sure that will matter, though. Criss Angel: Magic with the Stars was also even with the previous week, but with those numbers and the current climate, it's probably done regardless. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
Penn & Teller: Fool Us0.080.7 
DC's Stargirl0.080.5Cancelled
Whose Line Is It Anyway?0.050.5Cancelled
Walker: Independence0.050.5 
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (rerun)0.050.5 
All American0.140.4 
All American: Homecoming0.100.4 
Kung Fu0.050.4 
World's Funniest Animals0.040.4 
World's Funniest Animals0.040.4 
Family Law0.070.3Import
Professionals (rerun)0.040.3Import
The Winchesters (rerun)0.050.3 
Criss Angel: Magic with the Stars0.040.3 

Several shows have wrapped for the fall season and are now on hiatus until January. Holiday programming will start taking over the schedules in a couple of weeks. How did your favorite shows do through the first half of the season?

Written by LadyShelley on Nov 14, 2022


LadyShelley posted 19 days ago

@CostaDax wrote:
I'm glad Quantum Leap is doing okay. 😊

I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say okay, but it's doing well enough, probably. It has about half the audience as the Chicago shows and the Law & Order shows, but it's also the only scripted drama, other than The Blacklist and La Brea, on the network that isn't part of a franchise. Compared to those two shows, it's about even. 

CostaDax posted 19 days ago

@RoseRed wrote:

Quantum Leap picked up three hundred thousand viewers. At this rate, it will likely scrape a second season.

I'm glad Quantum Leap is doing okay. 😊

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