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El Jefe

Thirty years after his battle with the Deadites, Ash works as a stockboy at ValueStop. However, when he inadvertently recites a verse from the Necronomicon, Ash brings back the evil... and he's not the only one that the Deadites want.

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By Gadfly on Nov 1, 2015

At a trailer in a park in Michigan, the one-handed man known as Ash straps on... his corset. He admires himself in the mirror, puts on some cologne, dances briefly, grabs his artificial wooden hand, and heads out to the Woodsman Bar. Ash goes to the bar and the bartender tells him that they’re closing in ten minutes. He orders a drink for the woman and tries to hit on her, talking about his wooden hand. He claims that he saved an 8-year-old-boy from a speeding train and lost his hand that way, a…

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Episode Discussion

WaspCorp posted 3 years ago

Don't change a winning team and thats definitely a groovy way to kick off the series and celebrate Halloween ! Great spin-off of the 1981 cult classic and its sequels. Everything about this episode is so spot on, from the acting performances, soundtrack to the practical FX and references. You can tell Raimi and Campbell were there every step of the way and you gotta give them credit for expanding on the concept while remaining faithful and genuine to the spirit of the original. Listening to Deep Purple's Space Truckin' has never felt so good ! Highly recommended

Ethlenn posted 4 years ago

One of the funniest shows out there!

kittymom411473 posted 4 years ago

episode aired on 10-31 not 10 - 30

rameezasif posted 4 years ago

It was a fun episode to be honest, wasnt expecting though :P

jimj posted 4 years ago

This series is going to be good for a laugh. Bruce hasn't lost his touch for being funny with his antics and 1 liners. The cast works very well together.

JuanArango posted 4 years ago

What a fun start, glad to hear that the second season is already greenlit!

gjuniorX posted 4 years ago

Yeah not disappointed at all,this show is great,,,it was GROOVY!!

everdeen posted 4 years ago

Wow, what a good pilot episode for Evil Dead fans. And the charmy Ash is back with his wonderfully cheesy one-liners that only Bruce Campbell can deliver. Loved every second of it!

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