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AKA Start at the Beginning Recap

A pizza delivery man, Rafi, takes an order to a house and kisses the woman who answers the door. Jessica takes photos of them as they have sex, and then gives them to the manager of the pizza shop, Maeve, who was having sex with him. The PI doesn't care and asks for her money, just as Rafi returns. Once Ravi leaves, Maeve says that she wants Jessica to kill Rafi because she's a superhero vigilante who . Jessica refuses even though Maeve triples her fee, and Jessica calls Rafi over. She tells him that Maeve wants him killed and shows him the photos, and Rafi complains that Maeve is screwed up. He storms out and Jessica tells Maeve that she's not a killer. When Maeve complains, Jessica insists that she doesn't kill people because she's not a murder, and walks out.

Trish is singing the song from her childhood song at a girl's birthday party as the men look on. She quickly ends the song and the girls' fathers--Ash and Kyle--want her to sing an encore. Trish says that she just wants the file, and Kyle gives her the file from the hospital. Ash warns that Kyle could be sued or violated, and says that it's all that he could find. As Trish leaves, she calls Jessica and asks where she is.

Later, Trish goes to Jessica's office while a man in a car secretly follows her. When she goes in, the man parks. Meanwhile, Trish finds Jessica on the roof watching an old movie. She sits down with her friend and asks if anyone got hurt on her most recent case. Jessica complains that the super-vigilante gossip keeps coming at her, and Trish insists that she has to champion tolerance. She says that Jessica can't move past it until she faces it, and figures that there's more to it than Kilgrave. Trish tells Jessica that she's missing 20 days 17 years ago after the accident. Jessica was brought into the ER but wasn't assigned a bed until 20 days later. Trish figures that IGH did something to Jessica during then, and admits that she sang at Kyle's birthday party to get the file. Jessica insists that she's recovering, but Trish points out that she's covering up her pain with meaningless cases and meaningless sex. She offers to expose IGH, starting with Koslov, but Jessica insists that she can't change the past and will deal with it on her own. She goes downstairs, locking the rooftop door behind her so that Trish can't follow her.

The next morning, Jessica is sleeping when Malcolm knocks at her door. He finally comes in and tells her that her first meeting is in ten minutes. Jessica meets with various clients, including one who thinks that he's a superhero, the Whizzer. He explains that he can only speed when he's afraid, and Jessica sends him and the others on the way. Malcolm suggests that they take one case about finding an adopted son. Jessica refuses, saying that a good PI focuses on the job and the money. Her two o'clock, Pryce Chang of Chang Consulting, comes in. he says that having a power person on staff could bring in clients so she wants to absorb Alias Investigations. Jessica refuses and Pryce says that he doesn't want her siphoning off his clients. She orders him out and Jessica says that he's going to make her realize that working for him is the best option.

Once Pryce leaves, Jessica warns Malcolm that Pryce has the resources to put them out of business. She says that she has a new pro bono case--herself--and leaves. As she goes down the stairs, she finds a family moving in. The new super, Oscar Arocho, introduces himself and says that they're new there. he and his family go to work moving things, and Jessica finally picks up his refrigerator and moves it for him so she can continue on. Oscar's son Vido tells his aunt and uncles that Jessica is the "vigilante superhero".

Jeri is accepting an award from her fellow female lawyers. Afterward, she discusses settling with her partners Linda Chao and Steven Benowitz because a former assistant is suing Jeri--and the firm--for sexual harassment. Jeri refuses to settle, but her partners say that they're going to settle.

On Trish Talk, Trish is concluding her show and afterward meets with manager, Ian. She figures that the ratings are down and that's why he's there. Ian tells her to get Jessica in but Trish insists that she won't force her on it. He says that they need new interviews with the super population, and suggests that she go back to her lifestyle format. Trish refuses to live her past and wants to make a difference, Ian points at the screen which is running a show by columnist Griffin Sinclair, says that he loves him, and leaves.

Jessica runs surveillance on Pryce to get something on him she can use to keep him away. Pryce spots her and waves to her, and Jessica gives him the finger.

Back at Alias Investigations, Malcolm is repairing the office while Trish waits. When Jessica comes in, she complains about Pryce being smug. Trish says that she dropped by to show her something Jessica left in her storage unit 17 years ago. When Jessica sees her family's ashes inside, she backs away. Trish says that it's time. Malcolm leaves and Trish says that they have to bring down IGH in case they're still experimenting on someone else. She tells Jessica that she'd be scared to have a hole in her memories, and asks her friend to get her records. Jessica says that she remembers the accident and waking up alone, and begs Trish not to cut her out so she can forget it. Trish agrees to put the ashes back, but Jessica tells her to leave them.

Trish gets in her car and drives off. The man following her watches from the shadows.

That night, Jessica goes over the photos that she took of Pryce and the people he met with. She finally takes out the three boxes with her family's ashes, pours herself a drink, and drinks a toast to not missing them some day. She dozes off and dreams of the accident, and wakes up the next morning as Malcolm comes in. He has a package that a messenger dropped off from Chang Consulting. Whizzer shows up at the door and says she has to help him because they're trying to kill him, and Jessica slams the door in his face. She goes through the package and tells Malcolm that it's Pryce's full life story. There's also a note saying that he's an open book, and figures that Pryce stole one of their prospective clients from them. Jessica then brings up an article on Pryce's client and his "No Pup Left Behind" program.

That night, Jessica comes into Pryce's office where he's with the client. She has the client's dog Felipe with him, and says that his ex-wife had him even though the client got him in the custody hearing. Pryce says that he couldn't get the boyfriend to see if she had him, and Jessica admits that she broke-and-entered to get Felipe. She gives the client her card and starts to leave. Pryce stops her and says that he can take her, and knows that she's an alcoholic who went through jobs until she became a PI, then met Kilgrave and killed him. Jessica throws Pryce on the floor and tells him to stay away from her clients. He tries to tase her but Jessica shrugs it off and throws him through the glass door. When Pryce tells her that she blames her family for dying, she punches him. He comes at her and Jessica knocks her down and considers hitting him, but then stops. Pryce tells her that she's the weakest human being that he's ever met.

Pryce has the police arrest Jessica. After Trish bails her out, Jessica leaves the court room and finds Trish waiting for her. Jessica sits down with her and admits that she got probation and court-ordered anger management. She talks about how she loses her family every time she wakes up from dreaming about them, and now they're back. Jessica wonders if facing it makes her worse after she's already killed someone, and wonders if IGH turned her into a killer. Griffin--Trish's boyfriend--comes over and asks if there's anything he can do, but Jessica isn't interested. Trish admits that they were going to a charity fundraiser when Jessica got arrested. Two of Griffin's fans come over and he turns to talk to them, and Jessica tells Trish to stop or stay away.

At the fundraiser, Trish checks her phone and confirms Trish hasn't called. Griffin says that he can relate because he had his own issues to work out just like Jessica does. He wonders if Trish's story is newsworthy, and tells her that if she wants to do the news then the story has to be her best friend. Trish looks out the window and catches a glimpse of the man following her: Will Simpson He disappears into the crowd.

The next morning, Jeri's assistant tells her that he couldn't reschedule her doctor's appointment. Pryce arrives and figures that Jessica turned down his proposal. Jeri admits that she tried to hire Jessica through him because they had a falling out. Pryce wants to hire Jeri to sue Jessica, and Jeri warns that Jessica has no money to take. Unimpressed, Pryce wants to put her out of business and Jeri invites him to sit down and describe how he was injured.

Jessica returns to her office and Whizzer comes up behind her. He draws a gun on her and insists that someone is trying to kill him. He needs her to protect him from something fast and strong out there, and insists that someone wants people like them dead. Whizzer talks about the people who made him, and says that they've made something worse and it's coming from him. Jessica kicks a chair into him, and Whizzer speeds around the apartment to avoid her. he throws one of the boxes with her family's ashes at her, and it breaks open. Her brother's ashes rain down and Whizzer runs off. Jessica goes out the window and jumps down in front of Whizzer, and asks if IGH altered him. Whizzer runs off and Jessica follows him, and scaffolding collapses on him. Jessica digs through the debris and finds Whizzer's corpse, a rebar through his chest. Oscar and Vido are among the bystanders, and Oscar shields his son's eyes from the corpse.

Jeri meets with Dr. Zakarian, who tells her that she's having more than muscle cramps.

That night, Jessica goes back to her office. When Malcolm comes in, she admits that she should have buried them. Malcolm says that he'll take care of the ashes and starts scooping them up, and Jessica talks about Whizzer. She repeats what Whizzer said something trying to kill him, and figures that the "monster" killed him. Jessica checks his medication and realizes that someone sent him to them, and point out that there's no prescribing doctor or pharmacy listing. The manufacturer, Salento, is listed, and she has Malcolm find out that their local distributor is Industrial Garments and Handling.

Jessica goes to their address, figuring that it's a cover and breaks into the building. The place is long-abandoned, and Jessica takes photos of the medical equipment that she finds. Searching further, Jessica finds a hallway that she vaguely remembers being taken down as a child. It leads to a lab and a lab table, and she remembers being strapped to it and experimented on. Jessica also remembers some deformed man, and figures that they were all "created" there.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 17, 2018

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