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After years of training, Kate Kane returns to Gotham to become a member of her father Jacob's security team, the Crows. Batman disappeared three years ago, and Gotham is just now beginning to adjust to his absence. When the Wonderland Gang abducts Kate's former lover Sophie, Kate discovers a secret about her cousin Bruce that will change her life... and the lives of everyone in Gotham.

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By Gadfly on Oct 7, 2019

The Past A young girl dives beneath the ice and swims in the waters below. She finds a key and removes the manacles from her ankle, and sees someone shove a covering over the hole in the ice. As she fights to break the ice, the young girl remembers being in a car crash with her mother and her sister Beth. The girl, Kate Kane, remembers Batman abandoning her and her friend, and the car going off the edge of a bridge. Kate breaks the ice and climbs out, gasping for breath. When Kate returns…

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Episode Discussion

pithawg posted 4 years ago

Ditto, Luke Fox is not to bad and Alice is great, the other cast should find their place quickly b4 it is cancelled.

Avoozl posted 4 years ago

Uhh, no. This was really bad. Based just on this episode I'm dead certain there won't be a second season. Let's see if this shaky start stabilises.

casper1701e posted 4 years ago

Yeah...not impressed. Bad casting choice and back story on the lead character. I do like the step sister and the guy at Wayne Enterprises, not much else.

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