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Bound in Flesh

After dealing with the Necronomicon's newest evil, Ash sends Pablo and Kelly to take the hikers to safety while he disposes of the body. While they meet with Ruby, Ash learns that his plan may not do what he hoped.

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By Gadfly on Dec 27, 2015

Pablo and Kelly stare at Amanda’s corpse in the cabin’s living room and wonder what is going on. The door slams shut behind them and they hear sounds of a struggle from the next room. Going in, they find Ash struggling with his evil twin, Hand-Ash. Pablo and Kelly fire into the air, and both Ashes stop. , They both insist that they’re the real one and the other one killed Amanda. They both know things that 0nly the real Ash would know. One Ash finally says to shoot them both, and Pablo and Kelly…

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