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AKA Start at the Beginning

Jessica is drowning her guilt over killing Killgrave in alcohol and meaningless cases. Trish insists on digging up Jessica's past to learn more about IGH, and a client who IGH experimented on comes to Jessica asking for help. Meanwhile, Jeri gets some disturbing news and a rival detective firm offers to buy Alias Investigations out.

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By Gadfly on Mar 17, 2018

A pizza delivery man, Rafi, takes an order to a house and kisses the woman who answers the door. Jessica takes photos of them as they have sex, and then gives them to the manager of the pizza shop, Maeve, who was having sex with him. The PI doesn't care and asks for her money, just as Rafi returns. Once Ravi leaves, Maeve says that she wants Jessica to kill Rafi because she's a superhero vigilante who . Jessica refuses even though Maeve triples her fee, and Jessica calls Rafi over. She tells him…

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slybrook posted 4 years ago

"if a door won't stay closed, build a stronger door"

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