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The Rabbit Hole

Kate believes that she has found Beth, but Jacob insists that his other daughter is dead. Dodgson goes after Mary, and a third party tries to get hold of Alice's knife and the DNA which can identify its owner.

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By Gadfly on Oct 14, 2019

Kate talks about how Beth wasn't found in the car with her mother, and as long as there was no body, there was hope. The searchers never found Beth's body, and Kate and Jacob continued searching. Kate figures that Jacob is looking for someone else. Jacob tells the Crows about how Alice is a lunatic and Dodgson is traitor. Now they're undermining the Crows to terrorize the citizens of Gotham. He tells his men to stop them dead or alive. Two Wonderland Gang members firebomb a Crow hummer. Ba…

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Episode Discussion

Calero posted 2 years ago

Can this show sustain itself on Mary's likability and Alice's Joker impression. Guess we're going to find out because that is ALL they're offering.

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

I need to quit this, worst superhero show I have watched in quite some time.

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