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Ratings Roundup for the Week of May 14, 2023


ABC wrapped the last of its regular season shows last week. Station 19 ended its season, up two hundred thousand viewers. Grey's Anatomy wrapped up even with the previous week. So far, there's still no word on the future of The Rookie: Feds or Home Economics. Networks love their franchises, so The Rookie: Feds would seem to be a renewal no-brainer. Home Economics is in its third season and third season shows are usually a lock for an automatic renewal. However, the series ran two short seasons so it's nowhere near syndication territory to justify the automatic renewal. It's also one of the lowest-rated comedies for the network. Two strikes may be enough to call this one out. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
American Idol (Sunday)0.926.3Renewed
America's Funniest Home Videos0.734.5Renewed
Jeopardy! Masters (Monday)0.665.8 
Jeopardy! Masters (Tuesday)0.595.6 
Jeopardy! Masters (Wednesday)0.505.7 
Station 19 (finale)0.463.7Renewed
Grey's Anatomy (finale)0.433.0Renewed
Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune (rerun)0.403.2 
American Idol (clip show)0.332.7 
Shark Tank (finale)0.313.2Renewed
The Game Show Show0.282.1 
Judge Steve Harvey0.272.5Renewed
Celebrity Family Feud (rerun)0.221.8 
20/20 (Friday)0.191.6Renewed

CBS wrapped about half of its current schedule last week. Young Sheldon closed out its season, up three hundred thousand viewers. The Friday lineup finished up for the week as well. SWAT and Fire Country were both up two hundred thousand viewers. Blue Bloods picked up four hundred thousand viewers for its season finale. East New York closed out its only season, down three hundred thousand viewers. True Lies found an additional one hundred thousand viewers for its final bow. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
Young Sheldon0.606.9Renewed
Young Sheldon (finale)0.577.0 
The Neighborhood0.534.9Renewed
60 Minutes0.426.7Renewed
The Equaliser0.406.0Renewed
FBI: International0.405.5Renewed
Bob (Hearts) Abishola0.384.3Renewed
FBI: Most Wanted0.375.0Renewed
NCIS: Hawai'i0.344.9Renewed
Blue Bloods (finale)0.335.6Renewed
Fire Country (finale)0.315.2Renewed
SWAT (finale)0.314.5Renewed (final season)
So Help Me Todd (finale)0.314.4Renewed
East New York (finale)0.304.7Cancelled
NCIS: Los Angeles0.254.1Cancelled
True Lies (finale)0.222.0Cancelled
CSI: Vegas (finale)0.192.8Renewed

NBC wrapped everything except the One Chicago shows last week. Law & Order wrapped its season, up one hundred thousand viewers. SVU was up two hundred thousand viewers. Law & Order: Organised Crime ended the season down five hundred thousand viewers. The Blacklist will limp into summer even with the previous week. No word yet on the future of American Auto, Grand Crew, or Young Rock. At least one of the three will be cancelled. Grand Crew is the most likely target for cancelled. It barely scraped a million viewers for its last few episodes. American Auto was the highest-rated of the three and the most likely to be renewed if any of the three manage to survive.

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
The Voice (Monday)0.555.6Renewed
Chicago Fire0.496.0Renewed
Chicago Med0.475.6Renewed
Chicago PD0.464.9Renewed
Law & Order: SVU (finale)0.444.4Renewed
Law & Order: Organised Crime (finale)0.414.0Renewed
Law & Order (finale)0.374.0Renewed
That's My Jam (clip show) (finale)0.332.3Cancelled
Dateline (Friday)0.292.6Renewed
The Wall0.221.7Renewed
Night Court (rerun)0.211.7Renewed
Dateline Sunday (rerun)0.202.3 
Weakest Link0.201.7 
That's My Jam (rerun)0.201.5 
Night Court (rerun)0.191.2 
The Blacklist0.151.7Final Season
Magnum PI (rerun)0.141.7Renewed

FOX wrapped most of its schedule last week. 9-1-1 closed out its last season on FOX, down two hundred thousand viewers. 9-1-1: Lone Star finished its season, down one hundred thousand viewers. The network is still hanging fire on a decision about Welcome to Flatch. The show has never had much in the way of ratings, chances are it will be quietly shuffled off over the summer. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
9-1-1 (finale)0.554.3Cancelled (moving to ABC)
The Masked Singer (finale)0.553.7Renewed
WWE Smackdown0.502.0 
9-1-1: Lone Star (finale)0.403.3Renewed
Farmer Wants A Wife (finale)0.282.2Renewed
TMZ Investigates: Brittany Spears The Price Of Freedom0.241.2 
The Simpsons0.220.8Renewed
Bob's Burgers0.210.7Renewed
The Great North0.170.6Renewed
Alert: Missing Persons Unit (rerun)0.130.8Renewed
Animal Control (rerun)0.130.6 
Animal Control (rerun)0.120.6Renewed
Next Level Chef (rerun)0.090.4 

The CW's new owners made no bones of the fact they will be taking total control of the network next season. Only two scripted dramas currently airing were renewed, All American and Walker. Interestingly, the network seems to have reversed course with Whose Line Is It, Anyway. Several cast members posted on social media that the improv series would end this season. However, when the fall 2023 season was announced, Whose Line was in its regular Friday night slot. The network also pulled the plug on a number of pilots it had in the pipe and has yet to make decisions regarding All America: Homecoming, Gotham Knights, or Superman & Lois

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
Whose Line Is It Anyway (rerun)0.400.2 
The Flash0.100.5Final Season
All American (finale)0.090.4Renewed
Penn & Teller: Fool Us (rerun)0.060.5Renewed
Whose Line Is It Anyway0.060.5Renewed
The Great American Joke-Off0.050.3Cancelled
Riverdale0.050.2Final Season
Superman & Lois (rerun)0.040.3 
The Flash (rerun)0.040.2 
The Great American Joke-Off (rerun)0.030.2 
Gotham Knights (rerun)0.030.2 
Walker (rerun)0.020.3Renewed
100 Days to Indy0.020.1 
100 Days to Indy (rerun)0.010.09 

One more week left in the 2022-23 season! How did your favorites shows do this season? 

The writer's strike is entering week four. So far, the two sides have not returned to the table to start working out a new contract. 

The Director's Guild began negotiating their latest contract a few weeks ago, and SAG-AFTRA starts its negotiations on June 7.  

All three guilds intend to renegotiate for improved residual percentages for streaming content. In addition, each guild also has specific requirements to work out with the AMPTP. 

The WGA wants to ensure there are guide rails in place for dealing with AI-created content. It also was to improve working conditions for writers in general with the end of mini-writers rooms, require a minimum number of writers on set, and shortened exclusivity contracts. The guild is also looking for pay increases across the board for writers at all levels and showrunners. 

The DGA is seeking improved pay in addition to better streaming residuals. The guild also wants improved set safety, more transparency from entertainment conglomerates, and support for health and pension plans. Unlike the WGA and SAG, the DGA does not have a history of picketing. However, with so much content now moving to a global stage, the DGA may feel the only way to protect its members is with a strike. 

SAG-AFTRA also plans to negotiate for improved pay along with a rebalancing of streaming residuals. The guild is also concerned about generative AI and its effect on actors in general. The guild also wants an end to self-tape auditions. The process was put in place as a COVID measure, but most studios now demand self-tapes which require actors of all levels to pay casting costs previously covered by the production. The SAG-AFTRA Board voted unanimously to ask its member to vote on a strike authorisation before it begins negotiations on June 7. 

Current contracts for the DGA and SAG-AFTRA expire on June 30. 

Written by LadyShelley on May 22, 2023


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