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Fight or Flight

Supergirl faces her first non-alien nemesis when one of her cousin's enemies--the nuclear-powered Reactron--comes looking to kill her. Meanwhile, Cat runs a derogatory exposé on Supergirl after interviewing the superhero.

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By Gadfly on Nov 10, 2015

After Supergirl drops off Cat's limo, Cat points out that she named the heroine Supergirl. She takes out a recorder and asks where she's from. Supergirl gives her origin and Cat confirms that her powers are the same as Superman's. She wonders why they're just hearing from her now and Supergirl says that she had to be ready. Cat asks if she plans to start a family, and Supergirl admits that Superman is her cousin. She flies off as Cat asks if she has a day job. The next day, Kara is having bre…

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Episode Discussion

Thogek posted 5 years ago

Anyone else wishing that someone had pointed out that Kara's burst of anger over James calling for backup wasn't exactly consistent with her previous speech about being "stronger together" and knowing when to ask for help?

At least she later seemed to realize that she was wrong. Just seemed like an obvious [in]consistency that James or someone could have been raised at the time.

Oh, that, and the show's fight-scene choreography needs some serious work. But still hoping that it finds its feet soon...

SilverSurfer posted 5 years ago

Anyone else getting tired of the Cat Grant character being too far over the top? Time to dial it down a notch or two Calista.

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